Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day!

I was reading my favorite blogs this morning, and Peg at Straight Up - No Chaser was talking about the movie Ground Hog Day.  I personally love this movie, I've seen it a million times!  Love Bill Murray in this type roll (not these dry/humorless/dramatic roles he seems to think are good for him now).  Anyway, Peg asked the question, if you could relive a day over and over, what day would you pick?

So it got me really thinking.  And I started to reminisce about some really good times we've had as a family, and just the two of us, and then just me alone.

First thing I realized was that there were not very many 'great' days of just me alone.  Big eye opener!  Because I always relish the time I spend alone, just quilting, or watching old movies, or baking, or whatever.  But I realized those are just nice times, within a day filled with other people.  Yeah, I like my quiet-alone time, but could I do that 'all' the time.....no!  I need people around; not a crowd, cuz I don't like chaos, but a few will do.

Then my hubby walked in, and I told him what the blog was about, and I said, "remember that 4th of July....." and he instantly knew which one I meant!  I was a really GREAT day for us both!  It was back in 1985, in San Diego, at the beach on the base, and it was a big Navy Family Day.  The kids were 7, 9, and 11 then.  There were grills going all day long with hot dogs and burgers, the kids could run around and play in the water all day, eat when they wanted, tons of fun, and at the end, all 5 of us were laying on the beach, snuggled under a blanket, and the fireworks was going off directly over us!  It was perfect.....almost unbelievable, like in the movies where it all looks too picture-perfect and everyone is way too happy.....but it WAS perfect, and really memorable.  And I loved that my hubby thought the same thing!

Then I realized that we had a lot of really great days like that!  A lot were on vacations, so I could pinpoint the exact day, like at the Grand Canyon, or the reunion in Seattle, but when I really started thinking about it, we've had more good days than anything else!

Oh sure, we've had some really awful days, like when my FIL passed away a few years ago.  Or when my hubby was diagnosed with prostate cancer 2 years ago.  (He's totally cured, by the way!  Yippee!)  But when I think about it, there have been very few awful days.  Mostly good!

And it got me thinking about how everyone looks at January 1st as the day to make resolutions.....things they want to do, things they want to change, new habits to form, get rid of stuff.....all of it!  And it's all with the intent to 'improve' things in their life.

And I looked at my own life and thought.....does it need improving?  I think I'm pretty content.

Oh sure, we don't have tons of money to burn like a lot of our friends.....I still wash out zip lock bags to reuse until they're dead, and hound my hubby to turn off lights, and the heat is waaaay down and we're in lots of layers.  But there's enough food in this house to last until June, and we both have part time jobs to supplement the Navy retirement, and our kids don't hate us, and they don't live with us, and I lost 2 pounds this week.

So I'm sitting here, February 1st, thinking that if I had to relive a day over and over.....it could be any of the last few days.....I got to quilt, hubby and I watched a few movies together, we made Mexican food, it's snowing and beautiful out......yeah.....I could relive these days.....life is good!

Have a Happy Groundhog Day!



  1. Regan, you really made me LOL! Your kids don't live with you - Yay! My generation has been called helicopter parents and I can totally see why. But maybe our goal should just be that our kids don't live with us beyond young adulthood. Good for me to think about as my youngest is finishing up high school and looking at colleges. Glad "life is good" - it usually is here, too!

  2. Thoughtful thoughts!! I remember a day several years ago just before Christmas....my husband and I were shopping at the mall(he hates to shop!), holding hands, just being together...had a bit of lunch, went to a movie --- just a simple pleasure day together. I'd relive that day!

  3. What a sweet post! Life is good!!

  4. Thanks, Regan. Your post today really spoke to me and make me smile and gave me a happy feeling inside. We're the same way at our house. Not that many "great" days and not that many "terrible" days and I'd gladly relive any of the others over and over again. Lane

  5. What a fantastic post!! What you've said is so wonderful! It's the ability to find the joy in simple things. We do the same too! it's a rare day that goes by that either me or my partner dont say how blessed we are in some way or another.

  6. Hey I'm back up and running - verizon hell is over! I'm glad you have so many good days. Me too (not counting this past week of course)
    Hubby and I have been talking about this all week. We keept thinking of different things and it's been fun. Glad you enjoyed it.

    And hey how nice is that get up in the basement? Now I feel guilty - all this sitting at my desk working and sneaking in the blogging.