Thursday, October 17, 2013

A show and a finished top!

My friend, Pat, and I were at the Cocheco Quilters Guild show last weekend.  It's one of our favorite shows in the year, and these gals have been doing a show annually for 32 years!  Wow!  Amazing talent and energy from this group!

Here are just a few of my favorites.......

"Bigger Baltimore" by Carol Barstow.   This quilt was first shown at a previous show, and now was the backdrop to the admissions table!  Love it!

 "Butterfly's Delight!" by Betty Jo Quinn.

 "Pot Holder Quilt" by Lynette McCreary.

 "Here Comes the Bride" by Susan Copp-Silva.

 I didn't get the label on this one.....but I love how graphic it is!

 "Prairie Flower" by Patience Dixon.

 Again, I didn't get the label.  The quilting was done in a woodgrain pattern.....very effective.  I'm not usually a modern gal, but I love this!

 "Imperfect Beauty" by Gladi Porsche.    Absolutely stunning.....and the hand quilting was perfection!

 "Mary's Glacier Star Quilt" by Nancy Starks-Cheney.

 "Glorified Nine Patch" by Havrilla Stephens.     Gorgeous!

 "Transition and Union" by Mitzi Horne.

 "Tropical Dream" by Penny St. Cyr.  The wall hanging was made with all the left over scraps!  Awesome!

 "Twentieth Maine Dedication Quilt" by Louise Ford.

 "Freedom Rings" by Havrilla Stephens.

 "1930's Remembered" by Patricia Howlin.

 "Labyrinth Walk" by Debbie Shepard.

 "Baskets in the Briars" by Susan Copp-Silva.

 "Going Dotty" by Nancy Henry.

 "Civil War Tribute" by Cindy McKenna.

 "My Quilting Journey" by Lorraine Hall.  A signature quilt, with names of local, national and international quilters she has taken classes from or worked with in her 25 years of quilting.  Awesome!

 "Trio of Doll Quilts #2:  Four Patch" by Gladi Porsche.

 "Trio of Doll Quilts #2: Hexagon Fun" by Gladi Porsche.

 "Trio of Doll Quilts #2: Charmed Circles" by Gladi Porsche.

And just in case you thought I've been just sitting around doing nothing.......I finished putting together my red and white tumblers top!  Woohoo!  It was my leader/ender project for the last couple of quilts, but it was time to focus on it......and I love how it turned out!  AND I managed to use up a BUNCH of reds and whites that were in the way!  Everything went into this, except my repros!

Tumblers finish at 2.5" tall with 1" across the top.   Measures 90x75.

I'll have more pics of the quilt my next post!

Enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Where did September go???

Eeegads!  How can it be October already!?!  And how can it be that I haven't posted in nearly a month!  Sheesh!

Well.......I guess I have been a little busy, but nothing much to show for it!  I finished up a 'warm hug' quilt last week, but still need to take pics of it.  The pattern was in the Oct issue of AQS American Quilter mag.  It's the Weeks Ringle quilt, but I chose a different color way to do it in.  And I'm usually not into the modern-style quilts, but I think it turned out great!  Yay!  Another quilt to add to the stack (a stack of 2 now! lol) for when we are needing to provide someone with a warm hug of comfort.  I'm hoping to get busy on several more this fall, so I won't be in a panic when something happens.

But I don't like posting unless I have something quilty to here is my friend Pat's quilt that I took pics of a couple months ago.  She was inspired by Kathy at Inspired by Antiques Quilt blog.  Kathy's quilt is so gorgeous (I'm wanting to make one, too!), and Pat had just the perfect fabric for it!

 Isn't that just gorgeous!  I'm so jealous!  I have the same beautiful fabric, but have it earmarked for a stippy quilt instead.  I think I'll need to find something else to make this in, cuz I just love it!  Thanks Kathy for the inspiration!  :o)

And in case all you non-golfers wonder why the heck we love to spend so much time on the course......this is the view from the tee box of the 4th hole at Poland Spring Resort in Maine.  John and I played yesterday, and as you can see, the colors are just starting to turn here in central Maine.

Yep......that's why I play golf!  It's not about the score, or's all about the views for me! :o)

And before I forget......if you live anywhere near the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA......they have an exhibit called 'A Taste of Cheddar' going on now through October 6.  AND IT'S SPECTACULAR.  I couldn't post any pics cuz I didn't get permission first, but trust me......Pat and I were saying "Oh my God, look at THIS one!" as we turned every corner!  It's a wonderful exhibit and you should not miss it!

Hope you all have a great 'First Week of October!'

I hope to post with more finished projects soon!  :o)