Monday, February 18, 2013

Have you been to Lancaster???

My friends Pat, Betty and I are counting down the days until we go!  Woohoo!.....17 and counting!  :o)

We're so excited we can't stand it!  We'll be there for 10 days, and plan on doing a ton of other stuff besides the big quilt show!  Woohoo!'s my question to you!.......Have you been to Lancaster, and can you recommend anything that is a must see/do/eat/experience/talk to/or take a picture of???

Here's our list of stuff we're knowing about and/or have done before and have to go back and do again......(I've never been, so this is really Pat and Betty's list).....

Gordonville Mud Sale
Renninger's Antiques
Old Country Store and Museum
Fabric Shack
Bitty Kinna's
Weaver's Dry Goods
Fisher's Quilt shop
Bird In Hand Bakery
Eldreth Pottery
Jennie's Diner
Dutchland Quilt Patch
Diener's Restaurant
The Family Cupboard Restaurant
King's Buffet
The Pretzel Shop outside of Zook's
Obie's Country Store
Good's Store
Shady Maple Smorgasbord

And, of course, we'll be spending several days at the quilt show and attending several lectures, including ones with Pat Delaney, Susanne Swenson and Alex Anderson.

So......if you can think of anything else that is a must for a list......I'd love to hear about it!  We're there for 10 days, so we have time to add stuff to our agenda!  We're game for anything fun, exciting, yummy, and of course, quilt related!  :o)

Thanks a bunch in advance!

Oh, and as of tonight I have 166 log cabin blocks done (not all pictured), and 102 churn dash blocks done!  Woot!  I just need another 27 of the churn dashes......yippee!

OMG......I'm loving making these blocks!  They are so much fun!

Hope you're having fun, too!


Friday, February 1, 2013

A new addiction!

Oh yes!  These scrappy churn dash blocks are so addicting!  I now have 78 of them!  I just need 50 more to set my quilt top!  Woohoo!  (They'll finish at 5".)

(I don't know why my pictures are sideways......sorry!  It wouldn't correct!  I know it doesn't really change anything, but it's just annoying on the perspective!)

AND.......since I was swimming in shirt pieces and scraps.......I thought I'd give those mini log cabins a whirl!  I am using up all the little scraps left from the churn dashes, great!  And I now have 24 of these!!!

Holy cow!!!  They are so much more fun doing them the way Kathie at Inspired by Antique Quilts showed!  (Thanks, Kathie!!)  I've done little blocks like these before (they'll finish at 4"), and have always paper pieced them, just because I thought I had to for the accuracy in the small piecing!  NO MORE!  Ha HA!  I'm doing them in batches of 12, but as I'm finishing one batch, the leader/enders are starting new they just keep coming!  I love that!  I had these 24 in no time at all!  (Well, ok.....I was up until 3 this morning, just sewing away......not even realizing what time it was!  They are THAT much fun!  lol)  The centers are a mix of the red plaids I had.  Totally scrappy!

I worked on them again today, and now I will do some more churn dash blocks!  I'm really loving using up some of these shirt plaids!

Ok.....back to it!  :o)