Saturday, April 5, 2014


While my current quilting project is not quite ready for pictures, we do have progress to show on a different project!  The transformation of our dining room!

The wallpaper has been peeled off......and the spackling has been completed!  Woot!

Hubby is about to do the sanding, and then we can start painting!  Yay!

When we moved into this house 15 years ago, we knew we wanted to restore it, and that it would take some time.  Of course, I didn't think it would take THIS long to get to every room.  But I'm so glad that hubby made a comment about getting started on this room the other day, and I didn't let that idea sit for even a moment!  We went right out to Home Depot and got busy!  (I've learned that if he makes any motion towards a project, I better jump on board......or it could be years before we think about it again!  lol)

Every restoration project in an old house like ours (circa 1864) is a daunting task.  The dining room is 14'x24' small feat!

Once the painting is finished.....we're gonna get a crew in here to redo the hardwood floor.  It's in sorry shape, and it needs professional care!

Ok......I need to get back to that quilt's nearly done!  Woot


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm so sorry......

I just had an email from a member of the quilting group whose applique quilts I had just posted about over the last few days.

Evidently the group is terribly upset that I posted pictures of their quilts.

The gal told me that there were signs posted at the show that pictures were for personal use only.

Honestly, I never saw even one of those signs.

If I had, I would never have posted a single pic.

So, to any members of that group that might be checking back on this blog, I've deleted those 3 posts.

And I'm terribly sorry.