Thursday, February 3, 2011


We are snowbound right now (like a lot of you), and I have pretty much been quilting non-stop!  Sweet!

So yesterday, I'm quilting away, and my hubby comes into the room and says, "I want to show you something."  Well, this could be bad or good, you just never know with him.  One time he said that, and it was a leaky roof, and another time is was a newly painted bathroom!  So, I followed, wondering what I would see!

He takes me to the basement, and shows me my treadmill.....complete with tv and computer setup!

Unbelievable!!!!  I have the best husband ever!

So here's what happened.....about a month ago, my hubby was at the dump.  For those of you in any small town, or anywhere in New England, going to the dump is like a party.  That's where all the guys meet up, tell the local news, sit with the dump guys (the two that run the place), yak it up, and they can do this for hours!  The only thing missing is beer!  Well, my hubby doesn't ever stay long.....just long enough to be thought of when the dump gets anything in the way of electronics.  Cuz my hubby is known as 'the fix it guy'.  Whenever one of our friends has a computer problem.....they call him.  He is always needing to fix someone's computer, cuz these dopes are always downloading crap with viruses!  Sheesh!  They never learn!

Anyway, so last month, the dump guy gives John (my hubby) a laptop that was brought in that didn't work.  He said, "Do you think you could fix it, cuz I'd really like to have one."  So John took it home, and with a new little gizmo (don't ask me....I don't have a clue) for about $10, he got is running fine!  So he takes it back to the dump guy, and made his day!

So I told John, if ever they have another laptop at the dump, get it, cuz I would love to have one set up at my treadmill.....that way I could be walking while I'm on the computer checking out my blogs and emails.  That usually takes me about an hour every day, and I've been feeling very guilty about just sitting there, when I really should be walking!  Especially since I've been spending so much time sitting and quilting lately. 

Of course, when I had the idea, I checked out laptops at the stores, and my best bet would have been about $300.  But I'm do damned frugal to spend that, when I could just wait and get a dump one!  I like to be frugal when I can.....ok.....reality is:  I'm cheap cheap cheap!  Yep, that's me!  (That's why I still don't have a new fridge, the one with the freezer on the bottom, cuz our old one that is 40+ years old, is still running!
Sheesh!  But that's another story!)

So.....flash forward to yesterday.....and I walk down into the basement, and there is my treadmill, with keyboard on top, a computer screen on top of a newly constructed shelf, mouse on a pedestall next to treadmill, and a tv, just in case I run out of blogs to read!

Ok.....I know it's not pretty, but it's a basement in a 155 year old house, and the main thing works!  I was on the treadmill this morning for 2 1/2 hours......yikes!  Ok, half the time was on blogs, the other half was poker!  But the time flew by.....I had no idea how long I'd been walking, cuz I was so busy on the net!  Perfect!  Just what I hoped for!

I'm so happy with my little set up.  And the best part, was that all these components were just sitting around.  John has so many spare parts for computers, and he just put it all together!  Sweet!  Didn't cost a thing!

So, the roads are cleared and John just asked if I wanted to go to dinner tonight.....and all I could think of was the 900+ calories lost from working out......I could have cake!  Yippee!

I'm having such a good day!

Hope you have a really good day, too!



  1. It's nice to have a handy husband! Nice set up. I need something like this. I walk my dogs every day, but we don't go very fast.

  2. What a man!!!! and dinner too!!! Wow!!!

  3. Impressive set up! That fella's a keeper for sure!