Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's been so long......

....since I've had an empty design wall!  Yay!

Nearly 2 years ago, I started my Jubilee quilt, and the top was finished in just a few weeks.  Then I started working on the back, and I got STUCK!  My brain just wouldn't settle on an idea, and everything I drafted just looked weird.  I just couldn't figure it out.  So I let it sit for a while.....and that 'while' turned into nearly 1 1/2 years!  Cripes!  lol

Everything I've worked on in that time has been pinned over the pieces of that jubilee back.  And every time I took a picture of something on that wall......little bits of orange Jubilee would be peeking out!  lol

So a couple months ago, I decided I needed a deadline to get it done!  FORCE myself to figure it out!  So I decided to enter it into a show, and the deadline for the entry was TODAY!  I needed to have a picture of both the front and the back to enter it into the Vermont Quilt Festival, and I DID IT!!  Woohoo!

It's not's not even sandwiched yet.  But both the top and back are finished!  Woot!

 The Front.....

and the Back.....

I'm so happy with how the back turned out.  The orange section with the milk in it is 'made fabric' and was a total blast to put together.  And I'm loving the wavy line between the two sections.  My plan is to embroider the story of the quilt along the wavy line in the orange section with white floss (in tiny little letters!).  It will become the label for the quilt!

I need to organize my sewing room a bit.....and then I can start the machine quilting on it!  I can't wait!

Now, if you will all cross your fingers for me that my entry is in the first 180 they receive!  That's all they take for the I could use all the good mojo I can get!  :o)

Happy Groundhog Day tomorrow!  And.....I think there's some sort of game on tomorrow, too!  lol  But I definitely know that Downton Abbey is on tomorrow!  That's all I really care about!  lol