Thursday, November 29, 2012

More quilts from The Quilter's Gathering

This show was in Manchester, NH the first weekend of November......and this is only my second post showing these amazing quilts!  What's my problem????   Actually......I think I've been in a turkey coma or something.  I can't believe it's nearly December!  Sheesh!  I need to get going on stuff!  But hubby and I went out for Mexican dinner tonight, and it was so good, and I ate way too much, so now all I'm able to do tonight is sit at my computer like a big lump and post these pics!  I hope you enjoy!

These quilts were also part of the special exhibit showcasing several amazing quilters.

Quilts by Pat Delaney......

Quilts by Jane Holihan.......

I'll have more pics in the next few days.  I just had to deal with that whole "no picture space left in Blogger" I'm muddling through Picasa......which for me, was like learning calculus!  Sheesh!  Gratefully, hubby helped, so I think I might be able to do this......but I have no idea what I'm doing!

My friend, Pat, and I will be heading over to The Busy Thimble quilt shop on Saturday!  Cyndi got a bunch of new fabric in!  Woohoo!  I can't wait!  :o)

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some thoughts on the season.....

I've been reading a lot of blogs in the last couple of days, and there seems to be a definite consensus that the world has gone nuts, and there is way too much spending and hoarding of stuff in preparation for Christmas.

And I agree!

And I recently saw on a blog somewhere, or maybe pinterest, (I don't know!)......this wonderful quote.....

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

Wonderful......right!?!  It pretty much sums it right up!  Be grateful, you little punk, because you have enough!  (Ok......I might have insinuated that I was talking to a teenager......and probably shaking my finger a time or two, as well!  I must have been having a flashback to the 80's, when our house was full of teenagers!)

But it just seems like no one is satisfied anymore......with anything!  As though being satisfied is a negative thing.  Everyone seems to think they need bigger, better, more......and I just don't understand why there isn't at least a moment of feeling happy about what you have, rather than thinking of the next thing to have.

And sure, I'm guilty of having way too many 13x9 pans, a freezer full of hoarded cranberries, and more than 1 rotary cutter in my sewing room.  But I've never stood in line at midnight on Thanksgiving to pay for an item that is going to be improved upon in less than 6 months!  What are these people thinking!?!  And how can it be possible that there will be people hurt in the crush of getting in the doors, and fights in the parking lots, and all sorts of bedlam......and yet it is promoted and advertised to death!  I just don't have any understanding of it!  I mean.....come on..... it's just stuff!

But.......if going out on Black Friday is your form of entertainment, then definitely have fun with it!  But please be careful, because you are out there with a bunch of lunatics!  And I worry about you!

And if staying home warm and safe, and eating leftover candied yams is your thing.....then yay, I'll be joining spirit.....and with a spoon!  :o)

And I'm leaving you with this little list of things I'm truly grateful for this Thanksgiving.......

1.   My son will coming home from Bahrain in December.  :o)
2.   My husband is 2 years cancer free.  :o)
3.   I don't have to work anymore.  :o)
4.   I have enough fabric in my stash to last 6 lifetimes.  :o)
5.   Someone brilliant invented a pill so I can still eat ice cream.  :o)
6.   I have great blogger friends who inspire and encourage me, and I am a better person for it! :o)

Giving thanks to you all!

Have a wonderful holiday!  Eat lots of pie!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

I've been lurking!

And not posting......even though I have plenty to post about!  I guess with storms, and elections, and having a cold.......the time has just gotten away from me!

Let me first say a huge 'Thank You' to everyone who commented and wished us well through the storms.  We really were bypassed here in Maine, and just had power outages in some towns.  The north side of our town was out a couple of times over a few days.....but it was a minor inconvenience compared to the folks in NY and NJ.  Still hoping the outpouring of support for those folks will continue until they are back on their feet.

I've been doing a ton of quilting since I last posted.  Nothing to show yet, but pretty soon!  So, until then, I will show pics from 'A Quilters Gathering' show that was in New Hampshire the first weekend of November.  It was a fabulous show, and I took a gazillion pics.......will show them over several posts (as usual!).

To start, there was a special exhibit of quilt collections from several renowned quilters.  Amazing quilts!

The first few quilts we saw were from an antique collection belonging to Sue Reich

 I just loved this quilt.....and when I got up close, I realized it was cheater cloth!  From 1876!  Cripes!  I want to replicate this......and SO wish I could find all these prints today!  Aren't they just wonderful!?!  It's tied with a little wool fabric buttons at the corners!  LOVE IT!

The following quilts are made by Janet-Lee Santeusanio and Mary Schilke.  They are co-founders of the MQX shows.

Made by Pat Delaney....

This show was amazing in every way!  The quality of every single quilt was exceptional!  If I didn't get a pic of every quilt, it was because no one would move from in front of it.  And then......right towards the camera battery quit.  I thought I was fully charged before I left, but I guess not!  Dang!  But I don't think I missed too many!

Ok.......more pics to follow in the next several posts!