Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just 3 months later!

I'm always trying to remember when things happened, cuz my memory is so bad!  I can never pinpoint anything, not even close, to when it actually happened.  Sometimes I'm months off!  It's so frustrating!  And even more so, when a much-older person starts telling me a story, and they can say stuff like, "Back in May of '56, we blah blah blah."  How do they do that?

Anyway, my reference to just 3 months ago, is the pic I posted on here of my Christmas cactus in full bloom.  (Thank goodness I blogged about it, cuz honestly, I couldn't remember when it bloomed!  Sheesh!)  When I asked my hubby back then how many times it bloomed a year, he said 2.  I thought it was more, and at this rate, we're talking 4!  HA!  Here it is today, 3 months later, not in full bloom, but a good try!  Love it when plants give a good try!  It's so endearing!  Makes you want to give em a little pep talk!  Yeah plant....go go go!

I've been quilting my brains out.....the Sue and Sam top is finished, and the pieced back is finished (finally), and will sandwich it tomorrow, cuz I need to get this thing quilted ASAP!  We leave for CA in 15 days!  Yeah, I love deadlines!  They work for me!  It's the only way I ever FINISH one!  Otherwise, I just keep starting new ones!  I guess that's my thing.....I really like the process......think about it......look at a gazillion pics.....finally pick one.....dig through the fabrics and scraps......cut like a maniac......get the top pieced......put it away, and start a new one!  I probably have at least 2 dozen (or more) tops just waiting for the quilting and binding.

I think this is where I'm supposed to make the commitment to finish _____ (insert number here) UFO's this year.  But even with my new machine, and my fondness for FMQ, I really love the piecing part the best!

And I know a lot of people (most of my quilting friends) who send out there tops to be quilted, and they love that!  But I'm too much of a control freak to think to have anyone else work on one of my quilts!  It's just not me!  And it wouldn't feel like 'my' quilt if someone else quilted it!  Yeah, I have had help before on a quilt.   My dear friend in Massachusetts (she's 90 now!) helped me piece a drunkard's path.  We worked on blocks one afternoon while I was visiting with her.  She didn't have a project started, and she didn't want to waste any visiting time trying to think up something to do, so we worked on mine, and we had a wonderful visit.  I cherish that quilt (still a top! lol) because Rita had a hand in it!  My cousin saw it years ago, and said she'd love to have it, and I thought ok, but I've since worked up a plan for a different quilt for her, cuz there is just no way I'm giving up the one Rita helped me on!  That one is staying put!  But other than that, I just don't think I could have someone do the quilting of one of mine.

I guess I just need to get busy.....make a list.....and get some of these done!

Ok.....that's the plan.....and now that I've posted this.....I'm committed!  You're a witness!  lol

As soon as I get the Sue and Sam quilt done, I'm going to organize the UFO's, get a plan, and get started on them.  Oh, and the Sue and Sam quilt has turned into a monster!  It's the biggest quilt I've ever made!  I wasn't paying much attention to the size of it, cuz really, when I'm piecing on point, the math is too hard, so I just wait til the end and see what happens!  Well, oh boy!  The top is 80 x 100!  Holy crap!  Who knew it could get that big!?!  It didn't look that big on the design wall!  But it is.....and that's why the backing took so long to piece!  It had to be a monster, too!  Sheesh! I'll post pics tomorrow of it pinned.  Can't wait to get started on the quilting!

Have a great day!



  1. Second blogger to have their cactus bloom twice! Sign of good things to come, maybe. I agree with you, piecing is my fav and publicly declared lists and deadlines help me finish things!

  2. Can't wait to see Sue and Sam! Piecing is my favorite part, too.

  3. I feel the same way about quilting. Most of my friends spend a fortune "quilting by check" and then when they show it, people ask, who did your quilting? I like to say I did it!


  4. I had a thanksgiving catcus that bloomed 2x a year. Gorgeous and full between thanksgiving and Christmas and then early March again but not as hardy but still blossoms. I love them. They are your quilts.

  5. Hi Regan! So fun to find yet another Maine blogger to add to my reading list! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me that nice comment too. Now I'm off to have a look around here to perhaps get a glimpse of a few of those UFOs you're committing to finish off. ~Lili

  6. cactus is just so pretty....
    oh can't wait to see your quilt pinned!

  7. What a great cactus plant.... I also like to do my own quilts... so far anyway....
    Thanks for your kind comment on my QAYG post for Sew We Quilt... so good to hear that it makes sense!! hope you get one done with all those batting scraps!!