Saturday, February 5, 2011

Best Hubby Ever!

Ok, so yesterday I posted how my hubby John made a fabulous computer set up for me at my treadmill!  And then took me to dinner at our favorite place.  What a great guy!

Well, we had a fabulous dinner, and the dessert was pretty good, but not the cake that I had had back in December.  I was really having a hankering for the Lemon and Berries Cake with Mascarpone filling that I had back then, but they didn't have it last night.  Oh well, maybe next time!  :o)

Anyway, I get home from work tonight.....and John has made me a cake!  And it's chocolate with chocolate frosting!  OH YEAH!  So I had cake first, and then dinner!  It's only right....right?

Oh, and did I mention....he also did the laundry and dishes while I was at work!  (Of course, the dishes is 'his' job usually, cuz about 15 years ago I said one day that doing the dishes makes my 'princess hands' rough, and he said, "I don't mind doing them.".....and I immediately said, "Great.....they're yours now!".....and I've only done dishes maybe 4 times a year since then!  But the we're talkin very cool!

Yep, it's official!  He is the best hubby ever!  Just me braggin a bit.....hope you don't mind!

Have a wonderful day!



  1. He sounds wonderful. I'm lucky too, mine is happy to cook and do the shopping on the weekends so I can sew. And then tells me to buy more fabric if I don't feel I have the right one, and then builds me cupboards to store them in. He even listens to me chat about all my favourite blogs. When I tell him your adventures you'll be known as " The one with the great husband!".

  2. I'd say you have a keeper! Enjoy it. Lane