Sunday, January 30, 2011

Karen is Hosting a Swap Meet! Fun!

Karen at Sew Many Ways is hosting a Swap Meet!  Pop into her blog and check out the stuff other bloggers are wanting to swap!  Maybe there is something there that you've been looking for.  She just started it this weekend, so it's very new, and there aren't many swappers yet.....but give it time.....I'll bet there'll be a bunch of stuff within a week or two!

Here's what I am wanting to swap right now.  It's several pieces of cotton fabric.....all kid prints (well, one I'm not sure of, but it looks kid like to me!).  These all came from the stash of a friend who passed away, and there isn't anything I can put them with in my own stash.....they need to live with someone who makes kid quilts!  The yardage is listed after each pic.....I'd like to do these as ONE SWAP!  But if needed, I can split the grouping up.  I'm easy!

For postage estimates, I live in Maine.

What I'd like to swap for:  a few fat quarters of civil war fabric, or a jar of homemade preserves (we like anything blackberry or raspberry!), or maybe in your grammy's sewing box there is a darning egg that nobody is using!  I collect those!  Or maybe something else.....we'll talk!

Planes/boats/trains/cars fabric:  2 yards.

Hat fabric:  1 yard.  I'm not sure if it's kid really....but looks like it to me.

Cow jumping moon - cat fiddler fabric:  24 inches.

Stars and hearts fabric:  1 yard.  Please note the second pic shows there is fading on the's about every 10 inches throughout the piece.....but there are good sections about 9" to 10" square between these fades that could be easily used.

Ok.....that's my swap for the week.  I'm going to start going through my stash and see if there's anything else in there that needs to go!  I know I have a boat-load of teddy bear making stuff somewhere....I just need to find it!  Oh boy!  Making room for other stuff.....woohoo!


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