Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adding to the Stash!

I've nearly got the Sue and Sam quilt ready for sandwiching....just finishing up the pieced backing tonight.  Will sandwich it tomorrow at the town office (on those really big tables....sweet!), and then I'll get pics of it.

In the meantime, here is a pic of the latest fabric purchase.....and I don't feel guilty at all....cuz they were all $1.99 a yard!  YEAH!  We have this outlet shop, mostly for upholstery yardage, but they have a section of cottons, and it seems they LOVE to put stuff on major markdown, to move it out!  And I'm so obliging, that I feel I 'must' help them out!  I'm doing them a favor, right?  lol

It was kindof funny.....when I had all these flatfolds in my arms, heading for the cutting tables, my hubby was getting fabric cut too.  (He makes kites, and they have his ripstop at this place, as well.)  So the gal finished his stuff, and I said "I have these to cut, too!"  Well, each piece she took out, I'd say a yard, or two, and as she was unfolding to measure, there would be about 1/2 of a yard more than what I asked I said, "oh, I'll just take the whole piece."  Why leave a 1/2 yard behind, right?  Well......that happened for EVERY piece of fabric!  She never had to cut anything!  Of course, my husband is standing there......rolling his eyes......and we're all laughing at each 'I'll take it all' was quite fun!

I have to hubby is really quite a good sport about it all.  Of course, his ripstop stash is overflowing the room he uses for he can't really say anything!  One day, when it's sunny out, I'll take some pics of the kites he's made.....they are really quite beautiful!  And he does really nice work.

So, I'm getting more time for quilting now.  I've spent the last week typing two books for a local author, and I finished the drafts today.  He writes out his draft in longhand, and I transcribe it.....and his handwriting is almost illegible.  I've gotten used to it, but it still makes me really ponder what the heck he's written sometimes.  The worst part about it.....he likes to make up words!  Seriously!  And I've argued with him.....until I'm blue in the face.....but he insists that 'its his style' and he makes me leave it in, wrong or not!  He's self-published, so he doesn't have an editor.....which he really needs, but refuses.  What an ego!  The thing is.....when he's writing about his game warden days, and stories about the's really quite good.....and interesting!  But he gets on these weird ideas, and sometimes sex scenes, and all I can do is scream, "Nooooooo," the whole time I'm typing them!  Thankfully, those scenes are extremely mild, and very quick.....but it's just not something I want to be discussing with this guy!  That's just creepy!

Gratefully, he works with my husband, so I can pretty much just send stuff with him when he goes to work, and I get revisions back.....and I hardly have to talk to this guy!  Good thing, cuz he makes me crazy!  He's just so weird sometimes......this is the guy who used to put a little bleach in his drinking water....cuz he wanted to kill the bacteria and keep himself clean inside!  Can you imagine!?!  And he smelled of beach.....a lot!  I used to refer to him as "Bleach Boy"!  HA!  Thankfully, his doctor made him stop that craziness!  But the thought of it just reminds me how weird he is!  Oh, and he's the biggest male chauvinist pig you've ever met!  He's been married 3 times, and thinks he's an expert on women, and thinks all women are lowly, scheming, conniving, evil-doers....  and his books reflect this attitude!  He's such a pig!

So why do I do this typing......cuz it's pretty good money, and I have lots of trips coming up!  Each time I finish a book, though, I always say....."This is the last one I'm doing for this guy!"   We'll see what happens.

Anyway, that was my week, and I had way too much birthday cake, so I'm up 2 pounds!  Dang!

I need to go sew, and stop eating!

Have a good day!



  1. Right that's it! In future I'm not going to read your posts on the train where I end up laughing out loud and getting funny looks from my fellow passengers! That guy sounds like a real character!! Love your description of him! Your husbands kites must be wonderful, I hope you can show us photos one day. Great bargain fabrics!!!

  2. And do people buy this guy's books??? Cannot wait to see the photo of Sue and Sam.

  3. Great fabric finds! I guess it takes all kinds - people and fabric. Look forward to seeing Sue and Sam and your husbands kites.

  4. Like the fabrics. I took a kite making class once but I decided to make quilts instead. Looking forward to seeing your husbands kites and and your quilt.

  5. This man who you type for sounds like a real winner. There is a reason he's been married 3 times. Sounds like a real "keeper" :-)

    I love the fabrics. It will be fun for us to see what you make from those. I really like the darker red paisley.

    Does your hubby sell these kites? does he have a website?

  6. Hi, Regan. My family has gotten so used to me saying yes to those extra half yards that when I send Sydney up to get things cut, she doesn't even ask, she just says yes, too. Happy sewing. Lane

  7. Beautiful fabrics and for 1.99 who could resist. Your author friend sounds like a character. His making up words reminded me of a paper that my son did, a major one in high school. It was on Poland and I typed it for him. He kept referring to Polanders and I kept thinking something doesn't seem right, but I kept on typing. After he turned it in it dawned on me "Polish". He made it up, but not on purpose, lol.

  8. great fabrics!!! oh that was a funny story!
    I would have done the same thing :)
    ok can't wait to see your DH kites, they must be beautiful
    I think its awesome that he makes them himself

  9. I would have said I'll take it all too! Can't resist at that price! I'm wondering the same as the others, does anyone buy this guy's books?! I would think his ex-wives need to write a book!


  10. I had to go get a drink of water your after reading your story of the writer you type for...LOL! Sounds like a man in my writer's group!