Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Purchases....and a little quilting, too!

Over the last month, between quilt shows and golfing, I've been doing a little purchasing of sweet and fun stuff!  Mostly my buys have been from garage sales or thrift stores, but a few items have been found at antique shops, and of course, the quilt shows!

Here's some of what I've found!

 I picked these up at the Maine State Quilt show last month.  Bottom right is a mouse pad!  Yay!  The fabric rolls and yardage I got at The Busy Thimble booth!  I'll be using the yardage for a stripey quilt.  I've been pining for that piece of fabric from when I saw Cindy use it as borders on her 9 Patch Quilt in her booth at the Chickadee show (seen on her blog HERE).  This is in the chocolate color-way of the print.  Gorgeous!

 This is a sweet little baby's slip/dress picked up at an antique shop.  It's perfect, pristine, and lovely.....and was a steal at $1.50!  The owner was shocked!  One of her vendors had just filled her booth again, and she hadn't had a chance to check it out......before me!  Ha!  My plan is to frame it for the wall of a bedroom.

 I just picked these up at an antique shop......$1 a piece.  I love anything tatted.....and these are in great condition.

 I got the two dress pot holders at the same shop as above......sweet!  I collect vintage pot holders, and if I ever get my kitchen restored, they will all be on display!  And the knitted lace doily was a steal at just $1!  I can't pass up a beautiful piece of handwork, especially when I know I couldn't do it myself.  I have knitted in the past, but this would probably take me weeks, and a lot of swearing!  lol

 I got these at a local garage sale......the set of 4 for $1.....yikes!  I've been searching for vintage linens like these ever since being mesmerized by Cindy Needham's amazing work on her blog.  Check it out!  I have beautiful family linens that I'd like to try her techniques on.....but wanted to practice on something less heirloom......so these will be perfect!

 This is a closeup of the beautiful design on those linens!  I can't wait to get started!

 These came from the same garage sale, at a whopping .50 a piece!  LOL  I'll be using them on the backs of some future mini quilts I have planned!  FUN!

 This is recent finish!  Woohoo!  It's 9.5 inches square!  I used the last mismatched hst's that were gifted to me from my buddy Pat!

 A closeup of the quilting texture.....love it!

 I've been feverishly prepping the pieces for my 8 pointed star quilt.  It will have 363 stars, so there was a LOT of prepping!  I'm nearly there, just a few more to trace and cut.  What a great handwork project this has turned out to be.....and very portable!

This is what's on the design wall right now!  It's inspired by Julie's header on her blog.  I have, since this pic was taken, sewn all the blocks into rows and have just 4 seams to join the entire quilt.  I keep getting distracted, though!  Hopefully it will be the next thing under the machine's needle!

My goal of machine quilting twice a week has not been met.....at all!  I had such hopes for completing some quilts this summer, but all I keep doing is shopping!  :o)

Oh, and canning, too!  We've put up 36 pints of green beans, and 28 pints of pickles.....and the garden just keeps on giving!  Yay!

Hope you're having a great day!  I'm so happy the humidity has finally gone down a bit!  It now feels like a normal summer day!  Whew!



  1. Lovely finds! Your new project looks great with the red sashing and I love plaids. I think our foremothers had the right idea - piece in the summer and quilt in the winter. We canned some tomato sauce Sunday. What a job! But it's worth it.

  2. Regan, you've been very busy! I adore all of your gorgeous, handcrafted, thrift purchases; so happy they are in the hands of someone who truly appreciates them! Your string quilt is GLORIOUS, it makes me smile just to look at it, Julie inspires me too!!

  3. Hi Regan, Girl I tell you that if we lived close to one another, we'd sure get into trouble. Your finds are so incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your new fabrics and also the antique baby dress-in fact I have two hanging in my laundry room. I also love vintage pieces-especially "pulled thread"which looks similar to the napkins you are showing. The sugar sacks/bags are so cool. O.k.so you have to tell me if you paper pieced the small hst quilt? They are so small. Love the latest wall quilt-wonderful color combos. I think I'd get really inspired with you near by. Thankfully I can come by here and get inspiration.
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. What a fun post, Regan! You sound very busy with all your sewing, antiquing, and canning ventures! I do so love the little HST quilt and the big one in progress is quite striking! Love ALL your finds as I share your love of vintage textiles. That little baby dress will look wonderful framed. My mom had her father's and uncle's baptism dresses mounted in these wonderful old frames. Thanks for all the inspiration today!

  5. Wow, you hit the jack pot on antique linens. I love the handkerchiefs.

  6. This post had so much going on!! Love all your purchases, I saw Cindy's work a while back - amazing. So glad your garden is still giving, ours quilt about 2 months ago! Oh the joys of living in Florida!

  7. You found some great vintage linens. Love rummaging for those things!
    What a sweet little quilt from the HSTs--love it!
    Julie's header has tempted me enough to get me to buy the book, but I haven't ventured farther, yet. Yours is wonderful--love the red sashing. Great "wow" factor!

  8. What wonderful finds and such fun memories. My grandmother had the little crocheted dress pot holders in her kitchen. My other grandmother did a lot of tatting around the edges of pillowcases, dresser scarves and such.

    Love your scrappy quilts, both big and small - finished and in progress! :)


  9. I'm a bit gobsmacked after seeing so many beautiful things!! You really have found some treasures at super fabulous prices!! Your HST mini is really gorgeous and the quilt on your design wall knocked me off my chair!! Wow Regan, I love it!!!!!

  10. What a fun post! I love your little quilt and all your purchases, especially the four sacks!! what a great find!!

  11. Oh how I love your red, red, yummy version!! Isn't this quilt such fun!!?

  12. Love all of your linens! And checked out Cindy's blog...fell in love with what she does with the lace pieces. WOW! I was feeling pretty good about canning 8 pints of pickles until I saw how many pints you put up!! I'm still a newby to it! ~Lili