Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Maine Quilts 2012 - Part 2!

I planned on posting this several days ago.....but life happens!  :o)

Here is part 2 of the show, and there will be more posts with more pics in the next few days.  I promise!


 "40th Anniversary Quilt" by Lori Lewis, Wilton.  I love all this color!  What fun!

 "Floral Stars" by Joyce Veilleux, Freeport.  There are over 50 fabrics used on this quilt.....all with stars on them!  Fun!
 I was taking the pic of the info card, and a woman asked, "What is so interesting about that section that you are taking a pic up close?", and I said I blog, and I wanted to credit the quilt to the maker, so I was taking the info card so I wouldn't get mixed up."  She then made several more comments, and then finally said she was the maker!  Then we got to oooh and aaah over it with her some more.  The quilt was really lovely, and I love the fanciful 'flowers'......awesome.  Isn't it nice to get to speak with the maker!  I love that!

 "November" by Melissa Stufflebeam, Litchfield.  I really liked the tone of this cathedral window.....very calming.

 "Rubies and Diamonds" by Diana Wells Rauch, Woodland.

 I really loved the border quilting design she used, with the scrolls and little row of circles.  Very effective, and carries through a plain border very nicely.

 "Eggplant Casserole" by Anita Bowen, Columbia, SC.  She started this in 1998, and fussy cut and appliqued each of the diamonds, not stack n whack!  She hated it, and put it away for many years!  Finally got it out to finish her ufo's!  Nice!  I like the double-wonkyness of it!  (Is that a word....wonkyness!?!  It is now!)  lol

 "(T)achy (B)rachy Heart" by Jacquie Young, Steep Falls.  She made a baby sized version for a family waiting room at the Maine Medical Center Catherization Lab when she retired from it.  This one she made for herself!  Nice!

 "A Walk on the Ridge" by Carol Perkins, Rangeley.

 "Celtic Wave" by Lisa McCarthy, East Kingston, NH.  Paper pieced, beautiful precision.

 "Drunkard's Wave" by Lisa McCarthy, East Kingston, NH.  Same maker from the last go girl!

So......this is the 'life happens' portion of the post.  My hubby was a crew member for a friend at the big balloon festival in Readington, New Jersey this past weekend.  He had a ball, and everything was great......until.......the got to the lot where the 4 of them parked their cars for the weekend here in Maine, and this is what he found!

And it's our son's vehicle.....the son who is in the Navy in Bahrain right now.  Turns out.....aluminum rims are big items for the thieves, because they can melt them down and sell the metal for big bucks.  The rat-bastards!  So, we are working to replace them, and the insurance is working with us......we'll see what happens.  Thankfully, it's only two rims and tires, because he was parked close enough to the other cars that they couldn't get the other side.  Whew!  Next time......they are parking inches away from each other, and the crappiest car will be on the outside!  lol

Oh well......they still had a wonderful weekend at the balloon fest.  :o)

Have a great week......I'm hoping to post more of the quilts from the show in a few days!  Right now.....all I want to do is quilt......and bake some zucchini cake!  The garden is abundant!  Yay!



  1. Oh, my goodness, how awful and to service man's car! Shameful.

    Great quilts...enjoy your zucchini cake!

  2. Enjoyed the quilts, but what a shame about your sons car. You just can't believe what some people will sink too.

  3. Thanks for sharing those pix. What incredible quilts! I really liked that border quilting too. I want to try that,tho' I doubt I can make those curves so even. cheers, Claire W.

  4. I loved the pictures. The quilts are gorgeous. I have lots of star fabric, but no where near the amount in the one quilt. That was spectacular.

    I can't believe that theft! What a rotten thing. I hope the insurance goes okay.

  5. Lovely quilts! I especially enjoyed "November".
    You wonder--are people looking to make money for their drugs, or what? I hope things get worked out without a hardship on you.

  6. What a wonderful quilty parade!! I live in an area where there are NO/NEVER any quilt shows. I soooo love looking at others style and especially a close up of the quilting!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Floral stars is awesome! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more.
    Sorry about the car. Hope it gets resolved quickly and insurance takes care of it.
    Zucchini cake sounds great. I've been making peach pies with peaches from the farmer's market. Yum!

  8. Beautiful quilts!! It would have been lovely to meet the maker of Floral Stars. I can't believe those rat bastards stole the wheels off the car!! Enjoy your zucchini cake!! Yum!!

  9. Awesome quilts!! Way outside my doability!!! Cannot believe the wheels were stolen!! What people will do for some money!! Didn't know you had a son overseas - I'll be praying specifically for him and his unit! Glad the garden is doing well - mine is drying up 100 degrees plus is frying it!


  10. Gorgeous quilts all! It was neat to be able to see them up close to admire the quilting! And how neat that you ran into the maker of the one quilt. Thank you for giving us a virtual quilt show tour today!

  11. did they get home?
    Ass hats are everywhere aren't they?
    Here I thought they were only in congress.

    Gorgeous quilts as always Regan!

  12. Wonderful quilts. Always wanted to visit Maine - maybe during a future quilt show!
    So sorry about the rims.
    Glad you enjoyed the balloon time in the clouds!

  13. Hi Regan, Loved seeing the quilts-oh such incredible workmanship!!!! What a drag about the tires and rims; can't believe someone would actually do that.
    Hugs, Noreen

  14. Thanks so much for the tour.... I could never pick out the most beautiful quilt.. they are all so beautiful in their own right... and what a big bucket of suck -- stole rims!

  15. So sorry about your son's car. I didn't know that about the rims. ~Lili