Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Manchester NH Show - Part 2!


 "Albert Picks Roses for Victoria" by Jeanie O'Sullivan, New Zealand.  I just loved the use of the black&white striped edging she used on nearly everything!  Fantastic!

 "Millefiori" by Chris Kenna, New Zealand.  This quilt just dazzled us!  Millefiori means 'a thousand flowers' in Italian......this quilt was inspired by those Venetian glass paperweights with the little flowers in them.  Awesome!  I've seen this pattern in the blogs a few months back.....loved it then, too!

 "Indian Rapsody" by Hazal Foot.  She matched quilting thread color to the pieces on the front, so the back was just as beautiful with lovely thread work design.  And when they hung the quilt, it was open to the back, so you could see the whole thing.  Didn't photo well, though.

 "Solstice" by Barbara Barber, England.  Barbara was a featured quilter in this show, and had many quilts there.  This one knocked me out!  I love everything about it.....especially the color!  :o)

There was a special exhibit of reproduction quilts.  It's the Great Lakes Seaway Trail, War of 1812 Bicentennial Quilts Traveling Exhibit.  They were all long, and very narrow quilts, as though made for soldier's cots.  Each one had a special significance to the maker, most having a connection to someone lost in a war.  The repro fabrics were wonderful!  And I'm really liking the size for wall hangings!

 These were about 1" quarter square triangles!  Yikes!

 "Longfellow's Wayside Inn and Grist Mill" by Cheryl Pratt, Lafayette, CO.

 "Last Christmas" by Grit Weigmann, Germany.

The following are close ups of the gorgeous hand quilting on this quilt.  But the photo of the whole quilt is just a big orange square!  So I didn't include the whole pic.
 "Citrin" by Andrea Stracke, Germany.  I just can't say enough of how beautiful her quilting was!  Gorgeous!

 "A Stitch in Time - Oh No!" by Lita Star.

 These next three quilts were part of the Barbara Barber exhibit.  All gorgeous in every way!

 Tiny tiny micro stippling for the entire background of quilting......so amazing!

 "The Springing Point" by Christel Pietschmann, Germany.

 "Amongst the Eucalypts" by Denise Griffiths, Australia.  The dots and stripes had so much zing!

 "Four Voice Choir with Soloists" by Annette Bamberger, Germany.

I'll have more pics in a few days!  It was such a good show!

Have a great day!



  1. Thanks god I was not a judge as I would have not known what to pick. The citrin, the Indian Rapsody and the last two are my favorites though.

  2. It was an article featuring Barbara Barber in "Quilters Newsletter" probably 5 years ago which got me started starching fabrics with a combination of liquid Sta-Flo starch & water so that the narrow strips I used did NOT warp. I owe much to her for improving my sewing.

  3. What a feast for the eyes! Thanks for sharing the photos.


  4. Regan,
    The detail on these blows my mind.

    But my sick little mind went to the quilt by Hazel Foot with an actual foot under the picture of the quilt.
    That struck me funny.

    I'm twisted like that.

  5. Stunning, stunning quilts, Regan. What a show! Thanks for the tour. Such a treat!

  6. Oh My, Oh My!!! I can't even begin to say which was my favorite!! But the quilting on the cheddar - well just outstanding - just wanted to reach right in and touch it!! What a fun show!!!! Loved the little triangles, too - might have to make a small quilt like that!! I have a bunch of little triangles - ummm let's see!

    Thanks for sharing - what a fun show!!

  7. my inspiration cup runnith over! Thanks for posting these lovely quilts. what a show!

  8. OMGosh!!!! Those are just amazing. The quilting is eye popping. I love the Cathedral Window look on the Last Christmas quilt.

  9. Such outstanding quilts!!! The Australian one called Among The Eucalypts was one of my favourites at the Darling Harbour Sydney quilt Show this year. How fun that we've seen the same quilt even though we're on opposite sides of the world!

  10. It's such a treat to see so many gorgeous works of art like this. That orange one was a knockout! ~Lili

  11. Thanks for the fabulous quilt show! I love the use of Black & White - that's going in my Inspiration book!