Saturday, August 18, 2012

Another Quilt Show! Yippee!

For the last two nights, I've been watching Bonnie Hunter on her live webcam of her sewing!  What a hoot!  And it only took me about an hour of watching before I said, "Hey......why am I not sewing, too?"  lol  Yeah, I can be pretty slow sometimes!  So I got out my 8-pointed star pieces, and did some handwork while watching her.  She's awesome in every way, and as she gets texts and emails, she keeps the 'conversation' going with all of her followers!  What fun!

Ok.....on with the show!  My friend Suzanne and I went to the World Quilt Show in Manchester, NH yesterday!  A last minute decision, and I'm so glad we went!  There were so many wonderful quilts there, and of course, I took a gazillion pics!  I'll probably show the pics over several posts (again)!


There was a special exhibit "From Marble to Marvelous" where teachers and authors have created quilts inspired by the intricate floor tile designs in mostly European historical buildings.
 Quilt by Judy Mathieson

 Here are some pics of the inspiration floor tile work.

These patterns are so inspiring......I think I see a quilt or two in my future from these!

 I didn't get the names of the makers on these next few pics.....and the show book is a joke!  Sorry!

"The Dead Sea" by Gisha Wogier, Israel.

 "Mosaic Play" by Mitsuko Mirakami, Japan.

 Highly pieced hexagon shapes created this wonderful mosaic.

 "Edo Fukagawa, Old Tokyo in 17th Century" by Chieko Baba, Japan.

 "My Baltimore" by Carolyn Hudson, Canada.  Beautifully hand quilted.

 "Album of Roses" by Rita Verroca, US.  Really gorgeous!

 "A Truly Feathered Star" by Karen Sievert, US.  This took Best of Show.  It was lovely in every way.

 "Vintage Button Bouquet" by Linda M. Roy, US.  This was lovely, and beautifully hand quilted.
 The tiniest of hand quilted filler!

Very hard to get a good was in a hallway, so you couldn't step back too far.

I loved the different appliqued designs in the big cirlces.  And each piece of applique is outlined to emphasize it.  Wonderful!

 "Reflections II" by Kathleen Burford, New Zealand.

 "Batik Beauty" by Catherine Young, New Zealand.

 "The Wrath of Poseidon" by Marilyn Belford, US.

 "Simply Celtic" by Anna Williams, New Zealand.  Gorgeous machine quilted feathers.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.....I'll have more in the next day or two.



  1. Hi Regan, Girl I tell you that you make me want to move to your area! I can also say that the first quilt by Judy Mathieson touches me because if I'm not mistaken this is the same Judy that lives in Northern Ca. and was part of the guild I used to belong to. She is an expert at Mariner's Compass and taught many neat classes. She is published and known world wide; plus her hubby raises Border Collies and he participates in sheep herding shows.
    Thanks for sharing-if I were near you, I'd be going along.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Well bummer! I decided to pass on this show this year because there are so many close together with Maine's, Lowell's - But I really would have loved seeing the mosaic floor quilts. I have a thing for them...having made one a year or so ago, and I have another in progress. Do post lots of show pics!

  3. What a great range of stunning quilts!!! Really amazing!!

  4. Those are gorgeous quilts! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

  5. Interesting quilts. The Baltimore Album quilt is my favorite of those shown. A lot of work done to create it.

    I have watched some of Bonnie's quilt cam the last three evenings. I don't know how she gets much done with stopping so often to look at her phone messages and answer questions. But it is enjoyable to watch.

  6. Spectacular quilts! Wow! The black and white mosaic one is very clever.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.


  7. Really lovely quilts, how nice of you to share.The floor tiles were amazing, but the Albumn of Roses quilt just blew me away. Humble as they are, I love my quilts, but these are all acts of beauty. Thanks for sharing. I too enjoy Bonnie's webcam time. A Bonnie Hunter hour? Stephani in N. TX (

  8. Just Skyped with my daughter in NH tonight and was telling her I thought I had read about a quilt show in Manchester (she doesn't live far from there). Now I remember where I read about it. : )
    Thanks for bringing the show to us!

  9. You do a great job of photographing them despite not having the optimum conditions. I really enjoy the tour! ~Lili