Monday, November 25, 2013

While I was buzzing......

.....on my caffeine high, I got so much done!  Woohoo!  But no, I'm not going to make that a habit!  It was 42 hours of knots in my stomach, and nerves on end!  No more regular coffee.....ever again!  lol

Of course, I'm totally happy that some of my 'must make' projects got started!  I pulled all my repro brown fabrics and started cutting like crazy!  I've had a brown baskets quilt on the list for a long time now, so I'm totally jazzed that it got a good start!

I am loving making these baskets!  I used Linda Franz's Inklingo tutorial on back-basting the handles and they are quick and easy to whip out!    These blocks finish at 7.5" square.  They'll be set on point with alternate beige-background squares......I'll need 49 of the baskets......8 down, 41 more to go!  lol

Don't you just love all the tutorials, great ideas and inspiration we get off the internet!?!  I was just saying the other day to my friend, Pat......."Where would we be if we weren't following the blogs we do and getting so much good info on the computer!?!  Imagine never seeing Bonnie Hunter's blog?  Or Sue Garman's?  Or Cindy Needham's?  And so many others!  Cripes!  Our whole idea about quilting would be SO different!"  And I know I would never have attempted, or accomplished, many of the quilts I've done if not for getting all that amazing information and inspiration from so many blogs!

So at this time of Thanksgiving, I'm totally grateful for all the wonderful quilters who inspire, motivate, and help to keep me creative!  And I'm so grateful for all the lovely comments I always get from my followers, too!  You are the best!  Thank you all so much!

Hoping everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving!

Eat lots of pie!  :o)



  1. Very nice basket design!
    I know my quilting world took a dramatic change when I finally got on board with quilt blogs. : )

  2. …LOL….I'm so glad you finally got all the caffein out of your system….but look at what you got done!

    W-a-y- too cute baskets!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you. I always say that quilting is highly social--from the long ago days of quilt bees to now and all of your computer technology. The baskets are wonderful, by the way!

  4. Ohh Love your coffee baskets!! You're off to a great start! I so agree with you about how lucky we are with the internet and the inspiration and support that allows. And it means you're my buddy even though you're on the other side of the world. Happy Thanksgiving to you you too!! Great advice to eat lots of pie!

  5. Your baskets are beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. I just discovered you site and have bookmarked it. Love the little baskets; is the pattern yours or from where did you get it? I've been hand sewing little 3" stamp basket blocks (I've got almost 4 dozen in various color groupings) but this one is new to me and I love it. Want it!

  7. Your baskets are adorable - just seeing curved handles I break out in a sweat. No way that I would even attempt them.

    I agree that the wealth of tutorials and motivation on the web is phenomenal, and I love it all.

  8. Your brown basket blocks are perfect! I've never attempted to make a basket quilt but I would love to learn one day. Thanks for the tutorial referral...I'll put it on my list.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  9. your brown baskets are so wonderful. What a sweet block.
    Yikes, didn't know coffee could be so powerful!
    Happy Thanksgiving, we're having pecan pie this year

  10. Super cute basket blocks! Happy Thanksgiving Regan

  11. Where would we be without a caffeine high ! lol
    Loving the brown baskets...those rich browns are "it".
    Happy Thanksgiving to you Regan. ;)

  12. So lovely!
    Greetings from Finland!
    Ulla's Quilt World
    Hugs, Ulla

  13. What a great basket pattern. I love the hst's across the top. Repro browns are speaking my language. Can't wait to see more.