Sunday, November 17, 2013

A finished top, and......oh no!

I spent the last few days putting all those little 4" blocks together......and now it's done!  WOOHOO!!!!

I'm totally in love with this quilt!  I don't know how I'm going to quilt it yet, but it will be bound in red!  And it's a heavy top, so I know the batt will be very thin!

And the 'oh no' part of this post?.......'s the story!  I've been following Weight Watchers since May, and part of the way I get my water in every day is to down a ton of coffee!  Usually about 2 pots worth!  It's decaf, so it's ok!  It's also the way I'm able to get in any calcium, cuz I use my lactose milk in every cup, so by the end of the day, I've had some milk.  And, at my last physical, I told my doctor this, and she just laughed and said, '25 pounds down!  Whatever works!'  So it's all good!  LOL

So today, for a little change of pace, I found a couple bags of special flavored coffee (we usually use french vanilla), so I thought, "Fun!  Gingerbread flavor!  Why not!"  And I drank a pot and most of the second by dinner time.

That's when I started feeling yucky!  And I instantly thought it might be the butternut squash soup I made, cuz it was a brand new recipe (totally yummy, by the way), but thought maybe it wasn't agreeing with me.

Then about 20 minutes ago, I thought......"Hmmmmm!  Could that coffee have been regular?"


I drink decaf (and have, for the last 25 years!) FOR A REASON!!!!!!!!!

Because the last time I had regular coffee.....just one cup!.......I was up for 3 DAYS STRAIGHT!!!!!!  AND my heart felt like it was coming out of my chest!

I don't even know what a pot and a half are going to do to me!!!!

Needless to say......for the last few hours, I've been VERY busy!  LOL

I actually designed 8 upcoming quilts, drafted the blocks for all of them, printed out ALL the pages for paper piecing 5 of them.......and now I'm getting ready to pull fabrics for them all from the repros stash......

And I expect to have all of the fabrics cut and kitted together by morning!  Because I don't expect to ever hit the bed tonight!  LOL

SHEESH!  That'll teach me!  And, needless to say, I am getting rid of those two bags of coffee!

Hey......could you tell by my story......I'm just a little hyper right now!  Maybe I should do a little housework, too!  Nah!  LOL



  1. This is looking nice. I like the design. It is interesting.

    Kopi Luwak

  2. your quilt is stunning... I had a giggle about the coffee....

  3. At the rate your going, those quilts will be sewn by morning!!! LOL. Now l know how l would behave if l drank a cu of coffee after 4 pm in the afternoon! Hoe you get some sleep soon!!!

  4. Your quilt is stunning... hoping that you've been able to slow down and get some rest, take good care! Great news on your weight loss, congrats!

  5. Oh Regan, you make me laugh !
    First of all, your quilt is AMAZING ! Don't even get me near Starbucks ! Within minutes of drinking a Starbucks, I'm sick and have the jitters.
    At least you put your jitters to good use. lol

  6. Funny! I use half caff coffee to jump start my mornings, but a pot and a half??? Sounds like you put it to good use though. And congrats on the 25#s.

  7. Way to go on the 25 lbs off!! Woo hooo! Hope you've been able to get some sleep.

  8. The quilt is just stunning. I bet it is heavy! Good job on the 25 lbs and I hope you quickly get back to normal after the caffeine thing. I'm not a coffee drinker, but that is so something that I would do! But, hey, if you are getting all of that done,.... Hmmmm.... It could be the answer to all of my holiday sewing projects!

  9. Excellent weight loss for you--I am down 19 lbs this morning--doing the Atkins and it is working for sure did use up that coffee energy--I agree--decaf is the way to go...I am in a swoon over your quilt top--love love it! Hugs Julierose

  10. Congrats on the weight loss. Lol on the coffee hypers. I've been on a low carb plan for years. Not for weight loss but maintaining my sugar levels.

  11. Love love love the quilt. It would look fabulous here....want my address?

  12. Soooo funny. But your quilt is amazing, one day I'm going to do one like that :).

  13. LOVE your top…..hhmmm, i have some log cabin squares….somewhere….

    You are too funny! The more I read your about your coffee story I found myself reading r-e-a-l-l-y fast…..I guess I was feeling your pain….or caffein rush!!

  14. Beautiful quilt!
    You could send that coffee here! I drink a ton of coffee a day and it's not decaf. I have been known to drink it at night. Nope, doesn't keep me awake. Odd isn't it? But I only wish I could get hyper like you - I'd get so much done!!

    Good job on the weight loss!!! I drink 2 - 3 litres of water a day. Straight ole water. Maybe that is what I'm doing wrong.

  15. GORGEOUS quilt top!! Oh, to have the patience to do something like that!!
    Your story is too funny (though maybe not to you). Sounds like when you come down from that high you will have accomplished much and be ready for a good, long nap! : )

  16. What a stunningly beautiful quilt -- all those tiny log cabin blocks are beautiful in this setting. Nice job.

  17. Oh boy!!! That is pretty scary actually...if your heart responds like that.

    But you did get alot done...

    LOVE your log cabin quilt...those 4" blocks are amazing and makes a beautiful quilt.

  18. I LOVE your Shirt Log Cabin!! Omgolly Regan , you're too funny , real coffee affects me like that too so I can just imagine what you're going through. Good on you for designing quilts though!!

  19. Your Log Cabin quilt is to die for!!! I love it! I usually do a barn raising setting, but now I am drawn to your streak of lightning setting. Congrats on the weight loss! I tend to get my water through weak tea, especially now that I'm trying to drastically reduce my diet pop intake. I could use a little caffeine boost...look how much you got done, LOL! Teresa :o)

  20. love it!!!
    quilt - no cleaning, lol

  21. OMG! That is hilarious. I hope you are off your high by now.
    Thre log cabin quilt is beautiful! Seriously lovely! I want one!

  22. Haha! You can come clean my house with all your energy!! ;) Love that quilt!!

  23. Just love that log cabin, one of my favorite patterns! You should quilt it with a walking foot, easy peasy!

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