Sunday, April 5, 2015

Long story......

I have two.....yes, machines!  New to me, that is!  Both are machines I've been wanting for a long time.....with no intentions of ever getting......but it's the dream, you know?

But before I give you 'the rest of the story', (oh......I really miss Paul Harvey!  Don't you?) let me tell you that there is a really terrific sewing machine dealer and maintenance guy in the Tampa area!  If you are looking to have your machine worked on.....I can highly recommend Robert Ball at Southern Sewing Center in Lutz, FL.....1-800-253-1416. the story goes..... John's Pfaff 7570 bit the dust!  He has loved that machine, and has enjoyed making kites on it, and it's the machine he brought to Florida to use.  So right in the middle of his project, the screen went crazy, then died!  We googled machine repair places down here, and went to 3 of them.  The first one opened the case, saw it was a 7570, shook his head and said he was sorry, but they don't make the boards for those anymore!  What???  How could that be???

Then we went to the next place, hoping that the story might be different.  The guy said, "$500 bucks!  Six to eight weeks!"  (Yeah....just like that, too!  Sheesh!)  Then he asks ME what I use it for, with no regard to John, whose been standing right there with it, and I'm clear across the room looking at fabric!  I holler back that it's John's machine!  John says he makes kites on it, and instantly the guy says, "Oh, you should be using THIS machine!" and he points out the $4,000+ machine he has on display!  Cripes!  We got the heck out of there!!!!

So, with no regard to our waning sanity, we decided to try the 3rd shop!  We drive up and instantly see a treadle in the window!  Good sign!  No one is in the shop, so we start looking around.  All along the top of the wall are shelves with vintage machines!  And I spy a Wilcox & Gibbs!  LOVE them!  There are several industrial sized machines along one wall, and the other has a table running the entire length of the shop with machines for sale, new and used!  So we start looking at the used machines as John just needed 'something' to get him by until we get back to Maine in May.  In walks Robert and he looks at the Pfaff and agrees that getting a new board would be nearly impossible.  But he said he'd look at the machine to see if it might be something else.  Great!  But John still needs a machine to use, so he suggested the Necchi he had, and it was perfect for John.  Used, but hardly any wear to it, and it sews perfectly!  Awesome!  And a steal at $60!  (He has many used machines for $60 to $100.)

Then I asked if his antique machines were for sale or just for show, and he said those were just for show.  I told him how much I loved Wilcox & Gibbs machines.....they are art to lovely, and that it made my day to see one!

So John is getting the Necchi, and we buy a new case for it, so Robert goes out back to get the case.  He comes back with a new case and an old wooden box.  He sets the box down, opens it, and inside is a Wilcox & Gibbs!  He says a price, I said SOLD!!!!!  And let me tell was a steal!  Then I said he just made my DECADE!  :o)

Now my Wilcox & Gibbs is just for show.....the electric cord is a total mess.  But the workings move freely, so if I ever thought to get it working, I could!  But for's just a lovely piece of art!  I'm so happy!

The next week we were planning a trip to Texas for a family reunion, so it became the perfect opportunity to have my Juki cleaned and tuned.  It had been a couple years, but our go-to guy in Maine has moved there are a bunch of us in Maine wondering what we'll do with our machines now!  Yikes!  So I took the Juki in, and while we were there, I just happened to be looking at the featherweight that Robert had on the table......they are just so dang cute, how do you not look, right!?!  And he said he had another in the back, and when he brought that one out, it was better!  The decals were all still intact, and the case was pristine!  SOLD!  And yes......another amazing deal!  Not giving prices here, since they were not posted in his store, and I don't want to give him any issues on future deals.  But let me just say......he's fairer than fair.....and a pleasure to purchase from!  No buyer's remorse here!

And my little featherweight sews perfectly!  Of course it does!  They all do, right!?!  And who knew they could sew at lickety split speed!?!  Dang near as fast as my Juki!  Yowsa!

And my Juki is humming along beautifully......perfectly cleaned and tuned!

Needless to say......John and I will be bringing all our machines to Robert from now on!  :o)

Our big question now do we get 3 additional machines into our car for the ride back to Maine!?!  We were already pretty maxed out on space!  I guess we'll be mailing a bunch of clothes back!  lol



  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "the rest of the story"...!!! Great deals and beautiful machines!! What a treat for you to share them with us!!! So glad you found a good sewing machine guy! I love my Necchis!! So I'm sure John will love his! I finally found a good sewing machine guy in a town near us, so I'll just have to pass on Robert for now!! Ship or give away the clothes!! Those Machines HAVE to go home!!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  2. Happy Easter Regan, This is such a cool story! I've never heard of the first machine, but know featherweights are so good for traveling. I always wanted one, but since I don't travel for retreats anymore, I don't need one. I also know Juki's-another great machine. So glad you made such good finds.

  3. Sounds like you found a wonderful dealer to work with--and some great machines to take home. I'm tickled for you. I know I love my featherweight!

  4. What a great story. Wouldn't Robert like to move to Maine? Thanks for sharing.

  5. So exciting! The Wilcox and Gibbs is so cool looking!!

  6. I love old machines. I had one of the Wilcox and Gibbs machines but let it go because of down sizing to a smaller house. I do have a machine that has the curved top like the W&G but I do not know the brand. It is on a shelf that requires a ladder to get to and I am not allowed on ladders anymore. It is not electric.

    I have three featherweights and can well understand the attraction to looking at them in antique shops or anywhere one is displayed. They are cute little machines.

  7. Hey Regan, will you guys be in Tampa in October? We will and thought we might find a way to catch up in person. Just a thought.
    We finally got spring - this winter would have be horrible for you - trust me. We are now thinking of moving to Florida. Hubby and I are cliches but this winter did us in. I never would have thought I'd utter those words....Oh well. :-)

  8. Wonderful story, Regan! I will have to let my granddaughter who just bought a home in Tampa know about your sewing machine repairman! I was in Tampa March 18-21 for her wedding. Had no idea that is where you are!

  9. You will find a way! Those kinds of packing issues always work out.

  10. Great story. Love those old sewing machines. A featherweight is on my bucket list.... Came on your blog by bloghopping. My husband and I love the state of Maine, we have visited twice from the Netherlands. Hope to go back again someday.

  11. Those are great sewing machines. You really lucked out that he had two of your all time favorites.

    Was he able to repair John's machine?