Saturday, January 17, 2015

Just catching up!'s official......I can't be trusted when I say, "I promise to blog more often!"

I'm full of crap, and I know it!  And now you do, too!  lol

We've been in Florida now for over two months, and there's just no excuse!  But I'm hoping (!!!) that this will get me going again!

So we arrived in Florida, and instantly are SO HAPPY we are doing the snowbird thing!  The winter in Maine has been cruel, indeed, and even though the oil prices have come down, it still would have been a small fortune to heat that house!  So we are playing golf a couple times most weeks, and hitting the hot tub some mornings.....walking our 4 miles on real sidewalks, filling the tank only 8-10 days!, and loving that there are so many choices of restaurants within a 3 mile drive!  Woot!  And, of course, we just HAD to go on a Christmas cruise, since we are so close to the boats down here!  It was wonderful.....and a nice change of pace for the holidays!  (And it won't be our last one.....we keep checking the last-minute-deals so we can't jump on one!  Yippee!)

As I mentioned in my last post, I brought 10 quilt kits I made up before we left, just thinking I might get to a couple of them......and I have!  Yay!  The one I'm working on right now is using up a lot of those big florals that I still had left over from making the Florabunda quilt (a Bonnie Hunter quilt).  I still had a bunch of the yellows, as well, and I just had to add a bit of orange (of course!), so these are the blocks......

The one on the left is trimmed to 6.5".  I have over 30 still needing trimming, and will need a total of 195 for the quilt!  But they are so addicting to make......I made those first 30 in just 2 evenings!  :o)

And my hubby has made 10 inflatable dolphin kites since he's been down here, so if I ever figure out how to link up his phone video......I'll show you them flying!  They're so cute!  Of course, when we left Maine, I had the camera sitting on the kitchen table......but do you think I remembered to put it in my bag......NO!  So all we have are our phones......and even though they are smart phones.....we aren't!  So I'll work on it, and see if I can get the video!

Well, once again, I need to thank so many sweet gals checking in on me, making sure I'm ok, and asking when I'm going to post again!  You are so kind, and I want you to know that I'm so thankful that you are reading me blog!  THANK YOU!

And I really will post again soon......REALLY!  :o)



  1. So glad that you are enjoying being winter birds!!! Your blocks are beautiful!! I have some florals set aside for a project - might get to it this year. You've inspired me!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  2. That is a really fun use of your Floribunda leftovers. I don't think I had that much left to work with after making mine.
    Enjoy those warm, sunny days! : )

  3. Florida sounds wonderful!! It's great you're getting lots of sewing done and I'm impressed hubby has made so many dolphin kites. Does he sell them?

  4. Oh do I envy you in sunny Florida! We walked early to try to beat the freezing rain this morning--NOT! We got caught half way back --ugh! But, we got 20 minutes anyway--the rest will have to be treadmill. I was SO cold...Anyway--despite your being in warm climes I do like your blocks (LOL) ! I have had a copy of BH's Florabunda on my list for a while--and I have stashed tons of florals--so maybe this will be the year....glad to hear you are warm and having fun--we have done 3 cruises and loved them! Hugs , Julierose

  5. How wonderful to be warm and able to come and go with ease. A Christmas cruise sounds ideal!

    Love the florals with the yellow and orange.

  6. So glad you're having fun. Guess you're not in my part of Florida. Always good to hear from you.

  7. I'd love to see the kites! Sunny Florida sounds great

  8. Floribunda in Florida is just about perfect! It is great to hear from you. Have you considered getting on Instagram since you have a smart phone? Most people who blog are on it. You can easily share a picture and write a sentence or two about it. Its fast, easy, and fun.

  9. Neat blocks, I'll bet the kites are cool!

  10. I am glad you are having so much fun! Maybe you could do a post on some of the delicious food you have been enjoying !

  11. Love those blocks ... that's going to be a fabulous quilt when they're done. I admit that I'm a little jealous of your snowbird status. When DH and I dreamt of retiring, we were determined to either move south to where it's warm in the winter or become snowbirds. Alas, DD provided us with grands and we just can't be that far away for so long. ;-)

  12. So glad to hear you are enjoying 'snowbird' season in Florida. Where are you? We are in SE Florida and speaking of cruises, we are taking a long weekend Jan. 30th - Feb. 2nd to cruise over to the Bahamas. This will be our first short cruise but though it would be a good getaway.

    Enjoy the rest of your winter.

  13. Hi Regan, I've been thinking you are just soaking up the sun in warm Florida. I know you'll be thankful, because some of us are still in the midst of winter. The past weeks have been wonderful, but today snowed. Tomorrow should be warm; I'm ready for spring. I thought we'd get to the east coast this May, but I have to have surgery(a hysterectomy)on no traveling until June. Enjoy the beaches and the warmth. Sending you winter hugs.

  14. Hey Regan!
    Time's up ! You have to post again lol. We are missing you. Come on out and play with us. ;^)