Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Holy cow.....

.....what a summer......and fall!

I can't believe my last post was June 30th!  Cripes!  AND.....the last line on that post said I was gonna post more often!  HA!  Who was I kidding!?!

Truly, the summer got away from me!  We had company most of the summer, and I hardly even stepped into my quilting room!  Crazy, but true!  But I did manage to get to the Maine Quilts show, and I took a 2nd Place ribbon for My Jubilee quilt there!  Woot!  So, a 2nd Place in Vermont, and then Maine.....woohoo!

AND THEN.....I entered it into my NH guild's show, (Cocheco Quilt Guild), which was just this last weekend, and I won BEST OF SHOW!!!!!


I'm in shock, needless to say!  And I still can't wipe the smile off my face!  lol

My hubby was so sweet, too......he had flowers for me when I got home from the show!  :o)

Life is good!

Of course, these last few months haven't been ALL about my quilt.

Our son, Chris, just got married to a lovely girl, Liz, on Columbus Day weekend in Sunapee, NH.

They had the ceremony aboard a dinner cruise boat, and then we sailed the lake for the reception!  It was beautiful!  The fall colors were at peak, and made for a perfect day!  We're so happy for them.....they really are perfect together!

Speaking of fall colors, this is a shot at a local golf course my friend and I played in the last month!  Gorgeous!

And, of course, our beautiful maple tree in our front yard put on a lovely show this year again!

As I said, we had a ton of company over the summer, but I managed to get a pic of the hibiscus a friend gave us while it was putting on its show!  Lovely!

Part of the summer was spent flying kites, and doing 'kite making for kids' events around the state. Always a fun day when the kids make kites!  They decorate them with markers, and minutes later, they are flying them in the field!  Awesome!

Speaking of kites, way back in May (seems like ages ago now! lol), I made a kite quilt for the fundraiser auction at the Wildwood Kite Festival in New Jersey.  My hubby is asked to fly at this event every year, and often gives kites for the auction.  Our good friend, the coordinator, asked if I could make a quilt (which I had no intention of doing!), but then thought about it, and figured "Why not!?!"  Of course, crazy me decided to do a machine applique quilt.....a process I'd NEVER DONE BEFORE!  What was I thinking!?!

But I think it really came out great!  Each of the appliques is of a very recognizable kite to flyers, and the pieced rail fence background sets it off nicely.  (I had seen the rail fence background on a guild member's applique quilt, and really liked the effect.  If I ever do another applique like this, I'd do that again!)  This quilt finished at 60x72.

And last, but not least, of my news is that we are becoming snowbirds this year!!!  Yep.....we are heading south to Florida in 7 days, and we are not returning until May!  Woohoo!

We never thought we would ever do the snowbird thing, but this past winter was so brutally cold, it cost us a small fortune to heat our house, and we just can't do that again!  And then we figured out that we could rent a condo AND play golf 2 times a week for the same amount......why wouldn't we head south!?!  And we're very excited that we found a nice place about 45 minutes from Chris and Liz.....not too close, but close enough!  :o)  And we have cousins galore and one of my sisters in FL, too, so there will be plenty of visiting down there!  Awesome!  We can't wait!

And I've kitted up 10 quilts to take with me!  LOL  Any bets on how many I even touch!?!  LOL

Wow......writing this post felt really good!  I sure missed blogging this summer!  I hardly had the chance to even look on any blogs.  Once in a blue moon I'd have a few minutes, and I checked a few.  I hope to scroll back on blogs and see what the heck everyone has been up to these last few months!  I've really missed keeping up!

And a big hug to the gals that checked on me over the last few months.....making sure I was ok!  You're awesome!  Love ya!

I'm thinking my next post will be from sunny Florida!  Of course, AFTER I've played a round of golf, and had a Krispy Kreme!  LOL



  1. Great to catch up! You sure have been busy. I'm not surprised your Jubilee quilt won so many prizes. It's beautiful and the detail Vic showed on her blog shows some awesome quilting. Have fun being a snowbird!

  2. I have seen your winning quilt on some other blogs. Congrats, girl! That is wonderful. I have always loved that quilt in all its orangeness!
    Looks like you have had a full summer!

  3. so well deserved! congrats, so happy to see a post from you thought of you often. ah a snowbird….you know now we are going to have a very mild winter this year right, thanks for that :)

  4. Congratulations on all fronts! A very eventful summer. Best in Show...wow. I always admired your Jubilee Quilt...well deserved!

  5. Congrats on your wins I bet you were grinning from ear to ear.
    Enjoy your winter away the vitamin D will be good for you too.
    I'm off to Houston next week and then going on to Florida. A mini snow bird for a week.

  6. Congrats on the awards for your lovely quilt! It is well deserved.
    Wow! Snow birds? Lucky you!

  7. Welcome back! Congratulations on your quilting awards, and on your son's wedding. It looks like you had a wonderful summer, and that more wonderful times await you. :-)

  8. Hello Stranger! lol
    So happy to see you in blogland again. Congratulations for the wonderful blue ribbon on you amazing Jubilee quilt, marrying off your son and becoming a Snowbird. Enjoy the golf and Krispy Kreme! ;^)

  9. Congrats! You have been a busy bee, haven't you? LOL. Where in FL are you going to be? Anywhere near the Melbourne/Viera area?

  10. Best of show! Congratulations! A memory to add to your Jubilee quilt.

  11. Congratulations on best in show!! Though I'm not surprised, it's an awesome quilt! I've never heard to phrase snow birds but it sounds wonderful. You'll be busy drawing flowers on your golf balls.

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!! so well deserved
    best wishes to the beautiful couples. what a nice wedding/reception idea

  13. congratulations on winning....my favorite of your quilts too I might add.
    When heading back up north or when heading down if not done already, please call if you are passing through - I will do all possible this time to make it work!!!

  14. A stunning quilt, so glad it was recognized.
    Lovely wedding couple - congratulations there too!
    Lovely photos.

  15. Great to hear from you again. Congratulations on your ribbons. Enjoy Florida. How exciting! Can't believe it's as cheap to live there for six months as to heat your home. Crazy. Your fall colours are glorious. We don't get quite a show in Australia due to our native trees being evergreen. Only introduced species turn their leaves so the landscape is not as full of all the autumn colour. I think my husband can't wait to be retired and play golf once a week. He only has to wait another 20 years haha!

  16. Hey girlfriend!! I saw where you had commented on Noreen's blog (if you win the book you can share with me and likewise!) Glad to see that you are back to visit blogs! I've been pretty hit and miss, too, but trying to reconnect with friends!

    Blessings and hugs!