Monday, October 29, 2012

Before the storm.....

I'm not sure how much steady power we'll have in the next day or two, so I better get to posting this now!  This is the last of the quilts from the Cocheco show a couple of weeks ago.......enjoy!

 "Civil War Tribute" by Sharon LaClair.

 "Civil War Stars" by Lyn McCreary.

 "Grant and Lee" by Barbara Robbins.

 "Winter Fractured" by Cheri Wilkins.

 "Serenity" by Cheri Wilkins.

 There was a special exhibit, The Silver Threads Challenge, as part of the New England Quilt Museum's 25th anniversary celebration.  There were entries from all over the country and internationally, as well.  They needed to include some silver thread or fabric, and it should represent their interpretation of 'silver'.

Correction:   I had previously credited this quilt incorrectly.  So, I don't know whose this was.....but it was terrific.  It didn't photograph well.....the background is a jet black, and the silver threads absolutely glow!  It was wonderful!

 "Mothers" by Rhoda R. Cohen, Weston, MA.  Sorry so blurry......I just loved the dangles and lots of texture!

 I somehow didn't get the info on this one.....but I love it!

 "Findings and Beads from India" by Rita K. Alesi, Winchester, MA.

 "Stars and Stripes" by Lorraine Hall.

 "Antique Civil War Era Baby Crib Quilt" courtesy of Jean Kearney.  This is a Civil War era crib quilt with provenance, dated c. 1861.  Made by Mary Amanda Briggs Riley and used for her third child, Walter Rivers Riley, born April 29, 1861, and died January 10, 1924.  Research has shown Mary Riley was born c. 1834 in Ireland and Walter was born in Warwick, RI.  Jean Kearney purchases it on January 26, 2005 from New Ipswich Antiques, New Ispwich, NH, in honor of her first grandson.

What wonderful information on that baby quilt!  Makes me re-think the labels I've been making on my quilts.  No more, "To Dad, with love, from Regan."  That's just not enough now!  :o)

 "Civil War Generals" by Sharon LaClair.

 "Civil War Confederate Generals" by Lyn McCreary.

 "Caisson's Rolling" by Barbara Robbins.

I'm wishing all the folks in the hurricane path to be safe, warm and dry.  Being prepared is all we can do.  We're not expecting anything more than some crazy winds and power outages up here in Maine, so I have my hand piecing all ready to go!



  1. I always love the civil war era stuff. That vintage baby quilt is wonderful!! Does make you think about your labels, doesn't it?
    The Silver pieces are fun--the kind of thing I would never think to make, but the idea of being challenged to incorporate silver in a quilt intrigues me.
    Thanks for the quilt show, Regan--it has been great!

  2. What a wonderful show and tell, thank you! I love the baby quilt and the documentation. Yes, quilt labels should contain all pertinent information even though we may think it is excessive now, it won't be later on! Stay safe, my friend, praying for the best as Sandy takes aim.

  3. Hi Regan--Thanks for the show! We are having lotsa rain and 40 mph sustained winds here in SE CT coast. So far power hasn't gone, but I figure it won't be long. Am "hexagon-ing along"..Cut out a lot of them last night with my accuquilt that it's not ELECTRIC now for sure!! Stay safe....Julierose

  4. Hi Regan...keep us all posted on the crazy weather! I have many relatives in Mass. and on the Cape. I hope it does not hit as hard as predicted. Love all the Civil War era anything!!
    stay safe!

  5. I shouldn't look at quilt show posts before i go to work, I wish I could take a day off to sew now. :0 Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts with us. Stay dry and cosy. I hope the storms aren't too bad for you.

  6. Be safe and keep warm.
    We are hunkered down here in the dc area.
    Crazy day.
    we didn't get out soon enough to buy water - we tried 6 places. My husband the boy scout said, 'we have beer and wine and liquor we'll be fine."

  7. Thank you so much for the show. All are so special in their own way. "Winter Fractured" and "Mothers" spoke to me. Love the antique crib quilt - the documentation makes it that much more special.


  8. Again, lovely, lovely, lovely!! Thanks for sharing. I drawn to medallion quilts - so will be back to study the first one again!! Hope Sandy causes nothing bad for you and all the east coast! Praying safety and blessings!!!

  9. Hi Regan, Oh what beautiful quilts. This year I had searched for a Civil War reproduction quilt but never found one; thank you for sharing. I am glad you won't be impacted by the storm; the cold wet weather makes one want to quilt. With that, I'm off to get some pieces I need to put together.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. Hi Regan...
    I absolutely adore the 'Silver Celestial Body' piece.
    What incredible work !
    Thanks so much for sharing this inspriation...

  11. Thanks for sharing photos of such lovely quilts. I hope you are staying warm, safe, and dry.

  12. So many styles of fabulous quilts! Love the mix. That CW baby quilt is awesome. Would especially love to see that one in person.

  13. Hope you are doing well after the storm. Thanks for sharing the pictures of such beautiful quilts!

  14. ooh! loved the civil war quilts - thanks for sharing!!

  15. Thank you for the quilt show...I really fell in love with that crib quilt! I too am thinking a lot about the storm victims.

  16. Hi Regan, Thanks for the lovely photos. I love that first quilt - absolutely stunning! All the best for the storm recovery - such a worry for you all.
    Every Stitch

  17. Absolutely beautiful quilts Regan..
    Hope you are safe and sound...

  18. Thanks for posting all your loverly photos from the Cocheco show....I was there but didn't have time to take as many pictures as I wanted to! Guess we'll have to designate you as Official Photographer of Quilt Shows!!

  19. Hi Regan, Loved seeing the antique quilts; can't wait to see what you've been working on. I'm in the middle of trying to make some doll dresses for my granddaughters Christmas stockings so had to put away the quilt.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
    Hugs, Noreen