Saturday, November 17, 2012

I've been lurking!

And not posting......even though I have plenty to post about!  I guess with storms, and elections, and having a cold.......the time has just gotten away from me!

Let me first say a huge 'Thank You' to everyone who commented and wished us well through the storms.  We really were bypassed here in Maine, and just had power outages in some towns.  The north side of our town was out a couple of times over a few days.....but it was a minor inconvenience compared to the folks in NY and NJ.  Still hoping the outpouring of support for those folks will continue until they are back on their feet.

I've been doing a ton of quilting since I last posted.  Nothing to show yet, but pretty soon!  So, until then, I will show pics from 'A Quilters Gathering' show that was in New Hampshire the first weekend of November.  It was a fabulous show, and I took a gazillion pics.......will show them over several posts (as usual!).

To start, there was a special exhibit of quilt collections from several renowned quilters.  Amazing quilts!

The first few quilts we saw were from an antique collection belonging to Sue Reich

 I just loved this quilt.....and when I got up close, I realized it was cheater cloth!  From 1876!  Cripes!  I want to replicate this......and SO wish I could find all these prints today!  Aren't they just wonderful!?!  It's tied with a little wool fabric buttons at the corners!  LOVE IT!

The following quilts are made by Janet-Lee Santeusanio and Mary Schilke.  They are co-founders of the MQX shows.

Made by Pat Delaney....

This show was amazing in every way!  The quality of every single quilt was exceptional!  If I didn't get a pic of every quilt, it was because no one would move from in front of it.  And then......right towards the camera battery quit.  I thought I was fully charged before I left, but I guess not!  Dang!  But I don't think I missed too many!

Ok.......more pics to follow in the next several posts!



  1. Incredible quilts, Regan--both old and new. It does seem out of place to think of cheater cloth back then, doesn't it?

  2. amazing quilts and amazing quilting! I think I have a piece of cheater cloth like that let me look I will email you.
    thanks for sharing the quilt what a great way to start my day with a quilt show!

  3. lovely quilts! thanks for sharing them.
    so glad that sandy didn't hit you hard!

  4. Beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I have seen one of two of them in other shows and they are wonderful.


  5. Oh my, what lovely quilts! Thank you for posting the information cards for the quilts, too.

  6. I'd love some of that cheater clothe, too! Really enjoyed those antique quilts. The mariners compass by Pat Delaney is awesome. Yay to lots of quilting going on!

  7. I think someone should reproduce that cheater cloth, it's a winner!! I love the button ties. So many amazing quilts, ill be back to read the cards when im at my computer instead of looking on my phone. Great to hear you've been sewing, I know you'll have wonderful things to show us .

  8. The quilts are beautiful!
    Glad you're doing well.

  9. It was fun to see the up close version along with the overall quilts. Makes me appreciate the intricacy of all that work!