Thursday, October 18, 2012

In the mail today.....

I received this month's Elle Magazine in the mail today.  I only subscribe because I had a ton of points on a credit card, but not enough for anything like a flight.

So, I usually thumb through it, see if there are any good fragrance tabs, and then pitch it in the pile to put into the town office 'help yourself' box.

As I'm thumbing through, I spot this layout pic.  Now just look at the pattern on those pants!

First of all......they have a ton of orange on them!  Yay!  And then, of course, it's a fun hexie pattern!  Yay again!

It's so bold, but in a little dose, like maybe a mini for the wall, it would be fabulous!  Right!?!  Orange, purple  and black!  Yummy!

Oh, and just in case you were looking to pick those up on your next spree into the city......they are Prada, and they are $1,860!  .......Now doesn't a wall hanging sound good!  lol

I'll be posting more quilt show pics tomorrow!



  1. Okay, is this going to be a Halloween wall hanging with those colors? : )

  2. Of course you could make a pair of pants yourself with hexes....could be interesting! Then again...a wall-hanging sounds easier!

  3. Great inspiration for a fun wall hanging! Will you do it out of hexes?

  4. Ohhh Wouldn't it be fun to have pants like that!!! Or a wall hanging. :)

  5. Those pants are wild...and what about those shoes?!?!?! I'm so out of touch! lol

  6. Hexies are everywhere these days.