Friday, March 23, 2012

We leave tomorrow! Woohoo!

And today is going to be so busy!  We still haven't packed......and we are driving, so that means packing way too much stuff, just because we can!  lol

I haven't spent one single minute on my Jubilee quilt this week......and I don't know why!  I wanted to, but it seems I only want to work on it when I know I can spend hours at a time doing it!  Twenty minutes here and there is just not relaxing for me.  It's either all or nothing!

I did spend yesterday trying to quilt up a quilt for our group charity project.  Turns out, we have someone in town that should receive it, and I'd like to get it to them BEFORE I come back in the middle of April.  If I can finish up the quilting on it, and sew down the binding, Pat (one of the gals from the group) said she would finish hand sewing down the binding.  Yay!  I'm doing just a simple wavy line down each's a stripey quilt, so I wanted the quilting to be stripey, too!  I'm nearly done with the quilting......I should finish it tonight!  Yay!

I do need to spend a few minutes today marking some fabrics with templates......for my handwork project on this trip.  I know I'll want to sit and stitch here and there, so I really want to have something very portable with me.  My plan is to make little LeMoyne stars from my civil war fabrics......about 3 inches finished.  I've seen a bunch of these antique quilts out there, and just the other day, Barbara Brackman linked to a site of civil war quilts at a museum, and there was one in the collection with a fabulous striped fabric sashing!  I'm in love!

So that's the plan for stitching on this vaca.  Our trip starts with 5 days of golfing/antiquing our way down to Tampa (with a stop in Philly to see the bell!), and then visit with our cousins in Tampa for a few days, then the 5 days cruise to Mexico, and then visit some more in Tampa.  When we leave, we are heading straight to visit at Suzanne's place in would recognize her as "Suzanne with the dump machine!" famous since Bonnie Hunter put her on her blog!  Ha!  We'll play a little golf with them, then continue our golfing/antiquing all the way back to Maine!  So......I needed to prep for all of this golfing......

This is kindof my thing......I HAVE to have decorated golf balls......I just can't play with a plain ball!  It doesn't feel right!  I really like looking down at the little flowers just before I smack the snot out of it!  Ha!  It just make me happy!  :o)

And yeah.....I usually get a lot of comments like....."Gee, someone has a lot of free time on their hands!"

And NO, I really don't......but this is a necessity!  Really!  My game just wouldn't be the same without the little flowers!

And on other non-quilty hubby just finished making a kite for a friend of ours who does kite building workshops with kids.......and the kite came out REALLY great!  It's the logo for his workshop business, and it flies like a dream!

Ok......I'm off to pack, stitch and mark fabric!  Whew!

AND.......I'm officially NOT keeping track of my food starting tomorrow!  I've been following Weight Watchers since the beginning of February, and I've lost 13 pounds since then.  My goal was to lose 10 by our I'm totally jazzed about it all!  I'm not even going to worry about it during our trip......and I'm eating every dessert I see on that dang ship!  Ha!  Cuz vacations for us are ALL about the food!  Yum!

And I'll get right back on WW when I get home!

Hope you have a great few weeks.....I know I will!  :o)



  1. Have a super fun trip! And take pictures to share!

  2. Sounds like a really fun trip! Love your embellished golf balls - super cute! Off to search for LeMoyne Star quilts because I've been itching to start one - perfect portable project! Safe travels!

  3. Oh Regan you are going to have so much fun and you're leaving just in time for our weather to begin another cool down phase too, you timed it perfectly! Those golf balls made me smile and so do thoughts of antiquing all the way up and down the Eastern seaboard. Have fun you two!! ~Lili

  4. Enjoy your trip! Cruising, quilting, antiquing and golf...sounds like a great time!

  5. Love seeing what's in your machine. Hope you're able to finish it and get your lemoyne star pieces cut. I LOVE small blocks. Can't wait to see yours.
    What a kite! That is so cool.
    Have fun golfing in style and doing all the other things you've planned. Sounds like a great trip. Have fun and be safe.

  6. Eat,drink and be merry!!!! Have a wonderful time Regan!

  7. You are leaving for a month and you have time to work on a quilt tonight? Wow. I am impressed.
    Have a great trip!

  8. Yes, you are going to have a great time. Although, I am exhausted just reading about all you have going on. I can't wait to see your Lemoyne stars when you get back.

  9. Have a wonderful trip! Love your decorated golf balls!

  10. Have a wonderful time and eat to your heart's content...cute golf balls!

  11. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip.

  12. Sorry I missed you - hope you have a fabulous time~
    I lOVED your golf balls - you are too cute!
    I'll have to borrow this idea if I get out on the course this year

  13. Hope you are enjoying your trip! Thank you for your kind comment about my Jubilee quilt. :)

  14. We just came from Tampa! How funny :-) Enjoy your trip!!

  15. Regan, You are so wonderful - you draw flowers on your golf balls!!! that is just so cool!! Your trip sounds fantastic!! I bet you're having so much fun. Great kite too, I can imagine it flying like a dream brightening the skies in all it's yellow glory!