Sunday, March 18, 2012

The worst thing ever!

This is just a quick post to pass the word on some quilts that were stolen from Karen's car in's the link to her post with the pics and info on it.

I just can't imagine how awful that must feel!  Hopefully, they will be found.  As she said, if everyone can check yard sales, flea markets, etc......they might turn up.  Obviously when the punks stole the suitcase from her car, they had no idea what was in it, and will probably not care anything about them.  Ugh!


And.....thanks to everyone who sent me get well wishes.....I'm nearly back to normal (whatever THAT is!)  :o)

Hopefully I will be quilting tomorrow and posting my progress.......I have less than a week until vaca!  Yikes!

And today it was 80 degrees here in March!  Woohoo!  That just felt SO good!

Have a great day!



  1. Karen taught down here a couple years ago...I am so sorry this happened to her...

  2. And I thought 80 degrees in March in Virginia was something!
    Stolen quilts seem to be on the rise. I guess we should all be extra careful.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Oh this is terrible about the quilts.
    I can't imagine anyone who steals and is a "professional" as the cops stated, would want the quilts. They were so beautiful and hours upon hours of hard work. See why have become misanthropic?

    isn't this weather wild?
    I like it yet I fear if this doesn't stop soon July and August we will blow up. It's normally 100 in August so what will we be dealing with if it's high 70's and 80's just this last two weeks in March?

    I just can't see the positive now can I?
    I sound like my sister. :-)