Thursday, April 12, 2012

Still on Vacation! Woohoo!

I'm still on vacation, but I have a few minutes of internet access, so I thought I'd post a bunch of pics from the vaca so far!  We are on the last stretch of it.....should be home in about 5 days.  I just love how driving vacations can linger......and I am making sure we are taking our time!  :o)

We started in late March with a drive from our home in Maine, to Philadelphia.  I'd never seen 'the bell' before, so it was a perfect first destination!

First signs of spring in Philadelphia!  Yay!

The Liberty Bell and the statue of George Washington in front of the State House!

The room where 'those guys' signed the Declaration of Independence!  lol

Philly was fun, but we had golfing to we headed to Fort Lee in Virginia, Fort Bragg in NC and Fort Stewart in Georgia.  Woohoo!  It was so good to get to play again.  Our local course closes the middle of October and doesn't open until the middle of April each we are just about to burst waiting for it.  And golfing on bases is really kind of golf!  Ha!

Then we headed for Tampa, and then got on our cruise!  Woohoo!  Royal Caribbean to Cozumel and Costa Maya, Mexico for a 5 day cruise!  Totally fun in every way!  It was my 2nd cruise, but my hubby's first, so I wanted to make sure he had a fantastic he'd want to do it again!  AND HE DOES!  Yippee!

 My hubby, John.

Me on the deck, waiting for our room to be ready.  It was a lovely ship, but I didn't get many pictures......I guess I was having way too much fun!

This was a floor medallion on one of the decks......a beautiful Mariner's Compass.  Quilty inspiration!

 Yep.....I love towel animals......had to take a pic of each one!  Too sweet!

 This was the puppy dog towel that I made for our room steward with his tip envelope on the last day.  Hubby and I had just taken a 'towel animal making demo' and it was the one I really liked!


Here's the turtle our steward left for to my puppy!

And hubby and I also took a napkin folding naturally I left an elf shoe at every table I sat at from that moment on!  :o)

Our excursion in Cozumel was taking the Xtrail dune buggies through the jungle to the Jade Caverns.  It was awesome!  The ride through the jungle was amazing.....and you totally get covered in mud from the tires on the dune buggy.  FUN!  Then you get to the caverns, and you can swim in the pools.  It was a little murky looking for me.....but hubby and a bunch of others jumped in from the top of the caverns!

When we went to Costa Maya, we took an excursion to the Chocchobean Mayan Temples.  Our guide was really good, and gave us so much history and information about them.  There were several temples that had already been excavated (just since the 1990's), and many more that are just hills with trees on them, until the government can come up with some more money to fund more excavating.

Here we are at the top, looking down at the next group!

These were some really cool trees there.....have no idea what kind.  But very cool!

When we finished the cruise, we visited a bit more in Tampa with our cousins, April and Drew.  Did we get any pics of them, or the new grandson?......No!  Sheesh!  But I know April was taking a bunch of pics, so maybe I'll post one when she sends one along.  Speaking of April......she just started a's the link......Life Without a Tagline.  April is awesome in every way......and as I like to say, she's the 'voice of reason' in every group, especially when the family gets together!  lol

While we were in the Tampa area, we took a quick trip down to Ft. Myers to visit my sister, Alison.  Three words.......Norman Love Chocolates!  If you've never tried them, you are truly missing out!  If you are ever in Ft. Myers or Naples Florida, or a Godiva Chocolatier, then definitely get several!  They are little works of art, and totally yummy!  I even got to talk with Norman, himself!  :o)  And then we went next door and had some of his gelato......Holy Cow!  The best!

And did I mention that we had pretty much turned this into a Krispy Kreme vacation!  LOL  You know, we don't have any KK anywhere near us......and there is nothing like an original glaze Krispy Kreme donut!  YUM!  My favorite!  And all this chocolate, gelato and donuts are on top of all the amazing food we had on the ship!  Oy!

Yep......hubby and I are definitely going back on Weight Watchers when we get home......but for the next week, we are still living it up!  lol  I love being on vacation and eating every yummy I see!

When we left Tampa on Monday, we headed for Suzanne and John's place in The Villages in central Florida. We just spent a fabulous 3 days with them, golfing, eating, visiting and checking out all the villages have to offer.  Hubby and I are in the beginning stages of figuring out what we are going to do with our winters when we fully retire in 2 years.  And this area is looking really good.  We were also told by April that the Mount Dora area (also central Florida) is a lovely little town right up our alley!  And boy, were they right!  They so know us!  And yesterday we golfed with another couple we know from Maine in another local area, and that all looked good, too!  We have so many choices to consider now.  We just need to figure out what is really important to us.....and go from there.

Right now, we are in Atlanta, a good stopping point on our way to Mary Jo's Quilt Store in North Carolina tomorrow!  Can't wait!  Woohoo!

Speaking of quilting......I managed to mark and cut a bunch of civil war repro fabric for my 8-pointed star next hand work project.  I saw the inspiration antique quilt on the Museum of the Confederacy's Shelton 8 Pointed Star quilt.  I just love the striped fabric for the sashing, and I've always wanted to do this in small these are going to work up to just under 3 inches square.

I made most of these while at Suzanne's; we spent Tuesday morning at her quilt guild meeting.....a very nice group of ladies.  I'm still deciding on what background to off white/beige, or maybe a small shirting print......still don't know.  The 7 on the right are just half done.....still need the center joining seam, but my light wasn't great, so I didn't want to chance a crappy join.

And.......still on a quilty note......when I saw this car in the parking lot of our hotel in North Carolina......all I could say was......"That's a perfect cheddar color!"  Ha!

My pic reads more yellow......but in real was CHEDDAR!  ha!

Hope you have a great weekend.  I'll post more when I'm home!



  1. I'd love to see those historic spots where our founding fathers made things happen!
    Looks like a wonderful cruise!! Love the towel animals. : )

  2. I'm seriously jealous about the liberty bell, etc. However, we are planning small trips like that when we get to Virginia. When we lived at Fort Richardson, Alaska--the post was home to the northern-most 36 hole golf course in the US. It was consistently in the top 3 best money-making golf courses in the military. Considering it was only open from April-May to Sept. that is saying something!

  3. i just had to laugh ah yes that car is cheddar and I would have taken a picture of it too
    I have a picture of a cheddar house!
    glad you had a great vacation, ok, so when you were in Philly did it mean you went a little further into lancaster and did some fabric shopping?

  4. Great post! It all sounds like so much fun.
    Love your CW stars and thanks for the link to MOC.
    Have fun at Mary Jo's!

  5. Looks like a wonderful vacation! Off to see the 8-point star quilt...yours look fab so far.

  6. WOW what a great trip!
    You are so cute Regan.
    Nice to finally see you.

    The surprising thing to my husband was how small everything was in Philly. The liberty bell was small to him, that room and house where the declaration of independence was signed etc. He's a big man,6'2", but even I at 5'1" thought everything was wee bit on the small side. Guess our forefathers were smaller and didn't need mcmansions. :-)

    Enjoy your went right by my house too and couldn't call and meet for a drink? Jeez!

  7. Next time you come through the south stop on by in Augusta...we could golf out at Fort Gordon! We are in the position...where are we going to finally settle...

  8. Vacation? What's that!!!

    Ok, stop rubbing it in!!! HA!!

    Hope you keep having fun!!!

  9. Oh my gosh! What a fun time you are having and lucky you can even start to think of retirement!!

    I love the photo of you on the ship deck. What an awesome looking 50 year old hottie!! lol

  10. Thanks for sharing so much of your trip! What a great time :-) Mary Jo's is amazing! Enjoy the shopping!

  11. You and John are wonderful house guests . Loved reading your travel notes. Travel safely the rest of your trip . Suzanne

  12. What a super fun trip you guys are having!! Thanks for sharing it with us!! I'm so impressed ou can make pixie shoes!! You have so many hidden talents, who knows what you'll do next. The cheddar car is a classic!! Keep having a great time!!

  13. looks like you are having a ball! and why not? a land and sea vacation - so fun!
    I posted your CD today