Thursday, August 18, 2011

World Quilt Show - New England.....Part 1

My friend Brenda and I just got back from Manchester, New Hampshire where the World Quilt Show for New England is currently running through this Sunday.  It was a really great show, and I have a ton of pics from it!  Actually, I have 82 pics.....that's why this post is Part 1.  I think it will be spread out over the next several days in maybe 3 posts.  I think you can click on most of the pics to get a bigger view.....and some quilts I took a real close-up of it, cuz it was just too amazing not to see up close!

These are in no particular order......and I took shots of ones that I either really liked, or there was something different about it that intrigued me.  Most are not the 'show winners'.....of course......they NEVER pick the ones I think they should!  Why is that?  lol

This was really a beautiful quilt......very nice applique and lovely quilting.  The 1st and 3rd pic show the truer colors of the quilt.

These next 7 quilts are from Pepper Cory's collection of antique or made-by-her quilts.  They are of the theme  "Orange and Back".

 This antique quilt was originally of a black background, and where the pale pinkish color was it was actually all faded with age and old dye issues.

This quilt was a stunner.....the biased strip celtic design was really amazing.  Click on the close up shots to really see the applique and hand quilting!  The two close up shots are the real colors of the quilt.  The lighting in the Radisson was NOT meant to show quilts by.....everything faded out, or was in the dark shadows of corners.....I had so many shots that didn't come out at all!  Dang!

This one was sweet.....a view of the beach.....complete with towels and cabanas!  lol

The micro-stippling on this was just it!

Ok.....this quilt might not look like much from a distance, but check out the close-ups!  OMG!  Definitely click on the pics.....the machine quilting was phenomenal!  The middle pic is the true color.

These two close ups are the only pics I have of this ribbon winning was huge, nearly king sized, and from a distance my pic was just muddled color.  It won the ribbon for Best Hand Embellishment.  These two pics each show about a 6 inch section of this monster quilt.....and the whole thing had felted-wool animals and trees and flowers all over it!

Lots of art quilts.....not usually my cup of tea......but I think I'm being persuaded!  :o)

This show featured contest winners from nine different countries:  Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and the US.  And there were over 70 vendors at this show!  Woohoo!  This show of quilts travels the country, and has upcoming events in PA, CA, FL, VA, NJ, and CO.  I think you can google World Quilt Show to see where they will be.  It was definitely worth the 2.5 hour drive to get to it!  Of course, we made a stop at Keepsake Quilting, but we were very restrained and saved all of our $ for the show!  lol

Hope you have a great day!  Will post again soon with more of the show!



  1. Lucky you for getting to see all these beauties in person! Thanks for sharing them with those of us who couldn't be there.

  2. Thanks for such a wonderful virtual tour. Amazing quilts!! I look forward to the next installment!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I love the variety of styles...amazing what quilters are doing with thread and embellishments these days.

  4. I so get what you said about the quilts that don't get ribbons. I once did a post called "the losers club" but they were my favorites at the show!
    thanks for sharing the wonderful quilts.

  5. I'm flabbergasted and astounded by the talent at that show!! Such amazing quilts!! 70 traders stalls would have been fun too!!