Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another little quilt show!

Years ago, my friend Brenda received a bunch of quilting stuff from an elderly lady she knew that was downsizing to go and live with her daughter.  I guess the lady (Bea) was not planning on doing any more quilting.  Well, Brenda was reorganizing a while back, and came across a bunch of bowtie blocks that Bea had made, but never set together.  Brenda thought....."I'll finish this little quilt, and then send it to Bea!"  So Brenda set all the blocks together, and asked me if I would quilt it!  Of course!  So this last week I scrambled to get it quilted and bound because yesterday there was a little quilt show at a meeting house in Oxford, Maine, where Bea was from.  Turns out.....a lot of the ladies that were there knew Bea, and they were quite pleased to see a quilt that she had a hand in!  Sweet!

Here it is laying across the seats in the meeting house.  And here are a few pics of some of the other quilts at the show......

This was a really nice quilt.....and huge.....I wish it wasn't laying across the pews, cuz it is really hard to see all the patterns.

This one was a mini......only about 8 inches square!  SO SWEET!

There is another quilt show for Oxford County in September.....and I hope to put the bowtie quilt in that, as well, before we ship it out to Bea.....I think she'll get a kick out of her quilt squares making the rounds of her old stomping grounds!  lol

Here's a pic of my Stargazer seems I can never remember to take a pic of anything in my garden until it is well past prime......but I remembered this time!  Yay!

And here is a pic of my hubby, John, as he is re-stringing a Crown kite.  The kite is the long line of color at the far end of all the strings.  This kite is a giant wheel when inflated, and it is 75 feet across the wheel!  It's huge!  And these lines (the strings) that run out to it at the edges are 100 feet long!  There is such a pull on this kite, it takes several guys (minimum) to control is anchored by a truck, so it can't fly away!  At our first chance, we will take a pic of it's really a show-stopper at the kite events!

I've been working on the wedding quilt......I'm piecing the back now, and should have a pic in a couple of days!  Yay!

The countdown to the Bonnie Hunter cruise is just 12 days now!  Woohoo!  I can't wait!

Hope you had a great weekend!



  1. Some lovely quilts there and those lillies are just gorgeous! man!!!! I would love the see that kite aloft! Dont forget to show us a photo when you get the chance!

  2. What a very nice thing you and your friend have done for Bea. I like that you are putting it in shows where Bea had lived. Very cool!
    I really enjoy seeing the quilts in the show draped over the pews. I've been to a couple of quilt shows in old churches--very fun.
    Beautiful lilies!!
    I will be interested to see the kite inflated. Sounds intriguing.
    You are going on the Bonnie Hunter cruise?!?! Lucky girl!! Hope you will post about all the fun when you return! Enjoy it!!

  3. Darling bowtie quilt! I know Bea will love it. Your lilies are gorgeous. Lucky girl for getting to go on the Bonnie Hunter cruise...have fun if we don't hear from you before then.

  4. There is something about a quilt show where the quilts a draped on pews...very charming. Love the bowtie quilt. I'm sure Bea will be very pleased.
    Please get a pic of the kite - that sounds so cool.
    Those lilies look perfect!

  5. I love the story of Bea's quilt. Beautiful quilts. Seeing them hung over pews is really different from any show I've been to. The wheel kites dimensions are mind boggling! It dosent seem possible. I hope you can get photos when it's in the air one day. I can smell those lillies perfume from here, what striking flowers to have in the garden. 12 days to go, lucky you!

  6. Nice quilt show! Love the bow tie.
    I can't wait to see that kite inflated!