Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's a very good day!

I'm feeling back to my old self today.....that devil cold is over, and I've so much to talk about now!  Thanks for all the well wishes, too.....they worked!

So, yesterday, my bud Brenda and I went to the slots casino in Bangor, and had a ball!  I even left $12 ahead, which is always good!  Brenda.....not so much!  But she won over $400 last time we she's ok with that!

On the 2+ hour drive up there, she mentioned how her hubby was wanting them to go on a 14 day tour of the midwest.....and that she knew she wasn't up for that kind of go, go, go for so long, and that she wasn't going!  I asked how much a trip like that cost, and she said around $3,500 per person.  I thought that was a lot, and said so, but she said it was a group thing that her husband's lodge was putting together.  So then I asked, "What if there was an 8-day quilting cruise to the islands, and it was under $1,000?  Would you consider that?"  and she said "OF COURSE!  I'd go in a minute!"

So I told her all about Bonnie Hunter's Quilt Cruise (which I had looked at, and only thought about in my dreams!) and when we got home, I talked with my hubby, and......


I'm going on the quilt cruise!  With Bonnie Hunter!!!


I am feeling so lucky these days......I love to travel and this year is going to be full of it!

In March, we are heading for San Diego for my MIL's 80th birthday.....we are spending a week so we can play some golf, and see old friends (we lived there about 14 years ago!), and eat in all those great restaurants!  (San Diego has the BEST food ever!  I really miss that!)

One week after returning from CA, we are headed to NYC for the Red/White quilt exhibit being sponsored by the Folk Art Museum.

It's a collection of 650 quilts....all red and white.....from one collector!  Can you imagine!  I can't wait to see it!  There are also two other museums with special quilt exhibits during that time, so I am doing the exhibits alone.....with no pressure or time limit!  I'm telling hubby, and our cousin (who lives in Long Island and always joins us in the city) to do what you want.....walk that Brooklyn Bridge, see a show, whatever.....I'm doing quilts!  I'll see you at dinner!  HA!  Two full days of quilts......I'm feeling so lucky!

Then in June, we are driving down to visit our son in VA, and see our grandson graduate from high school!  More golf, a lot of sightseeing (I've never been to VA) so we need to see Colonial Williamsburg, Monticello, we'll stop at the Smithsonian again on the way down (can't get enough of art!), and hit some of those great quilt shops that everyone keeps talking about in that area!

And then, two months later, the cruise!  Sheesh!  Someone pinch me, cuz this MUST be a dream!

Oh, and did I mention that when we go to NYC, we are staying at the Waldorf Astoria!  Holy Cow!  Our American Express card is the Hilton Honors one.  If you don't have this card......get one!  We always use our points and stay at the Hampton Inn hotels whenever we go anywhere, cuz we love the beds and the buffet breakfast, but sometimes there is a Hilton, and they are wonderful, too.  And the Hilton is affiliated with the Waldorf, and for just 50,000 points, we can stay there!  (The NYC Hampton Inns and Hiltons were 40,000 points!)  Sheesh!  We just couldn't pass this up!  When will we ever get this chance to stay is such a posh hotel!?!  Of course, my immediate thought was that I need new clothes so I don't waltz in there looking like some hick from Maine!

I'm so giddy right now, I don't think I can sit still enough to sew!  But I'll try!


P.S.  If anyone hears me complain about ANYTHING this have my permission to give me a good, swift kick!


  1. Sounds like fun for you!
    Check the DC visitors bureau sites for coupons if you are going to visit a couple of the Smithsonian buildings. They usually offer all kinds of free lunches or discounts and fun stuff for tourists. If you can't find it all let me know.

  2. What a totally uplifting post!! I want to go everywhere with you. Room in the suitcase?? Actually you got me thinking about the show in NYC. Always wanted to go and what better excuse!

  3. Man, am I jealous.
    p.s. glad you're feeling better!

  4. Wow! It all sounds like great fun! If you're in the DC area June 4-6, the Quilters Unlimited show is in Chantilly, VA at the Dulles Expo Center. Over 500 quilts and 70 vendors.

  5. Hi, Regan! Thanks for commenting on my post or I would have never found your wonderful blog. I've got it marked as a favorite now.

    Can't wait 'til the quilt cruise! Hope to see ya then! :o)

  6. Oh Wow!! Lucky Lucky You!! I'd love to see that exhibition in New York, it'll be a once in a life time exhibition. It's a bit far from Australia. Your cruise sounds like so much fun too. maybe you need to hire a personal assistant, I could carry your bags.. :)