Thursday, November 18, 2010

Two more baby quilts!

I'm so excited about Bonnie Hunter's mystery that starts tomorrow!  I'm just so crazy that I'm not going to be here until Saturday night!  My friend, Brenda, and I are heading north and we are going to try and pack as much fun fun fun in as we can!  I'm guessing we'll hit at least 2 Marden's, 3 quilt shops, and maybe 2 antique shops, all on the way to the Bangor Hollywood Slots!  Hit the jacuzzi the minute we get there, have the great buffet (their carrot cake is to die for!) and only spend a little on the slots, as we have more shopping to do on the way back!  Then, the minute I get home, I'm starting the mystery!  I'm still deciding on my color scheme, because I don't have many greens, but I have a lot of greys/ maybe that instead.  We'll see what happens!

In the are two more baby quilts that I've made.  These were made when I had a website, but as I've mentioned before, it never got off the ground, because I was waaaay too far down the google listing for anyone to find my little baby quilt site.  But since using ebay, I've sold one recently, and will probably start an etsy shop soon, just to see what can happen.

I've been giving them away as the need arises.....this first one went to little Sophia Grace, the first baby of our sweet niece Corin and her wonderful husband, Josh.  They sent me a real pic of Sophia with the quilt, but my scanner is ill, so until it is feeling better, here is just the quilt.

This next quilt has a funny story to I was quilting the heck out it, (it is really highly quilted...see the closeup), and just had about a 4" section left to do, my dang machine went crazy on me.  It jammed up, so I had to take the machine apart.  (I'm sure you're saying, "You're not supposed to take it apart....only a tech should!" but if I followed the suggested 'every 20 hours of sewing, get it cleaned' scenario, I would have my machine in the shop every week!  Can't do that!  So, I dove right in!  Plus, it's not a $3,000 machine; THAT I would take to someone!)

Now, this was a fairly new machine, only about 3 months old.  And I had been quilting all these baby quilts on it with no problem whatsoever!  Well, this was the first time I had even taken off the feed-dog plate!  And when I did, OH BOY!  There was practically an entire quilt worth of fluff in my machine!  Sheesh!  I got out the little brushes, and the canned air, and a tweezers, and went to town on it!  It was really unbelievable how my little machine could have kept going with all that in there!  I hadn't even noticed that the spaces between the two double rows of feed dogs were packed tight with white fluff....only the tweezers could get it out!  Yikes!

So, I got all the crap out of there, oiled where it needed it, and put it all back together!  Did a little test, and it worked like a charm!  Sweet!

So, I started the quilting to finish the baby quilt, and as I was almost done, a clump of oily fluff fell out of the needle mechanism and before I could stop and catch it, I ran over it with the needle!  Of course, it HAD to be oily, couldn't just be fluff!  So it left a spot about the size of a pea in the corner of the quilt, about 2 inches in!  DANG IT!

What's a quilter to do......but......cut off the corners!  AND I LOVE IT!  It's one of my favorite quilts I've made, and I think I will be keeping it, and using it as a wall hanging!

Have you had any disasters that turned out for the best?

regan  :o)

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  1. These are both adorable! Running out of fabric has nearly always proven to be a "happy accident" for me.