Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Today was the first day of Winter!  Woohoo!  I can actually celebrate that enthusiastically, because it was 78 degrees today here in central Florida!  Tomorrow, hubby and I are waking up early to get in our walk, and then we are headed to the beach to fly kites with friends!  Yep....bring on Winter! We're loving it!

And we loved our recent cruise to the Panama Canal!  It was awesome in every way!  I don't have many pictures.....I guess I don't think to take pics unless it's of a quilt!

Here I am in Half Moon Cay, Bahamas!  And yes....the water is REALLY that color!  Gorgeous!  We were just there for about 6 hours.....long enough to fly my kite on the beach, and wander a bit!  We did the same in Aruba and Curacao.....both had nice little towns to wander around in, and lovely beaches, and we found a nice little park in both to fly the kite!  Our port of call in Cartegena, Columbia was rained out, so we didn't get off the boat.

And here's a pic of the boat heading into the Panama Canal!  It was an awesome event at the crack of dawn!  Our boat is the largest ship that can fit through.....there was about 1 foot of clearance on both sides!  Yikes!  If the railings on the ship weren't so slanted inward, we could have touched the sides of the canal!

The next day, we kayaked in Costa Rica.....totally great!  Then two more lovely days at sea before getting home!  And we just missed the big storm that hit the islands....whew!

When we got home, I got busy on the quilt I've been working on!  All the center blocks are complete, and I'm now putting them together.  I'm still piecing the borders, but I think they are really coming along, so I'll show them next time!  This is made with recycled shirts, and a little red and 
orange solids for the centers.  Pieced in the Courthouse Steps pattern.

And, of course, I just had to have a recent pic of our little peanut!  Maddie is now 14 months old!  Here she is watching Bubble Guppies with Grampa!  And yes.....she IS as sweet as she looks!  Totally true!

Our Christmas will be fairly quiet this year!  The kids and peanut are spending Christmas in Utah with Liz's family, but my sister and her boyfriend will be spending the day with us!  We'll relax, have a yummy meal of all our family favorites, chat the day away, and have a wonderful time of it!  I can't wait!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Eat lots of pie!



  1. I remember when you used to have cold snowy winters. Florida must be lovely! It's fun to hear of you travelling to exotic places. I love your latest quilt, such fun checks and then the centers are like firey hearths. Maddie is such a sweetie!! Your Christmas sounds lovely, sometimes it's nice to have a quiet one.
    I'll eat extra pie, because you told me to :)

  2. Wow, you know how to do winter! Gorgeous water! : )
    Love the quilt you are making from the shirts. The pop of color in the center of the blocks is fun.
    Maddie is adorable! You say she is in Utah for Christmas? Maybe I will run into her somewhere. *LOL*

  3. So happy so see you in Blogland. Looks like a lovely cruise. Glad to hear you had a good time. The new quilt is awesome; love all those plaids together. Unfortunately, I think Maddie stole the show. What a gorgeous baby!! Just want to kiss those big cheeks. Enjoy! ;^)

  4. I don't know what I pictured the Panama Canal looking like, but it wasn't that! Thanks for posting that photo--now I know. Your cruise sounds like a lot of fun, and your granddaughter is adorable! Have a very merry Christmas!

  5. Dear Regan, Loved reading this post. I can't believe your Peanut is already 14 most old.-we have one granddaughter that is nicknamed Peanut too. How wonderful to be enjoying the warm weather; it's cold here in Colorado-but perfect weather for quilting. Do you go home in summer?
    Sending Christmas greetings to you.