Friday, December 14, 2012

Two posts in two days! Holy Cow!

I'm in such a good mood, so why not!?!

I just finished decorating the tree, and because I have a better camera now, the pics came out great, and I want to share!  We always do a victorian-style tree......lots of beads and glass, and everything else!  It's loaded with ornaments that I've collected over the past 30+ years......and I love it!

 This santa made of dough is the oldest ornament.....over 40 years old.  Made by a friend of my mother's when I was a kid, and it's the only ornament I took from the family tree when I left home.  Well that, and the finial topper and a delicate string of glass blue beads.  Most of the beads are broken now, so they are used on a miniature tree in a bedroom.  But the gold finial is up on top!  It's probably around 50 years old!

 This little snoozing santa sitting on the moon is newer, and he's a kick!  His skinny little legs dangle and move!  See that little quilt block cube in the upper left corner.....I have 3 different ones......from way back when.  They are 1" sides on the fabric cube.  Tiny, tiny piecing.  Love it!

A lovely gifted Swarovski crystal star and a favorite silver pinecone.  I have 30 of the pinecones, and I just love them!  This pic looks as though I have a lot of pink on the tree, but not really.....I guess this little section just got a bunch of it!  The little snowman hubby loves to point those out on the tree, and then sing, "I......ain't got no bo.....o.....ody"

 The feather butterflies are on a wire, and sit above the branches as if in flight!  Lovely!  I also love the lobster boat by the blue ornament.

 One of the cornhusk girls with a broom.  Each one has a tool for a chore.  Sweet!  And I love having birds on the tree, perched on branches.  And there's another quilty cube ornament in lime green (below the bird)!

 Another feathered bird, and in the center, a beautiful crystal flocked tree.  It's so heavy, it needs a very strong branch.  It's one of the first ornaments I bought when I was on my own.

A gifted blown-glass's stunning.  And I love the little snowman face! that's the end of the about some quilty pics!?!  :o)

I've been busy making a couple of 'warm hug' quilt tops......hoping to get them quilted in the next week or two.

I used up a whole bunch of blue 1.5" and 2" strips for this strings quilt!  Yay!  It fits a twin bed.

The six blocks in the center were made by Peg from our Wednesday night quilt group for a group quilt we were doing.  But when I collected all the blocks and was seeing how they would be set, I thought her blocks were so pretty, they needed to be made into their own quilt.  I pulled the colors from her fabrics, and made the green string blocks and cranberry and purple borders.  It is a lap size, perfect for a lady needing a throw to keep her warm.

Now that I see it......I wish I'd pressed it before taking pics!  Sheesh!

And the final quilt is for me.......

 Earlier in the year, my friends Pat and Suzanne and I went to a quilt show, and we all bought several bags of 40's scraps.  I then challenged them (and me) by saying, "Let's make 'something' with these by 4th of July!"  That would give us plenty of time!  But I've been thinking about the scraps dang near every day since I got them, and when Sioban from Scraps and Threadtales blog posted an antique quilt she acquired a while back, MADE me do it!  I loved the look of it so much, and these 40's prints were just like the ones in her quilt.  Perfect!  I added the top and bottom border to make it fit my bed (I have a footboard, so I don't tuck it in, it just lays up next to it.)

Some close ups of the prints.......

I'm really excited about quilting this one, because of all the big open spaces.  I'll be dreaming about feathered wreaths, and swirly designs for a while I think!  I'll post about it when I actually get it done!

I'll have another post, maybe tomorrow, with more pics of the quilt show.  I still have a bunch that are so amazing.....they must be shown!  :o)

Tomorrow I'm cleaning house, and getting the spare bedroom ready......our son, Chris, arrives from Bahrain on Saturday evening!  He'll be staying until just after Christmas, then heading back to Virginia, where he'll be stationed aboard ship.  I'm so glad he's back in the states now! week, Chris and I will be driving down to NY to see the Rockette's Christmas Spectacular show at Radio City Music Hall!  John and I saw it about 15 years ago, and I cried and cried, it was so good.  Of course, it was our first time in NYC, and this little girl from Seattle, who grew up watching all the old movies and tv specials of NY, and the parades, and the ice skating, and all the glitz and glam of the was just so overwhelming and humbling to think I was actually right person......seeing it all!  A real pinch-me moment!  Yep.....I was a blubbering idiot for most of the was so great!

This time, I will be controlling myself, so as not to embarrass my son!  lol  Our cousin Patti will be joining us, and we'll be staying with her in Long Island for a few days.  It's all so exciting.....I just love little trips!

AND......hubby and I finished our Christmas shopping......together!......on Tuesday, so there is nothing to do now except some baking!  Woohoo!  I'm loving that!  It's so nice when he joins me; it goes so much faster, and I don't have to second guess myself on each item.  We accomplished so much, and had a really nice day together doing it, and Mexican dinner to boot!  Yippee!

We are expecting a Noreaster on we'll be skiing early next week!  Woohoo!

Life is good!

Ho Ho Ho!



  1. You are so much fun Regan!! Your tree is amazing!! I love the Santa in the moon. Fabulous Warm Hug quilts!!! The quilt for you is so pretty, what a great pattern, it's perfect for some really beautiful quilting. Your trip to New York will be so much fun, I hope you take a photo or two to show us. Enjoy!

  2. Your tree is stunning! The Santa in the moon is priceless.

  3. Thank you for sharing the photos of your tree! Its beautiful! I have some similar decorations as your silver acorns, which belonged to my mother.... Have a wonderful time in NYC! I hope to re-visit it one day...

  4. Okay, if you grew up on the old movies you will hopefully understand when I tell you your tree reminds me of the one Cary Grant (as an angel) decorates in "The Bishop's Wife". Love it!
    I've never been to NYC. Been to the state a few times, but never got to the city. I often cry when attending symphony concerts. The magnificence of the music really moves me. I've embarrassed my kids that way more than once. : )

  5. OMG, I love your tree!

    The quilts are excellent as well. Seems you've been very busy lately.

    Enjoy NYC.. I'll wave from the Jersey side.

  6. Warm and wonderful memories hanging on your tree.
    " I aint got no body" now that made me smile too.

  7. Oh Regan...You are a hoot !
    The quilt with the 40's fabric - INCREDIBLE !
    Your Christmas Tree is sparkling magic. ;)
    I hope you have an amazing time with your son while he is home.
    There is nothing like a household when everyone is home !
    Enjoy yourself in New York.

  8. Wow! You are turning into a regular poster, Ha Ha! The tree is spectacular. I love all the beads! I have many favorite ornaments, too. I think some of them are my most precious possessions. The forties quilt is beautiful. How big are the individual squares? The quilting will really make the quilt, as you said. Is your son going to be in Norfolk? If you ever visit, maybe we can meet. We live just across the bridge from there.

  9. I adore your victorian tree! it is stunning, I love the beads! so pretty
    your quilt tops are lovely - you've been busy busy busy.

  10. Your tree is beautiful!!
    Here's to your nor'easter and drinkning hot cocoa with peppermint schnaps and skiing.

  11. I LOVE your tree. I'm not sure I've ever said that to anyone else - I'm really fussy and heavily influenced by a German friend's tree circa 1973. Just wonderful!!!

  12. The "I ain't got no bo-o-ody" reminded me of my husband! Had to laugh. :)

    I blubber through concerts, weddings, you name it - it's a female thing. You aren't alone.

    Your tree is beautiful. I am sure it is very dreamlike at night. Lots of memories in there.

    Fun post!


  13. Beautiful tree!! I cannot believe you already finished that 1940's Economy Patch top! The hst on the border are a great touch!

  14. Fab Christmas tree Regan, Yep sound like life is good just carry in enjoing every moment of it. I'm learning such a lot about what goes on inside America and will have to look up The Rockettes now.

    Love those 30's fabrics.

  15. Your tree is gorgeous! Such wonderful ornaments with delightful memories.

    Enjoy the show and the gathering of your family. Create and capture some great new memories.

  16. What an awesome tree! You really know how to do it!
    I especially like your quilt top made with the 40's prints. Looking forward to seeing how you quilt it.
    Have fun in NYC. Can you believe I've never been?!?! I'll get there one of these days.

  17. Your tree is gorgeous!!!! I looked at photos, but couldn't tell for sure - real or fake tree? I love all your quilty projects!! The nine patch is wonderful! I can envision those feathered wreaths now!! Hand or Machine? It will be lovely!

    Hope you have fun skiing, and fun on your little trip!!

    Blessed Holiday Season!!

  18. Oh, my gosh! Your tree is stunning! I love Victorian-themed trees. Wish I could transport it to my Victorian home just like you have it!! It would look just perfect in my parlor? Love the quilts, too. You sure are one productive lady!

  19. I love your tree with all the beads hanging all over it! Enjoy your time with your son!

  20. Your tree is absolutely beautiful!! You will enjoy those photos for years!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  21. You outdid yourself on the tree and the pictures of the tree. So glad your son will be home, have a blessed and a Merry Christmas.

  22. Lovely tree, Regan. Enjoy your visiting and your trip to the big apple. Be well. Lane

  23. Your Victorian tree is so lovely Regan! And I want to hear all about your trip to NYC...that sounds like so much fun!