Saturday, December 29, 2012

Back to normal.....

whatever THAT is!  :o)

Our son, Chris, waited until yesterday to drive back to VA.  We had a heck of a snow storm on Thursday, and accumulated about 10" of snow!  I love it, but it's hell to drive in!  We're so glad and relieved that he waited another day to leave.

It's snowing again right now......these were all taken through the windows.  We're getting about another 2 inches.  It's coming down really wind.  I like that!

Spent the few days before Christmas in NYC......having a ball!  Hubby had to work, so Chris and I drove down to Long Island, picked up our cousin Patti, and headed into the city.  Had two wonderful days of Rockette's Spectacular Show, wandering the city looking at store window displays (awesome!), amazing light displays on stores (again, awesome!), watching skaters on the different rinks, and walking our butts off! I google mapped the route we took (what I could remember) of one of the days, and it was over 11 miles!  No wonder everyone's feet hurt!  That's why we didn't skate!  :o)

Of course, no pictures were taken in the city!  I brought my camera, but it sat in the hotel room the entire time!  I didn't even get a picture of Chris before he left!  Sheesh!  I swear, if it's not a quilt, I don't think to take a picture of it!  Is that weird???  Is it just me???  lol

In my defense, I don't carry a purse, so the thought of carrying a camera case around just doesn't occur to me!  When I go to quilt shows, I always have a tote bag......because I KNOW I'll be purchasing things!  So, of course the camera goes, too!

Christmas was supposed to be a skiing day......but it was snowing then, too......and I hate to ski while it's snowing.  I only do 'Princess Skiing' know, sunny day, a little warm, no crowds, stopping for cocoa often.......yeah!  Princess Skiing!  That's what we like!  lol

So, we ended up having Christmas dinner on the right day!  (It was planned for the 26th).  And I have to say, that it was about the best turkey dinner we've ever made!  I don't know why......but every last thing was as good as it could have ever been......and then some!  Amazing!  We all went for an entire second plate of it all!  And then we couldn't move!  Which worked out perfectly, because.......

.......our son surprised us with a big, flat-screen TV for Christmas!!!!  WHAT!?!  Holy Cow!!!!!  Dare I say he's our favorite son right now!?!......LOL

So we've been watching movies like crazy......and I'm totally hooked on that Batman stuff.......I was so out of the loop, I'd only seen the Michael Keaton one.  Yeah, the first one!  That's it!  I don't the name of the one we watched, but it was awesome......almost epic......and it had Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.  Really good!

AND.......I've been sewing like crazy since Chris left, and am proud to say am totally caught up on Easy Street!  I was 2 clues behind with another one I had to get busy!  From what Bonnie has mentioned......we are near the end!  Woohoo!  Can't wait!

I've also been sewing together my strippy quilt.......and will have pics to show in my next last one for 2012!  It's the 113th post...... a prime number!......You know me!  :o)

A big 'Thank You!' to everyone who wished us a Happy Christmas with our son!  We enjoyed our time with him thoroughly......and are planning a little trip down to VA in the summertime to see him again!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas.....and am wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year!



  1. sounds like a wonderful time regan.... you sound so excited in this post....

  2. Your pictures look like what is out my window right now. Sounds like you had a great holiday, Regan--and I love the term "Princess Skiing"! *LOL*

  3. I suppose we'll be getting some more snow too then if it's already snowing there! Glad you had a great time with your son and enjoy that flat screen tv!

  4. Happy New Year, enjoy your new super cool TV!

  5. how exciting is that a big tv!!!
    its snowing here too , so pretty outside right now.
    nothing like seeing the windows in NYC and the tree at Rockefeller Center to get you in the spirit so glad you had fun with your son, you certainly packed a lot in while he was home.

  6. Your pictures look like our weather here. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday!


  7. That's one great son you have and I love the princess skiing. You really mad me laugh.
    The snow looks lovely and just how I think of New England in the winter.

  8. There is no place like NYC at Christmastime. It is just magical. So glad that you had such a nice visit with your son.

    Happy new year!

  9. You made some wonderful new memories.

    About 10 inches of snow has fallen here since Christmas with more on the way.

  10. Wow, it sounds like your Christmas was magical. Hope your new year is just as good!

  11. the snow is so beautiful - I too got stuck in for a day in columbus. Glad you enjoyed your time together!

  12. Princess Skier, huh? I'll have to remember that one! It sure looks pretty up in your neck of the woods... haven't seen the first flake in NC yet this year, we'll get some though, I'm sure of it. Happy New Year!!