Friday, July 20, 2012

More quilt show pics.....and a new top!

Here are more pics from the Chickadee Quilt Show from last weekend......but first!......

I just finished putting this little top together last night!  I love it so much!  My friend Pat had given me her bonus triangles from a project she had made, so the plaids were matched already with the shirting prints.  I sewed them up, and trimmed them down to 1 3/4" and then put 4 same plaids together in each block.  The red was a must.....hubby said so!  lol  I'll finish this off with some straight line quilting and red binding, and should have it on the wall within a week (I hope!).  Thanks Pat!  :o)

I've been saying that I wanted to make more wall hangings.....and get some patterns that I just love made up into minis, since I know my bed sized quilts are not terribly quick to get done.  So I'm really happy to get a move on that!  Minis......woohoo!  They work up so fast!  I love that!

Ok.......on with the show!

Gorgeous!  And beautiful hand quilting, too!  Made by Sarah VanLeeuwen.  She writes that the alternate fabric was picked up by her husband years before on a mission trip to Nigeria.  She finally got to use it!  Nice!

 Tree of Life made by Mari Hook.

 Made by Marlene Thombs.

 A selection of minis......sorry, can't read the names of the makers.

The yellow cornerstones were only a 1/2 inch!  Very sweet little wall hanging!

 I love penny rugs!

Made by Pat Converse.

 Made by Shirley Hoeman.  I really loved this quilt.....made in those great repro fabrics!  Yummy!

 These were so beautiful......a really loved the technique.  Looked like a Monet painting!

 Made by Sue Drisko.  I love that she embellished the hexies with a million little french knots and embroidery. See the close ups!

 Sorry so blurry.

Made by Suzanne Bruno.  I saw a similar quilt in a local shop, and immediately bought the Aussie prints to made a quilt like this for my hubby!  I just love it!

 These are the things I purchased at the show.  The books were at the 'yard sale' section of the show, and were picked up for a donation.  I've wanted the Quilter's Travel Companion book for a few years now.  I had one about 10 years ago, and it was so great!  Nice to have an updated one, at a really good price!

 These are the beautiful fabrics I bought at the Busy Thimble vendor booth.  Cyndi is so awesome, and so helpful, and always on the lookout for a print that we are trying to match or recreate a look.  And she has the best shop......filled to the brim with nothing but repros!  Love that!  Check out her blog!
Another item I picked up at Cyndi's booth was this wonderful stamp!  It's meant for signature blocks, and has that lovely look of a vintage scripted design.  I love it, and will use it on the labels of my repro quilts in the future!  The next day, I popped over to JoAnn's with my coupon and picked up an acid free stamp pad to go with it!  I'm ready now!  Yay!

Well......that's the end of the show!  Hope you enjoyed it!  I certainly did!

Our humidity has broken, finally, and I have had the best night's sleep for the past two nights!  I don't think I had slept for about 2 weeks before that!  Felt so good!  I hope you are having better weather where you are, too!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Your little top is charming; I love seeing more plaids used of late, too.
    The muted medallion is so pretty, and the stamp, oh my. I may need one!

  2. OOOO,La,La!!!Such eye candy!! The black zig zag with hst! wow oh wow!!! And the blue and tan stars - well a person can NEVER have enough stars!!!

    Your little top is definitely a cutie!! Red is perfect!!


  3. I love your little top--aren't minis fun?
    So much wonderful stuff in the show--and some interesting techniques.

  4. I'm so glad you retired! LOVE this little top - so fun to use another's scraps! Thanks for sharing pics from the show. Love their name - Chickadee Quilters. Pretty tablecloth under your new acquisitions. Glad your humidity broke. Not a chance here in Virginia. We are expecting a lot of rain later today and are under a flash flood watch. Think I'll go do some stitching!

  5. Your husband has a good "eye": the red is perfect for the HSTs.

  6. love your little top!! thanks for posting more great quilts from the show.
    Can you use any fabric pad on fabric? I also have a stamp and I have a fabric ink pad, but I haven't found any more pads for fabric -?

  7. Your red quilt is outstanding! Thanks for sharing pictures of the show!

  8. I love your new top!!!! show us again when its finshed please :) Wonderful show quilts!! Your stamp is a great idea for labels. The cooler weather must be a relief, enjoy!

  9. I think your new top looks great! Thanks for the pictures of the show as well

  10. Regan,
    Your mini is adorable! So glad you were able to put my bonus triangles to such good use. Can't wait to see what you do with my cast-off collars and cuffs from my thrift shop shirts. There's no one I'd rather share with. You really inspire me!!! Great yard sale finds. See you at the track.


  11. Yes, I'm new to the blogging world, thanks to Nancy (Wyoming Breezes). The pictures you have here of the quilts are wonderful to look at. I'm especially interested in the pics of the wet-felting, as I have done a bit of that. Nice work! Inspires the creativity!

  12. What a wonderful quilt show. You won my blog giveaway, send me your mailing address and I will get the kit in the mail to you.