Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A local show!

This last weekend was the Chickadee Quilters Quilt Show.  They are a local chapter of the Maine State Guild, and they have their own show every year.  The state show will be at the end of this month.  I'm going with several friends, so I'll have pics of that then.

I thought the show program had all the info on each quilt, but it didn't.  So on some of the smaller quilts, I can't see the name of the maker on the signage.....sorry.  But I got most of the maker's names!  :o)

 First are some of the antique quilts that were on display.

 Used as a table cover on the admission's desk!  Yikes!  Be careful with that hand stamp!

And here are the newly made quilts......

 Made by Beth Brown.  A really nice palette of black, red and white.

 Made by Chris Lowell.  The piecing was really nice......very precise.

 Made by Cindy Irving.  I love stripey quilts!  It's a phase I'm in right now!  lol

 Made by Dianne Barth.  I just loved all the 9-patches!  Pretty appliqued border, too.

 Made by Diana Haberle.  This was really good.....but you had to stand back 10 feet to REALLY get the right effect.  The whole quilt was only about 15x25 inches!

 This is the picture she used as inspiration.

 A close up of the fabric layering technique.  Some of the pieces were only a 1/4" square!

 Made by Doris Tracey.  Sorry so blurry!

 Made by Dorothy Emanuoil.  This had a sweet story behind it.....the daughter kept sending her mom these hankies that she would find at garage sales or thrift shops.  They were pretty and she thought her mom would like them.  Then on a visit her mom surprised her with this quilt made from them!  Sweet!

 Made by Judy Knight.

 Made by Nina Behm.  This was really lovely.  And the hexies are only about 1/2" on the side!  Tiny!

I'll have more in my next post!

Have a great day!



  1. You go to such wonderful shows! I love the name Chickadee Quilters. All the quilts are beautiful, I couldn't pick a favourite.

  2. I always enjoy going to quilt shows, especially from my living room :)!

  3. Oh such eye candy!!! I'll be back to look more than once!! You do get some great quilt pics!! I'm liking strippy quilts too. Making a FG strippy Christmas quilt - Liking it a lot! And nine patches!! Oooolala!!


  4. Wow, what an great collection of quilts Thanks for taking us to the show with you!

  5. Wonderful quilts! I love the nine patch - its so great with the hourglass blocks!
    Thanks for sharing these beauties!

  6. You have a talented group of quilters there, Regan! I'd see one that I thought was my favorite and then I'd see another beauty and I wasn't sure which I liked best, and then another, etc., etc. But, my goodness, that hexie quilt boggles my mind. Any idea how long it took to make that?

  7. What a great show this must have been. I love when antique quilts are included - so often they are not. Loved seeing these!

  8. Lovely quilts, but my favorite is on the admissions table! Thanks for sharing - I'm looking forward to more!

  9. The antique quilt on the admissions desk caught my eye. I like it a lot. Good colors and design.