Monday, June 11, 2012

Visit with a friend and triangle progress!

Last Friday, I headed down to the Boston area to visit with my dear friend, Rita.  And we had a wonderful visit! I was mistaken, in that she is 86, not 91!  (She's my dad's age, not my mom's!  Brain cramp!)

I met Rita when I first moved to the Boston area, back in 1996.  I had been quilting a little previous to that, but thought if I joined a guild, I would get into it more.  So I found the local guild, Crosstown Quilters, and showed up at a meeting.  I was early, of course, and the few gals there said to sit anywhere, so I plunked myself down at the middle table, so I could hear and see everything!  Turns out......I picked the best table, because Rita came and sat next to me.  She told me years later that she thought I had spunk, plunking myself in the middle of everything!  Ha!  We became fast friends, and she invited me to the local senior center, where they met every Thursday for quilting and every Monday for rug braiding!  I had always wanted to learn to braid, so of course, I started going with her!  What a great group of ladies at both meetings, with the quilters from the guild's center table making up most of the group at the senior center!  Nice......I already knew them!

I learned so much at these groups, where all the ladies were well into their 60's, and some in their 90's!  Amazing talent, and they were all willing to share ideas and techniques with this 'spunky' 34 year old!  I was very lucky to be there!  What's more, is that the senior center was an old victorian house in town, and I just loved being in those surroundings!  Sadly to say, the upkeep of the old home was too much for the town to manage, so the meetings were moved to the town municipal building, and the old victorian 'Hersey House' has gone to disrepair.

But back to my visit with Rita.  She does all sorts of crafts......quilting, rug braiding, counted cross stitch, crewel work......and it's all lovely!  Here are some of the things she's kept, because she gives most of it to her daughters and grands.

I just love her rugs.  The one in her dining room is over 30 years old!

Gorgeous crewel work!

This little hexie wall hanging was fabric salvaged from an antique quilt top that the neighbor found in a dumpster!  It was terribly torn up.....rags, really......but Rita salvaged what she could and made this beauty!  The hexies are 1/2" sides!

Here's Rita with her latest piece of crewel's really lovely!  She's such a sweetie!

And here's Rita with our good friend, Dottie, who conspired with me to set up this get-together.  We had to keep my visit a secret, because Rita will fret herself into a tizzie worrying about me visiting!  So it's much better to surprise her!  And she sure was!  We had a lovely day of just talking about quilts, and stitching, and did a little show and tell with our past projects!  Dottie brought lunch, and we had a perfect day of it!  Fun!

Now, of course, since I got back from Boston, all I can think about is my Triangle quilt!  And if you happened to read the comments from my last post, you'd see that Linda C from Quilts in the Barn blog actually owns that inspiration quilt!  Holy cow!  What are the chances of that!?!  She bought it on Ebay, and I'm so glad that wonderful quilt went to a good home!  Upon further inspection of my pic, I realize that the 'matching' fabric I have for the offset triangles is just slightly different.  It's the same print, but the original has a bit of red on those little black marks!  But that's ok......I'm loving it 100%!

Here's my progress in the last couple of days!  I just can't leave it alone!  lol

I'm going to have to refigure the setting for this quilt.  Because we have a footboard on our bed, I always make quilts to fit the bed so it doesn't get tucked at the end; the binding just rests next to the footboard.  So when I do a quilt, I have to make the long sides the top and bottom!  It usually doesn't matter much, because blocks are blocks......but I just realized that I am preferring the triangles not to 'sit' at the bottom.  Here's a pic of the original again, and I really like looking at it from this angle.  What do you think?

And......a big 'Thank You!' goes out to Rachael at Blue Mountain Daisy for reminding me to take a pic of my peonies!  This one is nearly gone, and I didn't even think about it!  Thanks, sweetie!

Ok......I'm heading back to the sewing room.......triangles are calling me!

Have a great week!



  1. what a wonderful story, Rita must have been thrilled you visited. I have always wanted to learn how to do rug braiding too
    Hers are beautiful....
    LOVE the new quilt your starting, how fun that Linda owns it!!!!
    small world :)
    looking forward to seeing your progress on this one
    your tempting me!

  2. wow oh wow...I want to learn rug braiding so bad...that is a beautiful rug!!! I have tried crocheting fabric strips but the braiding is much more beautiful. I know I bought a How To book eons ago. Now I need to go try to find it!!!
    XOXOXO Subee

  3. Thanks for sharing your visit with Rita and Dottie. We have so much to learn from and teach to each other. Rita's rugs are fabulous. Do you have rugs you braided? Love the crewel and hexie top, too.
    Having the triangles either way would look good, but I think I prefer them tilted, too. Seems to add a little movement and whimsy.
    Gorgeous peonies!

  4. So glad you had fun with your friend. The little hexies are precious! I don't think it will matter which way your triangles go - they are wonderful.

  5. What a wonderful friend to have! Her work in every area is beautiful--gorgeous rugs, and I love what she did with the salvaged fabric!
    I really like your triangle quilt, whichever way the triangles face! : )

  6. You've got an amazing friend there, dear. That is such a wonderful rug - so wonderful that if I can, I will sure to keep it as my treasure. Rita's hands are so blessed - very crafty and skilled. I love her. :)

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  7. Rita's rugs are some of the most beautiful braided rugs I've ever seen! The shading and color blending is fantastic. All her other stuff is beautiful too.

    I love your triangle project. I prefer the lines of the triangles running straight across the bed, it's more "restful" to the eye, in my opinion. If you don't want the bottoms of the triangles to be along the foot of the bed, you could turn it upside down to have the points going to the foot end.

  8. I loved hearing all about Rita! She sounds like such a special friend. Her braided rugs are so beautiful, and her crewel work so perfect. How amazing that Linda owns the original triangle quilt, it's such a small world! I really love how yours is progressing, and think your yellow fabric is perfect. Thanks for the Peony photos!! Aren't they just the most amazing flowers, so big and fluffy and beautiful.

  9. Oh, how sweet your friendship is with Rita! Her rugs and other handwork look lovely and you are so blessed to have been able to share in her talents and generosity.

    Your triangle quilt is coming along beautifully. I would prefer to have the widest part of the triangle to run across the bottom of the bed - the way you have it set up now. But if you are wanting to replicate the original - I would do it the way the original is done! Just MHO. :)

    Either way - have fun!!


  10. Sounds like a wonderful visit. The picures of rugs make me want to go home and cut fabric into strips. And, still loving that triangle quilt. I am glad that you are motivated. I think the heat has sapped all my motivation and my conflicting priorities are keeping me out of the sewing room. Take care! Lane

  11. Your triangle quilt is looking great. From someone who also braids, I think Rita's rugs are beautiful. Also, I'm sure you know how fortunate you are to have had the opportunity to take these new pictures of Rita and Dottie.
    Great memories!

    Your walking partner

  12. thanks for sharing your friend with us.
    I loved seeing her braided rugs especially.
    your triangle project looks great. I have a buddy in Illinois who is making these too - they are great.

  13. I love Rita! Her pillow is my favorite.

    Your flowers are gorgeous.
    Mine are doing terribly this year and I don't know why.
    Good dirt, manure, food and water and love. I don't know what is happening. :-(

  14. Don't you love quilting friends. I missed a friends 90th birthday party because of our last trip, but I see her at least once a month all year long so it wasn't so bad. Love your triangle blocks. I want to make a scrappy Shoo Fly with yellow background, but I need to spend the summer just catching up. Beautiful flowers.

  15. Rita's crafts are wonderful. It would be fun to sit and visit with her about all of them.

  16. I love these rugs! Maybe someday I will have more time to be able to learn how to do it myself. Looks like fun!
    Shelly Slader |