Saturday, May 12, 2012

The top is done!

I just finished putting the last two borders on my Jubilee quilt!  I'm so happy with how it turned out!

And yes, the top and bottom border are the same, the right border is different, and the left has no border at all!  It matches my inspiration piece from the Red & White show.....and I love it!  It's totally out of the box for me......woohoo!

I'm still drawing up the plan for the pieced back, but it won't be long before I can start cutting fabric!  It will be a very simple back, cuz there is so much piecing on the top, I don't want it to weigh 80 pounds!

And boy, are things ever falling into place these days!  Here's my really big news!.......

I just put in my two week's notice at work!  I'm done!  I'm totally done!  I'll never have to work again!  Woohoo!  I'm so happy I could do cartwheels (and I've never done them before!)  lol

A friend of ours who recently turned 62, told us he started his Social Security benefit.  And John and I started thinking......why are we waiting!?!  He's turning 63 in July, and our plan has always been to wait until he was 65 to start it.  But really......why wait!?!  So we did the math every which way you can, and figured it going out 20 years, and the difference over 20 years is only about $4,000!  I was shocked!

MY SANITY IS WORTH $4,000!  lol

So we made an appointment at the SS office, and started it right up!  And the very next day, I gave my notice!  My last day is May 25......and I'm so damned happy!

This just made so much sense to us.  And really, all I want to do is spend time with John, and golf, and quilt, and travel.  Two years ago, when John had prostate cancer, it struck us that you just never know what can happen, or what tomorrow will bring.  He's totally cured, thank God, but anything can happen......any time!  And we need to spend every minute we can together, and happy, and feeling good.  And not wasting it at some stupid job that doesn't make a bit of difference in this world. just two short little weeks, I might manage to post on this blog a little more often, too!  It's a win-win!  Yay!

Who knew turning 50 could be so good!?!

Have a great weekend!



  1. great quilt... and I love that you are going to enjoy your time so much more... some things are worth it ...

  2. I like your jubilee quilt sooo much! The color just makes me smile--and the design is gorgeous!
    Happy retirement!

  3. The quilt is beautiful, and I'm so happy for you! It sounds like you made a great decision.

  4. It is GREAT news about retirement. But Regan, the quilt!!!!!! Oh my goodness. It is just spectacular! Wow! Now that you will be free, maybe sometime you can get down towards Williamsburg and we can meet up and do some sewing or shopping.

  5. I love your quilt! What excellent news, no more work........ what a dream!!!!!!!

    Congratulations on both your quilt and retirement.

  6. Regan, your Jubilee quilt it fabulous!! I am so happy for you that the top is done. I love the un-matched borders. It's a perfect balance to all the blocks. I'm also happy about your job decision. My hubby is 62 also but is planning on working a few more years. Life is precious - enjoy!

  7. Regan I am so happy for you!!!!
    My life is the complete opposite. Both losing jobs, losing pensions, no life now. But we are healthy and we have to be thankful for that.
    I hope you and John have many more years of traveling and fun. Besides you owe me that visit.

    The quilt is gorgeous!

  8. Hi Girlfriend! Your Jubilee quilt is fantastic. It's obvious what an impression the red and white show had on you. You know how happy I am for you to start this new chapter in your life. Just think, maybe we can't sneak off to the Busy Thimble a little more often. Oh, that could be dangerous!


  9. Congratulations on all fronts!! You have a lot to celebrate with your Jubilee quilt...which is so yummy, BTW. Retirement is bliss, so enjoy every minute of it.

  10. you lucky duck!! in all measures of the word. Love the orange quilt, (have to show it to my daughter as her family LOVES orange) and retiring to totally be with your best friend, priceless!

  11. Oh! your Jubilee quilt is wonderful! Makes me crave orange sherbert too! Your borders are so fun! And congratulations on ya'lls retirement! New adventures lie ahead! Time to throw confetti and do the Snoopy Dance!

  12. Regan!! I am so excited for you!! I was just telling Gbf last night that I want to retire at 50, so I'm taking this as a lucky sign! I so agree with you about making to most of life. And to top off a good week - Look at that top!! It's amazing!! Holy Cow!! :) I must admit when you said you'd finished the borders and I was looking at the photos I thought you'd gone a bit bonkers and forgotten one side, but now you've explained it I love it all the more for not have anything on the left side. This is your lucky quilt!!

  13. Oh, Regan, what a fabulous quilt! It is so cheerful!
    Congratulations on the decision -- I bet you can't wait for that last day!!

  14. Regan,

    I am happy for you and your new path in life! People are so important - $4000 is not much to give up in order to spend more time with your best friend.

    Love your quilt and like the quirkiness of the borders. :)


  15. Your Jubilee quilt is stunning! Fabulous job! And congrats on your big news. You have the right philosophy about not waiting to enjoy life to the fullest! I wish you both much happiness in your soon-to-be retirement!

  16. What incredibly happy news for you!! I'm so excited for you. what a great outlook on life.
    the quilt is a winner and is stunning in every way.
    I love that the borders are different - hooray!!

  17. Congrat's to you Regan! My hubby retired, after 36+ yrs, of working for the same company. At that time, we looked into when to take SS and figured out the same thing plus if it makes life easier now, let's go for it. We have two years left before we can start-it will definitely be nice. I found when I was in banking so many seniors said that there is no "golden years" and enjoy life now because later you might have health issues or money issues.
    Love your quilt-beautiful. Can't wait to see you back design. I've got to start designing a new grandbaby quilt.
    Happy Mother's Day.

  18. LOVE it! Especially the birds in the air border. Great job!
    Congratulations on your retirement. Thanks for sharing how you came to this decision. We aren't there yet, but always good to think ahead.
    Look forward to more posts from you!

  19. Regan, thank you for your lovely comments. Yes, we all know life is very precious and no-one knows how long we have so I say...go for it!!!
    Enjoy your time together,

  20. oh that is so nice to relax and take life easy. I am so happy for you. Take care and enjoy.

  21. I am so happy for you....Life is good My Dh is retiring June 1st , same reason life is too short and yes he is taking SS early too, we agree why wait?
    love your yard, and that hosta is beautiful never knew they would get that big!

  22. Your Jubilee quilt is just fabulous. I love orange. I like the 1930's orange cause it reminds me of orange sherbert. Which I love. Yesterday was the day I could apply for SS. Which I plan to do in the next couple of days.