Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Confucius say......

......"Woman who take camera outside, while cooking on stove......go hungry!"

Yeah......never do it!  I thought I was just going out for 1 minute to take one little pic of the Lily of the Valley garden, but I got sidetracked, and distracted, and started taking pics everywhere, and walked down the hill, and around the back of the barn, and when I finally came in, my oatmeal was fused to the bottom of the pot!  lol

But I did get some good shots of the plants around the yard.......but first.......I've been working on the back of my Jubilee quilt!  Woot!

And no......this doesn't spell anything yet......I'm just making letters at this point!  And after each letter, I'm getting more and more ideas about the back, and I'm getting more excited about it!  I can't wait to show you something that makes sense, but I'm no where near that point yet!  But getting there!  And with my hubby gone for 6 days, and I only have one more shift to work until I'm totally done......I have a feeling I'm going to be cranking out the letters pretty fast!  Woohoo!

So......the other pics I took are outside, around the house.  I'm just happy to have everything so green, and a few blossoms coming already.  I know a lot of you have had all sorts of prettiness in your gardens already, but here in Maine, we kindof have to wait!  And it seems like forever sometimes!  But when I was planting my seedlings for my veggie garden this morning, I was noticing all sorts of 'stuff' out there!  Yay!

My Lily of the Valley bed has really filled in nicely in the past 2 years.  It was so sparse and awful looking a while back, so I looked it up, and read that it really likes to have its roots 'messed with' I did!  I took a shovel and rake to it, and figured if it didn't come back, I'd have another bed to plant lilies in, but it came back beautifully!  And I took a bunch of cuttings of the flowers back in the house, and made 2 little bouquets with them.  I never thought to do that before, but I saw it on a blog (omg.....WHERE did I see that!?!).....and now I have that lovely aroma over my kitchen sink and in the living room!  I think I need to pick some more!

On the left is the Lily of the Valley bed, and it all overlooks the side yard and neighbor's pond.  I just love this view, and it's what we get to enjoy from our screen porch, on the right.

This is from that side yard from the last shot looking back at the big maple tree.   Several years ago we had a neighbor friend do some excavating on the front yard, and I asked, while he was at it, could he build me a planting area and retaining wall around the maple with the big rocks we had lying around.  I went to work, and I came home, and he had built this wonderful stone wall around my maple tree!  It is just as I had discribed it to him!  Love it!

And he's SO good, he even put a granite bench in it for me to sit and enjoy the view!  What a man!  It's taken a couple of years, but most of my plants have really filled in the bed around the bench and tree, and I put in a little stone path to get to the bench from around the back.  I just love this little area.

My peonies are really filling in this year, too!  I can't wait for the blooms!

And my Sum & Substance hosta is already over 3 feet across!  It will get to nearly 6 feet across by summer!  I just love it!

And my biggest 'happy thought' right now is that I am going to get to spend all the time I want in my gardens this year, and from now on!  Woohoo!  Life is good!

Hoping you are having a wonderful day!



  1. Oh, your yard looks so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Regan, Love seeing your yard; oh the Lillie of the Valley looks so beautiful. I have never tried growing it; might just have to try. Your yard and design is so breath taking; I'd love to come sit on that bench with you. Have fun working on that quilt-you go girl.
    Sending lots of hugs to you today.

  3. Beautiful yard! I remember my Mom used to have Lily of the Valley on the side of our house when I was young. I loved them!

  4. Beautiful yard...can see how you lost track of time!

  5. I'm always doing that with cooking... my meals are often a bit burnt, and then once i'm back in the kitchen I'll hear a distant beeping sound and think it's the neighbours but realise half and hour later it's my iron in the sewing room. I guess it shows we get caught up in the moment of whatever we are doing. I can understand you getting distracted by your beautiful garden. Lily of the Valley is SOOOO pretty, I can smell it's beautiful scent through your photos. Your Hostas are amazing, and seeing those peony buds made my heart leap. Enjoy your last shift, your new life is going to be awesome!!

  6. Now you have me so curious about the back of your Jubilee! Can't wait. And your yard is beautiful!

  7. What a beautiful home and yard.
    I love the big maple with the retaining wall.
    I bet that is gloriously red in fall.
    I am green with envy.

    I have a habit of doing what you did with your oatmeal to my hard boiled eggs. Once they exploded and I walked into the house and saw them on the walls and ceiling. Oh it was a mess.:-)

  8. Can't wait to see what you come up with for you jubilee quilt back. Looks to be something very fun!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden and view. Would love to sit on that porch and stitch with you! Your neighbor friend is a gem!
    Enjoy your time alone. I always get so much done when I'm the only one home.

  9. My grandma had lilies of the valley! I loved them (and still do, but they don't grow here.) I miss peonies, too. The gardens look beautiful and I'm so happy that you are nearly done with work!

  10. beautiful garden tour! I love your big hosta. I am a collector of them.
    Can't wait to see what you are spelling on the back of the jubilee quilt!!

  11. So glad I am not the only one to do that!! Oh, your hostas are so pretty and all the green!! Peonies are my favorite flower, but I have never been able to grow them. Thanks for the refreshing garden tour.

  12. Beautiful garden tour. We had Lily of the Valley at our last home and I remember enjoying it as you mentioned. Look forward to seeing the back of your quilt!
    Enjoy your last shift at work....


  13. I'm so loving the photos of your garden and the lily of the valley, a favourite I used to grow. Your jubilee quilt is amazing, love the idea of the letters on the back.

  14. LOL! Sounds like we are 2 peas in a pod...or a pot...a burnt one. I've done that...numerous times. Once I get behind the camera, I just get distracted. Lovely photos. I am envious of all your green. The NM desert, in a drought does not green make. :) I love words on quilts and am eagerly looking forward to what you're 'cookin up'.

  15. What a great tour of the yard and garden. I miss your home. I am a true lover of Lily of the Valley but sadly they do not grow in Florida. I just love the picture of all your Lily of the Valley. It brings back memories of growing up in the NE.

    As for your quilting I just can't imagine how you do it. I have zero talent when it comes to anything to do with needles, thread, material and don't even think about using a sewing machine - that is not going to happen. However, admiring your talent is what I can do best. You're gifted!

    I look forward to hearing more about the last line in your blog. WooHoo!

    Love and hugs always!