Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A sewing day! Yay!

I'm spending this whole day sewing.....ok..... and movie watching!  But only because the Netflix needed to go back!  And by the way, the Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon is pretty good.  But tough to sew to, because you kindof really need to watch it!  Dang!  I like the movies that you can just listen too mostly, so I can sew at the same time!  Oh well, those will be later!

But sewing did get done......here is the latest on my Florabunda progress!  Woohoo!  I'm really loving these blocks!

I'd like it to be about a queen size, so I have 33 more blocks to make!  I'm over the half-way point!  Yay!  But I've only worked on it as a kindof filler between projects.  I kitted up a bunch of the blocks a while back, and I just finished sewing them yesterday.  I need to kit up a bunch more now, and then they'll be ready when I have a few minutes (or a day!) to sew them up!  I just love the yellow and all the beautiful blossoms that peek out here and there.  I didn't realize I had so many big florals in my stash.....who knew!  And.....why did I even buy them, other than I liked them.  Thank goodness Bonnie Hunter came up with this plan.....or they'd still be sitting in the stack of "Why on earth did I buy this print!?!"

My 'real' project is finishing up the baby quilt for our cousin April's 1st grandson.  I have the top finished, but was stumped on the batt to use.  I really wanted it to have a more sleek, modern look, but my usual 100% cotton batts always give me the crinkled/puckered/antiquey look that I love.  But that just wasn't in my head for this quilt.  And I really didn't want to use a poly batt......just not my thing.  So I figured to make a few samples of different batts and see what happened.

The two larger pieces are from a Fairfield 80/20 batt, one piece I prewashed, and the other I didn't.  Can you see a difference?.......Me neither!  The smaller piece is Warm & Natural.......and is only slightly more puckered than the other two.  I drew registration marks on all of them, so I could measure the shrinkage, and the two 80/20's still shrank the same amount, even though one was prewashed AND shrunk in the dryer!  What the heck!  So, even though my brilliant batt test was a total failure.....it left me with the decision to just use the dang 80/20 and get it done!  If it puckers and crinkles a bit, fine!  It's a quilt, dang it, not a marble statue!  lol

And the stripey quilting on the test samples is the same kind of quilting for the baby quilt......it's what was in the original pic, and April really liked the simplicity of it!  Yay!  Not perfectly straight lines, about 3/4" apart.....easy peasy!  We love that!

Ok......back to the sewing room!  I have to seam the back of the baby quilt (it's 50ish by 65ish......a nice BIG baby quilt) and get to the town office to pin baste it.

Oh yeah......I was just on a blog the other day......so sorry I can't remember where......but she had a YouTube of Sharon Schamber's table top basting method......and it's brilliant!  I just need to get to the hardware store for some molding pieces, and I will never have a basting-backache again!  Yay!  If you haven't seen this method, here are the links to it.  It is a two parter, so make sure you watch both videos.

Sharon Schamber's 'Hand Basting a Quilt' Part 1

Sharon Schamber's 'Hand Basting a Quilt' Part 2

Ok......I can hear Jane Eyre calling from the sewing room......gotta go!  And yeah, that would be the Jane with Ciaran Hinds......he is SO good!  Here's a little glimpse......

Jane Eyre.....the goodbye scene.....with Ciaran Hinds and Samantha Morton

Ok.....NOW I'm really going to sew!  lol

Have a great day!  Don't spend it all on YouTube!  Ha!



  1. The Floribunda blocks are great, wonderful use for those florals... I found similar prints in my own stash and got me to wondering.... where would I ever use those... now I know! The Adjustment Bureau is great; I have no idea how you watched it and sewed though, it's one where attention is required! Ha!! I have had wonderful results with Quilter's Dream BLEND (70/30) batting, I use it almost exclusively, it combines the best of both worlds.

  2. Your quilt looks great! Congratulations. OMG, I'm going to try the "board basting method" too. I have to finish hand quilting the project I'm working on and finish the top of the next........ so it will be awhile. Please post about how you like the method. I'm very interested.

  3. wow...beautiful quilt! sometimes i will try and watch a movie too, but i can't quite focus like i should and the movie usually takes the back seat... i'm no good at multitasking! :)karen

  4. Florabunda is looking gorgeous! Love it!

  5. Floribunda looks awesome. I'm not a big "florals" gal, either, but I love my floribunda, too!
    Thanks for sharing your batting test results. Very interesting.
    Love Jane Eyre--I have that version and about every other version ever made!
    Now to go watch the basting videos. Great post--thanks!

  6. Funny, just yesterday I decided that I want to make a Florabunda quilt - well actually I want my friendship group to make it for me. I too watch movies when I sew, but I usually watch one I've already seen and liked so I don't have to watch too close.

  7. ooooo...your "florabunda" is really pretty...lotsa work...but, really pretty!


  8. I went off and got sucked into Jane Eyre!! Oh the tragic romance.. Florabinda is looking wonderful. It looks fun to make with the fabrics you've chosen. I love that you did a batting test and laughed when you decided that it didn't need to be a marble statue. I bet it's looking good!!

  9. Those YELLOWS looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! LOVE!

  10. a. beautiful quilts! b. great quilting/batting tips c. sewing and movies big THUMBS up!

  11. We have the Adjustment Bureau from Netfilx too! LOL!! Thanks for the tip about watching it. I'll get my quilting done before the movie starts. Your batting experiment was interesting. Thanks for sharing it!

  12. Love how your florabunda is coming along! Look forward to seeing the baby quilt. Hope more stitching was done as planned.

  13. I LOVE your Florabunda quilt. Beautiful!