Sunday, January 29, 2012

A finish and a start!

I've been trying to complete the baby quilt for my cousin April's first grandbaby, and last night (well....3:30 this morning!) I finally finished it!  YAY!

And we even had a sunny day for photos......woohoo!

I'm just thrilled with how it turned out!  It is so close to the pic that April had said "I want THAT quilt," so I think she'll be really pleased.  The quilting was done in just slightly irregular lines all the way across.....but I'll tell ya......straight lines are the devil!  I can so quickly do a swirl with feathers hanging off of it.....but ask me to quilt a straight line, and OY, things slow down to a crawl!  It's just not my first choice of a quilting pattern.....but I think it really works on this quilt.

And yeah, it's an oversized baby quilt, about 50x65......plenty big to have it for the big-boy bed later!

And now for the start that I mentioned in the post title.

A little while ago, Barb from Fun with Barb blog posted that she (and a few of her friends) were going to make a Jubilee quilt to commemorate them turning 50 this year!  So, along with Lori from Humble quilts, I'm joining in on the fun!  Are you turning 50 this year?  Want to join in!?!  Come on!  It'll be great to have a quilt that you made just for you....just what you really you can look at it and say, "That's all about me me....YAY, me at 50!"  lol

So I was trying to decide what quilt to make for it.....cuz there are hundreds that I want to make, and then it hit me!  You know my favorite color is orange, so it hit me that those orange creamsicle ice cream bars were always called 50/50, of course, I need to make a two-color quilt with orange and white!  Gotta do it!  My own 50/50 for my 50th!  Yay!

And I was wanting to make a certain quilt from the Red & White show from the second I saw it, so that's going to be the one I'll do!

I'm so excited!  Can't wait to get started!

And I had no idea that 'Jubilee' had a biblical reference......but Lori found this.....

Leviticus 25:10
Consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you.

I like that a lot!

Let's rejoice that we are turning 50 this year!!!!



  1. The baby quilt worked out so well, very modern and stylish. It's great that it's bigger because it'll last a life time! Not just a big boy bed but I can see him studying at college and using this as a lap quilt too! Whoa I'm jumping ahead there. Your jubilee quilt is going to be fun, I love hearing your decision processes.

  2. That baby quilt is beautiful! Congrats on a great finish :o)

  3. The baby quilt has a lovely contemporary look to it. The quilting is true to the design.
    Great choice for your 50/50 quilt. What a great celebration idea.

  4. The baby quilt looks great! Congratulations. I love the colors! Too bad, I turned 50 last year. I'm a year ahead of you guys

  5. That baby quilt really speaks to me too. I just love the colors and the contemporary feel of it. That is a cool idea to celebrate 50 by making a quilt. I heard that orange is the color of the year so what a perfect choice for your jubilee quilt! ~Lili

  6. The baby quilt turned out great!
    Love your idea for a jubilee quilt! Both beautiful and meaningful.

  7. That is a beautiful baby boy quilt, Regan. I just did straight line quilting on a tiny quilt last night--I can't imagine doing it on something that big! It worked out great, though!
    I like your idea for a jubilee quilt. Wish I was turning 50 this year, but I passed that a few years back. : )

  8. JUST Love that baby quilt!!!!!
    so beautiful. ok your Jubilee quilt is going to be awesome and so you Orange!
    can't wait to see what fabrics you choose, scrappy or solid orange?

  9. A jubilee about being 50!
    Oh God Love you all!

    I thought that too until I turned 50.
    Now I think I know why God makes the 40's so damn great.
    You're on a high going into your 50's and don't understand why people complain. You feel and look great!
    Then it bitch slaps you in the face around 51. Why wasn't I told of this phenonom. So you have been warned. :-)

  10. I'd like to be turning 50 again. LOL! It was a great year. I think it's a great idea to make a quilt for you! I love the baby quilt - the fabrics used really make it feel like a modern quilt - you could hang it on the wall for artwork!

  11. beautiful!! love the blue! that red one would make my eyes crossed!!! but I do love a red and white color scheme. Such beauty (you at 50)

  12. I LOVE that baby quilt! So stunning and those vertical lines of quilting really make it POP!!

  13. your quilting is amazing!!! That's a challenge I haven't tackled yet, maybe someday!
    I can understand, though, about the straight lines! Trying to pipe a perfect circle cookie is about the hardest thing to do...EVER!

  14. Hi! that blue quilt is just stunning :) I am a sucker for blue fabric / blue anything though! Happy Jubilee! Thanks for visiting my blog too :) cant wait to see your red quilt! :)

  15. The baby quilt is wonderful - I want one.
    I would love to make a quilt for turning 50 - or I should say I wish I was (only) turning 50 so I could make one with you youngins.
    I agree with Margaret about the bitch slap. If it doesn't happen at 51 it will catch up with you somewhere in the 50s, then you'll find yourself holding on to the 50s cuz next is ...

  16. I love the quilt you chose for your JUBILEE quilt - it will be fabulous!! I hadn't seen that verse, but it's great and says it all. I'll have to get Lori's permission to use it on my label.
    Your baby quilt is awesome, I like them a little big so they get used longer - great quilt!!

  17. That blue quilt is amazing! And your straight lines look awesome :-) Definitely two thumbs up!!!

  18. Blue is my favorite color, and the shades of blue in your quilt are magnificent.