Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last pics of the Cocheco Show!

Ok......so here are the final pics of the show!  Again, I'm so glad I went to this one.....it was totally worth the 2 hour drive to get there!  I got so much inspiration from so many of the quilts, and I am just itchin' to get this wedding quilt done, so I can move on to my civil war repros!  I have so many quilts I want to make with them, and they are calling out to me......really loud, too!  I'm nearly done on the quilting of Jeanne's wedding quilt, so it won't be long now!

Before I show the pics.....I was going to throw out a blogger/technical question to anyone who might know.....but then I found the answer!  But maybe some of you might have the same one.....so here it is!......

It seems recently that when you click on a pic to biggie size it (so you can see some detail), that instead of getting a single, larger pic of it, you get a black background (I don't like that!), and the row of all the pics on the post at the bottom of the screen.  Yeah, you can choose a pic, and it appears bigger in the center, but I used to like to click again, and make it REALLY big!  Then you could see tons of detail.  So I wasn't very happy with this new "picture gallery" type setup.......UNTIL.......I noticed the words in the bottom left corner saying 'show original'..... and Hallelujah!......when you click on that......it takes you to the biggie pic, and you can still make it even bigger!  I'm a huge believer in "if it's not broken, don't fix it!"......but I'm glad I found the solution.

My only other gripe with Blogger right now is all of the red highlighting and underscoring of random words throughout blogs......I keep thinking those are links, but they are not!  It's so annoying!  They seem to be key words to the blog, but not always!  Does anyone know how to make that stop!  I even have one in my header, so you can't even read the last word!  Sheesh!

Ok.....that's the end of my rant!  Back to the quilt show.....

Around the perimeter of the room, along with the vendors, were previous year's best of show quilts over the past 30 years!  It was really wonderful to see the progression of quilting in this guild, and what might have been the 'popular' style at any given year.

Hope you enjoy the show!

 I just love it when a block spills over to the sashing and other blocks!  Fun!

 Chickens!!!!  I love this!

 This was just mesmerizing in person......her piecing was perfectly done.

 I'm in love with these courthouse steps in civil war fabrics......that's on the 'list'!

And I love the cornerstones on this broken dishes......gonna use that one day, too!

 This was lovely......and the FMQ was perfect!  See the close up below!

I just love how that row of light squares really pops out!  Beautiful!

This was really a lesson in contrast......well done!

It said on her label that she used a needlepoint pattern......mostly done in tiny 1" rectangles.

This was a previous years winner, and was the background 'wall' to a little sitting lounge area.  Very nice!

Another previous year's winner......love Amish quilts!

This gorgeous Dear Jane was also a previous year's winner......I just love to see these at shows!

This amazing quilt was the background to the entrance table, and was a previous winner, as well.  I took several close ups to get the gorgeous details!  The lady sitting at the registration desk said the quilter was a doctor, and if she was ever in need of some surgery and stitches.....she would be calling this gal!  Read the label on the last pic......amazing!

Yep.....there was definitely some amazing talent in this guild!

Have a great week!  Hope you can get some stitching in!



  1. These quilts, especially the pieced rose, are just amazing!!

  2. Oh my golly, these are amazing!! I love courthouse steps too, especially in repro! I'm sorry I dont know the answer to the red line thing. I always bumble around in blogger until something works.

  3. The big needlepoint rose is brilliant!! I'm just loving these quilts , thanks so much for sharing your photos with us!

  4. Great quilts...can't pick a favorite!

  5. I was curious about the photo thing, too. Glad you solved that for me, but the red highlights aren't showing up on my computer, so I can't weigh in on that one.
    Gorgeous quilts--such amazing work! I kept thinking, "Oh, this one is my favorite", and then the next one would be even more incredible. Loved this visit to the show with you! Thanks for taking me!!

  6. Thanks for the tip on the photos. I don't see the red highlights either.
    So fun to see these "shows" online. I can see why it was worth the drive. I love the courthouse steps, too. I always admire the applique and wonder why I don't do more of it myself. Thanks for sharing these beauties!

  7. Such a beautiful collection of quilts. I so enjoy attending quilt shows to see what other quilters are doing. Thank you for sharing.

  8. The one with all the contrasting black and white circles is one of my favorites. It is so amazing seeing these beautiful creations all together like this! ~Lili