Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shopping!!! Woohoo!!!

Well, the guys had their golf weekend, and managed to get in 101 holes!  It's a lot, considering we had a gorgeous weekend, and the course was full the whole time!  They had a great time, and so did the girls!  lol

Kimberly (my DIL) said on Thursday night....."Don't you have a casino around here somewhere?".......Yes we do!  So we immediately made plans to head out on Friday morning (right after the guys left for golf), and planned to spend the night up in Bangor (where the casino is), and shop the inland route on the way there, and the coastal route on the return on Saturday.  Oh boy....did we shop!  And only at antique shops, thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales!  Yippee!  Bargains galore!

We hit a wholesale jewelry shop and just look at the haul I took!

Six necklaces and 7 headbands.....under $50!  Whoohoo!

We went to a thrift store......

and the gal said everything was 1/2 off.......this set was marked $14......Yay!  Can you believe it.....$7....and not a chip or mark on them!

We had tons of fun at the casino.....I didn't win anything, but that's ok......it's entertainment value that I'm paying for, right!?!

Headed out Saturday morning, and found a little shop with this sweet organza apron in it!  $6!  Woohoo!  And it's perfect.....never used!

When I redo my kitchen, this will be on display somewhere.....can't wait!

Found a great little yard sale.....and these 3 little pieces.  I think they are going to be so sweet in a window with flowers in them.  And the 3 together were $1.60 total!  Yay!

Then we found this cute little antique shop on the road.....didn't look like much.....we almost didn't stop.....but figured, why not!  Oh......I'm so glad we did.  For about 15 years now, I'm been wanting to make a collection of the 'yardlong' photos......I just love them!  I have 2 that are military companies from WWI......but in the last 7 or 8 years.....you can't touch 'em.  They have totally gone out of price range for me......usually upwards of $150 or more, and they don't even have to be in great condition at that price, either!  Dang!  So, I've kindof put them out of my mind, and haven't really pursued them.  WELL.......this shop had 2 of them, and I took 'em both!

The shorter one, approximately 2 feet long, was $20!  The longer one, almost 4 feet long, was $40!  SQUEALING IN DELIGHT!  I played it very cool, and was happy to get them while in the shop.  Of course, when I got inside the car.....I told Kimberly......"Oh my god.....I'm shaking, I can't believe what a deal these were......I can't stop shaking!  I'm so happy!"   And 20 minutes later, I was still shaking!

Ok......you're probably saying "What?  These are something special?  Really?"......but yeah, they are!  Really! Just look at the faces on these folks!

There's a really happy fellow 6th from the left, top row!  Sweet!  And what a sly devil 3rd from the right on the bottom row.....I just love these!

And check out the bad hair day on the gal in this one.....

You know the gal I'm talking about!  lol

Anyway.....we had a great time shopping, and eating......I took a pic of Kimberly's stuffed lobster at the restaurant on the way down Saturday, but it was way to blurry to post.  But it was beautiful!  And no, I didn't have lobster.....I live here.....and if I was caught paying those tourist prices for lobster.....well, they just might kick me out of the state!  lol

I had a crab roll instead!  yum!

And Cliff and Kimberly are back in CA now.....and we are getting ready for our trip to VA.  We leave on Friday!  Yikes!  I have so much to do!

One last thought......if you go to Suebee Sew's blog, she is having a great giveaway.  It's one of Bonnie Hunter's books!  Sweet!  We love Bonnie!  Sue is having the giveaway, cuz she made the 200 follower mark!  Yay, Sue!  And check out her awesome quilts she's made while you're there......she does beautiful work!

Hoping you are having a great day!

regan  :o)


  1. Sounds like you had a good time treasure hunting. So why are the wide photos so valuable? I agree it's a hoot looking at the people. I'm sure my mom has some of these from way back. I have mine from my 1979 high school graduation. You can imagine what we all looked like! If I remember correctly there were over 500 of us.

  2. I had those bowls. well I actually still have them. I got them for a wedding shower in 1979. And yes they are still perfect just dated looking but i love 'em.

    Where you off to in VA?
    Have fun!!

  3. WHAT a fun time. and all the thrifty finds!!!! SHOPPING HEAVEN!!!and what?? you are off on another trip... lucky girl

  4. What a great time, and such treasures.

  5. Sounds like you had a blast! and what great finds. I just inherited a couple of WWI yardlong photos of my grandfather's troop and encampment...didn't know they were so valuable.

  6. What deals you got! Beautiful pieces! I love looking at old photos and imagining the very next thing that happened after the picture was taken! I wonder what happened to all those people? And, on my goodness, the frizz on that poor girl's hair!


  7. oooh you're talking my language with those vintage finds! I didn't know about yardlong photos though, have seen them, but didn't know that term. Those are really gorgeous. Love antiquing along Coastal Route 1, I always have the best luck too! Enjoy your upcoming trip. ~Lili

  8. You win the prize, hands down, for the A #1 best shopper~ unbelievable treasures for little $; well done!

  9. I need to go antiqueing and thrifting with you! Talk about score!! I adore the long photos too.

  10. What a fun day, thanks for takingvus along. It was almost like being there!

  11. It's always fun to go antiquing and find treasures. Looks as though you had a wonderful time and thanks for sharing your pictures.