Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finished and Delivered!

I finished up the wall hanging for Betty this morning!  I wrapped it all up and took it over to the town office where she works.  Did I remember to get a pic before I wrapped!  Sheesh!  So here's a pic with Betty!

When the wall hanging is against the wall, the seams won't show.....there was lots of light behind it in the pic!

Now I'm off to clean up the house, cuz our oldest son, Cliff and DIL Kimberly are arriving here tomorrow morning from CA.  For the past 10 years, my husband John has been doing this 'crazy golf' weekend with his friend Gil from MA.  And 4 years ago, they invited the sons to join them.  It's Friday mid-morning to Sunday mid-afternoon.....and all the golf they can get in!  They stay at the Poland Spring Resort, which is only about 45 minutes from's beautiful and the course is fabulous!  Each year they try and top the last year's total number of holes......last year was 108, and only because it was pouring rain for most of the weekend!  Their top total was 121 two years ago!  Sheesh!  My arms hurt just thinking about it!  We've been having unusually hot hot hot weather these last few the 80's and we'll see what happens to the record number of holes!

So, while the guys kill themselves on the golfcourse, Kimberly and I are going to have fun shopping, eating, and seeing movies (have you seen 'Bridemaids''s a riot!  Go with several'll all be laughing hysterically the whole time!).

Ok.....the vacuuming isn't going to magically happen!  Gotta go!

Have a great day!

regan  :o)


  1. Well done getting Betty's wall hanging finished! By the size of her smile I'd say she's very happy with it! Sounds like a fun weekend for you girls, the guys can have the golf, sounds like hard work, but I'm looking forward to seeing how many holes they get. I keep waiting for my vacuuming to magically happen...

  2. Very artistic wall hanging! Your quilting looks fabulous! Have a wonderful time this weekend!


  3. Yea, for golf weekends for the hubbies. Sounds like you and your DIL will have a ball. The wallhanging is lovely and she looks very happy.

  4. I can finally leave comments - yipee!!

    Have a great weekend!
    And as always beautiful work.