Monday, March 14, 2011

Say goodbye to Sue and Sam!

We get on the plane for CA tomorrow morning, and it can not come soon enough for me!  I am needing a little warmth and sunshine!  We've had a little these last few days, but just a teaser.  And the snow has hardly melted at all.....we still have mounds and mounds of it everywhere!  We'll be wearing shorts and skirts with sandals tomorrow.....bright white legs and all!  lol

I finished the Sue and Sam quilt a couple days panic, right!  I'm quite pleased with it, and am so glad I changed it up from the solid pink blocks.  What a difference.

I did about 8 different fill patterns in the blocks, and then an all-over circle/swirl design in the between areas.  Each of the Sues and Sams got flowers thrown on them to keep them from poofing to much.  I didn't want to take away from Grandma's lovely handwork, but they needed to be tacked down.

One of my (now) favorite fill designs is the Radio Static design from Leah Day.  If you haven't checked out her blog, do it!  She is a fabulous machine quilter, and she's doing a FMQ Project of 365 designs.  The designs are great, and she has a quick video for each on how to do them.  Wonderful!  She was also the clincher in me getting my new Juki machine.....and I love it!  It did not let me down on this quilt, which was a monster!

My other favorite fill pattern is the took about an hour for each block I did in it, but I just love it!

And we're calling this guy 'Lefty' or 'Shoeless Joe'!  lol  I really needed every block I could get, as it was, there were only 18 of them that were usable, so the size of the quilt is a little odd.....but on-point is a bugger for making things come out a do-able size!

The back of the Sue and Sam quilt got a (fairly) quick pieced back to it.  I was able to use up a lot of the pinks in my stash, which my MIL will just love!  I can't wait to give it to her tomorrow!  I'm waiting to do the label when I get to CA, cuz John doesn't know his Grandma's ACTUAL name!  (Come to think of it, I don't know mine, either!......Nana!.....That's it!)  And because it's a surprise, I'm not calling to ask.

I'm sure hoping to be able to check my favorite blogs while I'm gone.  It's become a ritual for me, and I don't think I could go a whole week without seeing what everyone is doing.

I prepared a bunch of hand piecing (the grandma's flower garden) to take with me on the plane!  I took a lot, so just in case CA is boring, I'll keep busy!  lol

Silly me, I thought I was so clever!  I purchased a 'meant for air travel' scissors a few weeks ago.  They are completely made of plastic, with blunt tips (like a child's scissors), so I thought I would be good to go!  Well, last night I was putting all my stuff together for the trip, and I thought I'd try them out!  THEY DON'T EVEN CUT THREAD!  Sheesh!  They'll cut paper, if you hold them JUST RIGHT!  But thread, and fabric.....NO!

Make me crazy!  So I'm returning them today.  I do have a nail clipper without the spear/file attachment, so I think I'll be good with that.  I just needed something to cut thread, so the clipper will do.

I went to Sephora today, cuz they carry the Bare Minerals line.  Has anyone tried it?  I thought I'd give it a shot, cuz at work yesterday, a gentleman told me that I had a mark on my face, as though it could be wiped off.  NO.....that's my face!  I have marks, and blemishes, and redness, and little spidery veins showing, and the old-lady bumps (that was the mark he was talking about).....and so I'm trying the Bare Minerals to see if I can stop looking like the old hag from Maine!

Wish me luck!

regan  :o)


  1. Sue and Sam look great - and I'm sure you do, too! Some people can be such clods. Haven't tried Bare Minerals, but I do need something new. Let me know how you like it.
    I hope you have a wonderful vacation and that your MIL appreciates what you did for her.

  2. Have a great trip to CA! I use another mineral foundation and love it, so I hope the Bare Minerals works for you. Sue and Sam turned out just fabulous and your quilting is lovely! I know your MIL will appreciate it.

  3. Have a great trip and enjoy some warm weather!!
    I adore the Sue and Sam quilt. You did a nice job quilting and the shoeless Sam is hilarious!!

  4. Sue and Sam look fantastic with all the colour added! Your quilting is amazing. I've tried pebbles but mine turn out as scribble. So funny about the scissors. I've bought scissors that don't cut, very annoying! Have a wonderful trip and enjoy the sun!

  5. This quilt is just adorable! So happy and cheerful! And how special with the history behind it!


  6. What a lucky Grandma that will be receiving that awesome quilt! Enjoy CA and all that warm weather, just bring some back when you return, please?! ~Lili