Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More of the Red & White Show in NYC!

I have a lot more photos of the show......and more from my phone, which will probably be on tomorrow's post.  (Can't find the thumb drive we copied them to this afternoon!  Sheesh!)

Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge them.....the details are amazing!  Enjoy!

Love love love this one!

A double scalloped border on a feathered star......does it get any better than this!?!

 The quilting was so beautiful on this one!  Tiny and perfect!

Yummy!  This is definitely on my 'must make' list!

Lovely.....just lovely.

Yep....on my 'must make' list!  The quilting was so dense on this....it created a trapunto effect!

The tiniest of triangles, densely quilted, and a triple border......spectacular!  It was up high, so I couldn't get very close.....I'm guessing the triangles were about a 1/2 inch or maybe smaller!

Hubby says I had approximately 40 pics on my phone.....will post those tomorrow!

I'll be dreaming of red and white quilts tonight!  Again!



  1. Goose in the pond is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Now I feel almost like I got to go! Thanks for the pics.

  3. Do you think we will live near long enough to do merit to all the inspiration from this show! Thanks for sharing your photos!