Thursday, December 2, 2010

Waiting for the UPS Man!

All morning I've been waiting for the UPS Man!  He is bringing me my new sewing machine, and I am determined NOT to miss him!  The unfortunate thing house is totally, I don't know.....but it is!  So, I am forced to be on the first floor, and my sewing room is on the, I can't even sew while I'm waiting, or I'll never hear him!

So, I've cleaned!  And cleaned and cleaned!  And I hate cleaning!  We never do it, unless we know someone is coming over!  And I was just telling my hubby the other day, "I'm really wanting to start keeping the house nice!  I hate that when someone comes over unexpected, I am totally embarrassed by what the place looks like!  So, we're gonna start doing it, and keeping it clean!"  And he agreed with me, but not very enthusiastically!  Hmmmm!

Well, while waiting this morning, I started doing it, and it really is more clutter than dirty!  We just never put anything away!  And I'm thinking it's because we don't really have a designated place for anything!  It all just gets 'put' somewhere, and when we need it.....the search begins!  I feel like we are both loaded with Alzheimers every time we go to find something!  Sheesh!  It's so annoying!

On the other hand, my sewing room is totally organized!  Go figure!

Anyway, the UPS man is still not here, and I've.....done dishes, swept the kitchen and entry out, beat out the rugs, cleaned the microwave, swept the front porch, spread out the last of the mulch from the tarp outside, cleaned the tarp and hung to dry, 4 loads of laundry, made a pot of coffee, and now I'm sitting down (finally) with my coffee and will read all of my blogs while I continue to wait!

Oh, and the machine he is bringing me is the Juki TL98Q!  I'm so excited!  Can't wait to get my hands on it!

I'm working on the spiderweb border now, and have realized I need more of the cheddar fabric.....not a lot more, but as soon as UPS comes, I am off to Portland to get more.

I played with several borders, and was not happy with any of them.  I even tried an applique vine.....but that took too much attention....and I really want the webs to be the focus.

See what I mean.....the vines becomes the focus.  By the way.....I use construction paper pieces when 'auditioning' can cut them really fast, place them with a pin on the design wall, and move them around really easy, and I haven't wasted any fabric in the process.  Plus, it comes in lots of colors, so I can get an idea of what it will look like.  I cut this vine VERY primitively, but it really gave me the idea, and verified that I would NOT want it on this quilt.  But I do like it's in my head for something else one day!  Cool!

Anyway, I'm doing a scrappy stripe at an angle so it doesn't take away from the webs.  I'll angle it in towards the side centers and do something with the orange there....I don't know what yet.  I'm foundation piecing the borders, and you can see my phone book pages peaking out!

Ok.....UPS just arrived, I have my machine looks perfect, and now I'm heading off to Portland, so I can get fabric, get home, and try my new machine!!!!  Sweet!

Have a great day!

regan  :o)


  1. That is where I was stumped on my Spiderweb top - the border. Do I do one, and what do I do, and how wide should it be?! I think that I've finally decided to frame with strips of fabrics that are similar to the background color, maybe 3 rows. It's really hard to decide on this one -as you mentioned so many things detract too much from the webs. Again, I am excited to see how yours finishes up (and mine!)

  2. I think it would be difficult to identify an appropriate border design because it would tend to clash with your focal design. Have you thought of doing half-blocks? If you were to do a narrow border followed by a half-block (for lack of a better term) and finished by another narrow border, I think it might add to your design.

    In any case, whatever you decide, I'm sure your quilt will look great.