Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Been Thinking On It!

Yep.....been thinking on that border all night long!  And then I saw the pic again, and realized it just wasn't doing it for me!  NEW PLAN!

I played with some of the pieces of border I had made, and THIS IS IT!!!  I LOVE IT!

It is very haphazard, but then.....that's what the spider webs are ......so I think it compliments it perfectly.  The other border was way too rigid.....and it didn't fit the look!

I will be piecing the rest of this in the next couple of days.....hopefully to finish by the the 31st!

I realized with the two xmas quilts I did, that I work VERY well under a deadline!  Otherwise, I can put ANYTHING off until tomorrow.....that's probably why I have so many UFO's!

My friend, Brenda, and I will be going to the slots casino tomorrow.....woohoo!  Wish me luck!



  1. I think this border looks like the circles no?


    Good luck at the slots - obviously you haven't been that badly hit with the snow eh?

  2. The quilt is fantastic and I think the border will enhance it nicely!!

  3. Oh Yes!! That's THE border!! I'm loving everything about that quilt!!