Monday, December 23, 2013

Yum! Yum! Yum!.....and a new quilt top!

I spent the entire weekend baking my cookies for the trays that I send out.  I usually make up 6 trays for some neighbors and friends, and then a huge tray goes with hubby to work.  He works in the Snowmaking Department at Sunday River Ski Resort, and there are a couple dozen young, hard working guys that spend their whole shift trudging through snow banks, hauling hoses up and down the mountain, and generally working their butts off to make it great for skiers!  A lot of these guys are away from home, with no home-cooking (or baking) the entire time they're here.  So I feel good about supplying them with a sugar overload a few times during the season!  lol

This year I made 4 new cookies to add to my trays!  And they all came out GREAT!  Woohoo!

Here's my first attempt to photograph food like all the foodie-bloggers do.'s harder than it looks!  When you see a really great photo of food, that blogger knows what they're doing!  Me.....not so much!  lol

First of the new ones......and the BEST DANG THING EVER!  It's vanilla fudge center with dried cherries and walnuts, then dipped!  YUM!  It was originally going to be just fudge, but when I cut it up, it was kindof sticky, so I thought......let's dip it!  lol  And it's the best mistake EVER!  It's a little like a nougat.....swoon!

Next up, Peppermint Bark (just like Williams Sonoma!  HA!)  So good, and SO EASY!  And didn't cost $30 for a little tin, either!  lol

Next are the Candy Cane Cookie Dough Truffles that I got the recipe from Jocelyn at Inside BruCrew Life blog.  Totally awesome in every way!  (Check out her yummy won't be sorry!)

And the last new item, Pecan Pie Bars from Lizzy at Your Cup of  Again, totally awesome!  Lizzy's site is filled with easy recipes, most using a cake mix!  So great!

I usually make snowflake sugar cookies every year, and these came out prettier than ever!

Here's a look at all 15 different kinds at once!  I can't stop eating them, so I'll be fixing another tray for hubby to take tomorrow, too!  Then they'll all be OUT OF THE HOUSE!  Whew!  And then I'll be able to seriously get back to Weight Watchers on Thursday! that was all the Yum Yum Yum part of this's the newest quilt top!

It's made with recycled shirts for the Rolling Stone blocks and yardage I had for the sashings and cornerstones.  The blocks finish at 11 inches...... the sashings are 6.5 inches wide!  I love that look!  I got the inspiration for this quilt from some photos that Bonnie Hunter and friends took at 2 visits to Sisters, Oregon over the last couple of years.  They had been looking at one of the antique quilts booths and took pics of this quilt, and the minute I saw it, I just knew I had to remake it!  I didn't use any reds or blacks like the original; my blocks are all blue and brown with white to beige center rings (very subdued in comparison).  I switched out the background white for a soft blue, too.  You know me......I can never just follow a pattern exactly.....something ALWAYS has to be different!  And my orange is a softer one, too.....don't want to freak my hubby out!  lol

(Original quilt from Bonnie Hunter's blog, 2012)

My plans are to REALLY get busy quilting up these latest quilt tops.  I'm hoping to have several to post about in the first few weeks of January!  Keep your fingers crossed for me, huh?

And if you know me at all, you'll understand that this post is #139, so it's my last one of the year!  I just LOVE prime numbers, and it's a quirky need of mine to end the year on one!  LOL

So, I'm wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, and a happy and healthy New Year!

And no.....I'm not even going to look at that stupid list I made last year of my UFO's.  (What was I thinking!  Sheesh!)   Nope.....not even gonna look!  HA!



  1. Your cookies looking amazingly delish! Weight Watchers on Thursday? That's too soon Regan! Can't we give it until after the New Year?

    Love the quilt top and congrats on #139 blog post.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and a Happy Crafty 2014!


  2. Wow, your cookies look incredible!
    I haven't baked a stinkin' thing this year. You put me to shame!
    Great job on the copying of the quilt. I really like your version.

  3. I'm going to call you the cookie queen! They look very delicious and am sure the guys appreciated them.
    Love the quilt too.
    Have a fab Christmas Regan.

  4. Oh my goodness, someone hold me back...
    those Pecan Pie bars are making me swoon. ;)
    Love the quilt top, very unique colors.
    Merry Christmas to you Regan !

  5. I love orange quilt even more when it is match with blue. For some reason, they are very rare and yet it is such a cool color combo (in my book, anyway). I love your version of the quilt better than the original. Great job.
    I wish I was your very good neighbor. My! what a plate! So tempting. That Pecan Pie bar would last about 2 minutes in my house. Yum! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a very happy, safe and healthy holiday and sew much more joy for 2014 :)

  6. Your quilt is great! I wonder if you are putting a dent in that massive thrift store shirt stash. Those cookies are almost too pretty to eat but I could be persuaded!

    BFF Pat

  7. Wow, I'm practically drooling on my keyboard - your treats are AMAZING! How do I add my name to your recipient list? ;oD

  8. Not just 1 type of amazing cookie but a whole buffet! Each one looked more delicious that the last. Your quilt is awesome, you are truly one of my very favourite quilters, you just get them so right! the colours youve used are perfect in their subtlety. Wishing you a super duper Merry Christmas and a Quilty New Year!!

  9. Good for you getting so much accomplished. I would love to have your peppermint bark recipe if I could please. It's always nice to find a recipe that is proven! My dear hubby does like him some p. bark. And.... we have lots of candy canes hanging on the tree. Maybe for New Years or at least Valentines Day.... it's not like candy canes go stale really fast! lol....

  10. Dear Regan, I didn't get by in time to wish you a Merry Christmas but I'm wishing you a Happy and Healthy(productive too)New Year. Girl, your cookies are incredible. Even when I used to bake mine never looked as good as yours. Love the new quilt top too. After I pack away all our Christmas decorations, I've got to begin packing the real stuff; even though we won't move until May/June, I really want to have it done by April when we go on vacation. Not sure I'll start my Alaska quilt now or wait until we are in our new house. Have a great week and happy sewing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  11. Those cookies look wonderful, and the quilt looks fabulous.

  12. The cookies do look yummy and I think you should write a cookie cookbook!!