Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm back from Lancaster......

and I can honestly say that I......

1.  Survived the avalanche at Obie's!  Ha!  (If you've been know!)  It was only 6 bolts that fell on me, so it wasn't too bad!  lol

2.  Shop hopped like crazy at all the great spots!  Burkholder's and Sauder's were my two favorite spending spots!  Great deals, and the girls at Burkholder's were the most efficient fabric cutters I've ever seen anywhere!

3.  Ate some really good food!  If you go, don't miss Shady Maple smorgasbord, Jennie's Diner (awesome french toast!), Katie's Diner (Amish run, and the Amish Peanut Butter spread is SO good!), Diener's Restaurant, and in Lancaster city, a couple blocks from the show is the indoor Farmer's Market.....had a couple yummy Greek cookies.....I was very happy!

4.  Saw a wonderful exhibition of quilts at the Museum upstairs at the Old Country Store.  And the gift shop (truly beautiful items) had so many amazing books on antique quilts from Schiffer publishing.  I guess I hadn't paid much attention before, but their books are beautiful.

5.  Got to meet up with Maureen from Pursuit of Quilts Blog!  She was at the show with a bus tour, and had only a few hours to see the show before they headed to Zooks, so I was really glad she took a few moments out to find me!  Sweet!  So great to see you again, Maureen!

6.  Saw some really amazing quilts at the shows!  The AQS show, of course, does not want you to publish any pics of the quilts.....(Boohoo face!)......but I went through my pics, and found several of my favorites that have links elsewhere on the I've linked them at the end of this post, so you can see them easily!  Ha!

We went to some great lectures at the show given by Pat Delaney, Alex Anderson and Suzanne Swenson.  The All Star Review was nothing more than a commercial, and so poorly organized and set up that I will be sending AQS a comment!  (If you are going to a future show, don't waste your money on the All Star Review!)  But everything else was great!

We saw a wonderful slideshow presentation from Jenny Bowker on the Tentmakers of Cairo.  She is the curator of the Egyptian exhibit, and there was a fantastic display and sale of their work on the 3rd floor, as well as two of the men working away on pieces!  Awesome!

There were also the quilts and vendors at the Continental Inn and Lancaster Host Resort out on Rt 30.  Sue Reich had a wonderful display of antique signature quilts, and in the lobby of the Inn were some amazing antique quilts, as well.  I have pics of some of those below!

I, of course, did not take any pics of any Amish folk, so there are no photos of the Gordonville Mud Sale (huge Amish Auction) that we went to on Saturday!  Really fun......and I wish we had been in a bigger vehicle, cuz I would have bid on some of the furniture there!  (Note to time, bring a U-Haul!)  They were auctioning off 650 quilts, and the girls handling the quilts have it down to a science!  Totally fun to watch!  The next day, we hit the Renninger's Antiques & Flea to walk through, but space in the car for any big purchases!  lol

Oh.......and between the 3 of us......we purchased 234.25 yards of fabric!!!!!  HOLY COW!!!!  And yes.....I WAS THE WINNER....with 85.75 yards!  HA!  And here it is, in all it's glory!

The solids in front made up over 30 yards!  But they were just such a great price.....I had to get them!  All the rest are mostly 1 to 2 yard cuts of repros......I hate getting just a smidge of anything, especially when it's such a great print and ALL were purchased at a major discount!!  I know I'll use it......someday!  lol

Look at that great pillar print with the eagle!  LOVE IT!

I just couldn't pass up charm packs with repro chrome/cheddar/purple and all blacks in the other!  So hard to find and yummy!

This pile of wool was purchased before we ever left Maine!  HA!  Couldn't pass it up, either!  All big remnants at $2 to $4 a piece!  Awesome!!!  I think I'm just about ready to start some wool projects!  :o)

Here are some of the quilts hanging in the stairwell at the Continental Inn.

 This antique was really lovely, but the reds were shredded.  The quilt next to it is a reproduction of it!  Beautiful!

 Just look at that wonderful pillar print on the border!  And what a great edge treatment!  Sorry it's blurry!

Here are a couple of the signature quilts that Sue Reich was showing across the street at the Host Resort.  Her tour of her quilts was wonderful, and so informative!

Here are some links to view some of the quilts in the AQS show (websites/blogs/etc)......all the quilts were wonderful, but these were a few of my favorites (that I was able to find links to!).  Enjoy!

Simple Elegance by Margaret Ferguson
Sam's Owl by Barbara Korengold
Trees AND Tree of Life by Tim Latimer
Rainbow Nouveau AND Meet Me at Giverny by Margaret Solomen Gunn
Masquerade by Birgit Schueller (BEST Longarm Workmanship award)
All Around the Town by Teresa Rawson
Tennessee Treasures by Linda M. Roy (BEST Hand Workmanship award)
Sampling the Silk Road by Christine Wickert (BEST of Show award)
Zebra by Lisa Gorski
Desert's Glory by Lois Podolny (BEST Machine Workmanship award)
Doormats #1 by Marcia DeCamp
Flourish on the Vine by Kathy K. Wylie
Tangerine Dream by Karen Watts

And this was my hubby's 'little joke' when I returned......the poor man was left to suffer with paper plates and cups for 10 days!  HA!  I sure missed him!

I've finished unpacking, petting new fabric, doing my laundry, and food shopping!  Tonight.......I'm sewing!



  1. Regan...You are a hoot.
    Three ladies on a mission.
    Love the pictures.
    The fabric - amazing.
    I am so glad you had a fabulous time.
    The best part is coming home, spreading all the spoils out and staring !! lol
    (Love your husbands joke of paper plates.)

  2. HI Regan, I loved hearing about the show and quilts. Wow, that is a lot of fabric friend; I know you'll put it all to good use. I love the Amish so will have to put this on a list of must sees for the future.
    Have a fun evening.

  3. Oh I so wanted to get to this show! You came home with a wonderful load of fabrics! Good for you! I wouldn't have done any less. haha Oh how I love fabric!

    Happy quilting!

  4. Holy Cow!!! You all sure got a lot of fabric. I'm loving your choices.

  5. What a wonderful trip! Thanks for the recap. I was so glad we were able to meet up even if it was just a quick chat. Sounds like you hit all the important stuff going on during AQS. I had no idea about the Sue Reich show. And the price of fabric! my gosh, it just makes sense to stock up. I love the pillar print with the eagle. It amazes me that they have current lines of fabric at great prices. Your hubby sounds like a gem. I'm sure he's glad to have you back home again.

  6. Wow, what a time you had. So much wonderful stuff going on--I would probably be on system overload the whole time.
    Congrats on winning for most fabric purchased! Maureen had hinted at your haul and I wondered how much you would confess. : )
    DH's joke was very cute.

  7. Your husband has a great sense of humor. I love the last photo!

    The fabric you purchased is wonderful: I especially like the eagle/pillar yardage.

    I'm curious, what were some of the winning bids on the Amish quilts?

  8. So glad you had fun - your fabric purchases like yummy!!

  9. Oooooo la, la!!! What an awesome trip!!! Your finds are wonderful!!! As always, I smile through your whole post!! And laughed out loud at hubby!! What a hoot!!


  10. Congratulations on being the winner of the most purchased. You deserve a prize and so does your hubby . Anyway like they say when fabric is a good price it's a shame not too.
    Sounds and looks like you had a blast and thanks for all the links.

  11. It sure looks like you had a fantastic time. Lots of inspiration, lots of fabric! I love all the column prints.

  12. While the quilts were amazing I happen to really enjoy your husbands humor! That made me laugh out loud at my desk. My husband is a better cook than me so he would eat well. Cleaning up the mess is another story!

  13. Very fun! I love to watch them cut at Burkholders. I got that same pillar print there, now...what to do with it? Thanks for sharing the quilt pictures.
    Enjoy that fabric - must have been an epic road trip!

  14. Sounds as though you had the best time!!! It all sounds wonderful!! And what a great haul of fabric, I love those wools and that eagle fabric! I laughed at the paper plates , too funny!!

  15. How fun! Love your new stash too! I can't wait for the Arlington quilt show this year!

  16. Oooh, my kind of road trip. Sounds like fun! Love the quilty photos and seeing all your purchases. Your hubby has the same kind of humor as mine...cracks me up.

  17. It sounds like you had a really fun trip! Thanks for sharing all the fun pictures.

  18. It was nice to run into you yesterday in Sanford. I can't believe you recognized me. Loved seeing your 8 pointed star project. Great job to say the least. I checked back in my yard sale bag of notes for your blog information and have subscribed to your posts. Keep up the great work! It was nice seeing you again. Cindy