Monday, September 5, 2011

Back from the Cruise

Holy cow!  What a cruise!  It was awesome in every way!  I've never cruised before, so it was all new and exciting.....every minute!  We stopped in 3 ports, and had our days at sea for sewing our brains out with Bonnie Hunter!  She is as genuine and wonderful as she is on her blog and website.  I got to walk/run with her and Lori (from Humble Quilts blog) every morning, and it was the best thing......cuz I just weighed myself, and I am EXACTLY what I was when I left!  Yahoooooey!  Thank you Bonnie and Lori for helping me keep that extra 10 pounds off my behind!  lol

It was all so much fun.....and of course.....I captured a few fun moments in pics!  Hope you enjoy them, and if you were EVER considering a cruise, be it with quilting or not.....DO IT!  I am definitely going again and again!

Here's the boat we sailed looked SO huge from the dock!  And it was even bigger once you got on!  We got lost almost every time we left the room!  lol

That's me on the dock of Nassau, was blazing hot that day, but still managed to wander around and buy a few souvenirs.....the visor was a necessary purchase!

In our room each night after dinner, we had a sweet little guy waiting for us!  Our steward even used my sunglasses on the cute little pup!
Koala bear!
Elephants bringing chocolate......yea!

This was a project that someone (sorry don't know who) was playing with during the cruise.....but this was NOT the cruise project with Bonnie.  Can't show that because there is another cruise in November doing it.....and we don't want to spoil it for them!

Beautiful Janome Horizon machines were provided for us!  What a luxury!  And they were discounted for purchase if you wanted to pick one up!  A really great deal, I just wish I hadn't already bought my Juki months ago, or I would have jumped on this machine like a monkey on a cupcake!  (ok, that phase is not original to me, it was from Everyone Loves Raymond.....but I love it, and I get to use it!  lol)

This was controlled chaos......really!

Need a little more room for your fabric.....pile it up behind your chair!  lol

 The piles were everywhere!  lol

 Pressing stations were in constant use!  It was so nice to have irons.....we didn't expect to have them (the boat doesn't allow irons in the rooms, and they confiscated several being brought on!)

Everyone busy at there machines!

This was the boat that was within a couple of hours of us throughout the cruise!  I think it was called the Oasis of the was enormous!  Holy cow.....look at all those balconies!  Yikes!

This is the monster water slides on our boat!  Woohoo!  And I captured a few brave souls willing to take the plunge!

Here is Laurie, Sarah and Kathie......I think they're wondering were everyone is!


The Bonnie and Lori joined them......woohoo!......NOW we're ready to go!

 Up up up!
Holy cow......that's a long way up!

Here's Bonnie......"What the heck just happened!?!"

Too much fun.....that's what!

Kathie taking the plunge!

Oh my god!  That was so much fun!!!!!!

Laurie having a blast!

Lori......totally surprised at the end!

Bonnie and Kathie taking on the race challenge!


Kathie......definitely saying "Uh, Bonnie.....that would be ME winning this race!"

We had a really nice sit and stitch session out on the deck one evening!  It was so nice out there, with a little breeze to cool us down.  Here's Sarah, Emily and Lu keenly listening to Bonnie.  The poor gal in the background reading was sitting amongst us, and I guess my comment of "Are we all really going to squish in here?" sent her running to the next sectional!  Sorry!  Didn't mean to chase her off!  lol

Here's Sherry, Ada and Suzy stitchin' away!

Bonnie working away on her hexie quilt.  She gave several lessons on doing the hexie's with the English Paper Piecing method......I think she has a few new hexie followers!  Bonnie also gave a couple of lessons on making the Maverick much fun!  And there was a ton of scrappy goodness on the sharing table to  whip out a bunch!

This was one of the appetizers one night at dinner.....a melon soup.  The server makes a presentation of it by pouring it around the little island of melon.  Yet another beautiful dish......every one of them was a work of art!  We had the most delicious food every evening......a few of my favorites were the giant prawns and the salmon, and the desserts were amazing.....the creme brulee, raspberry and dark and white chocolate cake, tiramisu, hazelnut cake, and the list goes on and on!  Sheesh, it was amazing food!


And notice the window seat we had......this was our view at dinner every night!  Amazing!

This was one of two Afternoon Teas that were given.  It was lovely!

 This is the tram ride to the top of the mountain on St. Thomas.  You could see everything from up here.

 A wonderful view of our boat docked in St. Thomas.  A bit of weather in the distance, but not where we were.

 At the top of the tram were several observation decks, a little bar/restaurant, a couple of shopping kiosks, and some birds and animals.  Fun!

Peacocks walking freely.

A pic of Bonnie and Lori at the opposite viewing deck.

The goats were so cute!

One night we had a little frog in our room!

And one night there were little frog legs in a dish!  (And no, I did not order those!)

Here are people heading out to shop in St. Maarten!

 Run little shoppers, run!

And I got to fly my kite in St. Maarten and in Nassau!  I was so proud of myself being able to put it together without the assistance of my hubby!  He's the kite flyer, not me!  But it flew each time perfectly!  Yay!

 This is the pool deck......there were two pools, this is the one where families can go.....and the other one was just for adults......peace and quiet......beautiful!

 This is were I got an awful sunburn!  My usual tan is a golfer's there are parts of me that have never seen the light of day!  Needless to say....they are a hideous shade of crimson/purple right now.....but they will turn to a tan soon!  Just need to keep the aloe close until then!  lol  And that's my new St. Thomas orange tote bag.....of course it's orange!  What other color would I pick!?!  lol

 A pic of the harbor at St. Maarten.

Jet skiers in St. Maarten.......which made me realize that I NEED to get my hubby to go on a cruise with me!  We would have had so much fun jet skiing in this beautiful bay!  Like a dream!

Well....that's my little taste of the Carribean.....hope you enjoyed it!  I know I did!  And get this.....we docked on Saturday.....this is Monday......and I'm still feeling the the rocking of the boat!  My retired sailor hubby says it lasts a few days usually!  And what's really funny, is that all those times he came off a ship from 6 to 8 months out at sea......he NEVER mentioned that he was still swirling and swaying days later!  I remember making comments to him many times like, "What....are you drunk?  Why are you bumping into things!?!"...... and he never said he was still feeling the ocean!  Crazy, huh?  As I sit here typing, I'm swaying!  lol

I still have laundry to do, and I have to work tonight!  Cripes!  Vacation is officially over!  Dang!

Hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend!



  1. Looks like a wonderful time! OK, a quilting cruise is not on the to-do list!

  2. I think this was the next best thing to being there! Thanks for sharing it, Regan. Glad you got to have this experience. It all looks so fun. Loved the towel animals on the bed!!

  3. Wow!! I loved seeing your photos and hearing your stories. It all looks amazing!! From the towels to the food, the Janome Horizons, all those beachy Carribean photos, the swirly water slide. And how fun you met Lori, I read her blog too!! If I win the lotto I'll meet you on the next cruise!

  4. Love the photos and the recap of our wonderful trip! Glad I met you.
    Sherry D

  5. Great pics! I almost felt like I was there minus the sunburn! lol
    I can't wait to see the cruise project. Bonnie has already mentioned her mystery that is coming up! Oh, my, will I do it this year?!!
    That is great about coming home the same weight as when you left. That is just one fear about cruising! once I gain weight it is sooo hard to lose it.
    Great post!

  6. great pictures, thanks for the recap of the trip
    sounds like wonderful memories you will have for a long time

  7. Any vacation where you don't gain weight is a big success in my book! Looks like a blast. I always sway even if I am only on a boat for a few hours...funny sensation. Glad you had such a good time.

  8. I am SO stealing some of your pics! You got great ones! It was terrific to meet you in person and to spend our morning time together. I hope we have more opportunities for fun in the future!


  9. Who would ever spend time watching Dancing With the Stars when they can read all about Cruising and Quilting with them here!?!! This is a great post, I adored reading about and looking at every little thing y'all did, ate and stitched. This is absolutely the ultimate quilter's vacation!

  10. Awesome recap! Hubby and I are planning where we want to go cruising to.
    I was swaying at the airport on my way home. Glad to know it's normal.
    BTW, That water tube was scary!!
    Let's keep in touch.

  11. These are great photo's!
    Didn't you just love St. Maarten?
    It was one of my favorite Island I've been to.
    But I don't cruise....I am glad you loved it though!!
    Yep - get the hubby and go!!!
    Like February. :-)

  12. This looks totally fun. Any suggestion on what my hubby would do if he came with?

  13. oh my gosh, oh my gosh!! This looks amazing, a trip of a lifetime!!!!! my daughter and new husband just left today on their honeymoon cruise. i am so jealous of you!

  14. What a fantastic post.. this looks like my idea of a near perfect holiday.. thankyou so much for sharing...

  15. Just wow! Awesome photos, Regan. It looks like a fabulous time was had by all.

  16. I am so glad you all had such a great time! someday....!

  17. I really enjoyed this post on the cruise. I felt like I had been on it too, minus all the sewing you did. Sounds like the best holiday ever.

  18. Hi, I just came over from Happy Cottage Quilter when I read that you came from Ca. I'm originally(54 yrs)from no.Ca. before moving to Co. I'm glad you loved your cruise-it looks like you had perfect weather. Quilting on a cruise sounds like such fun! I'll be back to visit.

  19. Oh my goodness, a quilting cruise sounds like so much fun! You girls sure look like you're enjoying every minute!

  20. What a really cool cruise, I've never been on one and those pics were fun to see. I had to laugh at the doggie towel with your sunglasses on, that would have made me jump had I come back to my room after a glass of wine or two! Wow, they really do make sure you feel pampered there, the food looked so awesome! That is so unique that they actually had it set up for quilting for your group, what a fun concept! ~Lili

  21. Your photos are so good and it's easy to see that it was a wonderful, wonderful trip.